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Table of Content: 4 January 2017; 16(1)

January 2017

Extraction and characterisation of gelatin from the skin of striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) and studies on its colour improvement

Functional properties of gelatin from skin of striped catfish with and without bleaching for 48 h by 5% H2O2 (w/v)) were studied. Gelatin from skin bleached with 5% H2O2 for 48 h showed the highest yield (16.18 g). Bleaching not only improved the colour of gelatin gel by increasing the L* (lightness)-value and decreasing a*(redness/greenness)-value, but also enhanced the bloom strength and the emulsifying and foaming...

Author(s): Prabjeet Singh, and Soottawat Benjakul

January 2017

Electrolyte ions and glutathione enzymes as stress markers in Argania spinosa subjected to drought stress and recovery

Understanding the mechanisms underlying Argania spinosa responses to drought stress is essential for its regeneration and domestication. Toward that end, an integrative study of tolerance responses to drought stress in four A. spinosa ecotypes (2 contrasting coastal ecotypes (Adm and Rab) and 2 contrasting inland ecotypes (Alz and Lks)) have been conducted. Responses to soil drying and re-watering were measured at...

Author(s): Abdelghani Chakhchar, Mouna Lamaoui, Salama Aissam, Abderrahim Ferradous, Said Wahbi, Abdelhamid EI Mousadik, Saad Ibnsouda-Koraichi, Abdelkarim Filali-Maltouf and Cherkaoui El Modafar

January 2017

Molecular detection of disease resistance genes to powdery mildew (Blumeria graminis f. sp. tritici) in wheat (Triticum aestivum) cultivars

A study was conducted to detect the presence of disease resistance genes to infection of wheat powdery mildew (Blumeria graminis f. sp. tritici) in selected wheat cultivars from China using molecular markers. Genomic DNA of sixty cultivars was extracted and tested for the presence of selected prominent resistance genes to the fungal disease using molecular markers linked to Pm genes. Results showed that 17 cultivars...

Author(s): Vincent Mgoli Mwale, Xiuli Tang and Eric Chilembwe

January 2017

Isolation and characterization of heavy metal tolerant bacteria from Panteka stream, Kaduna, Nigeria and their potential for bioremediation

Panteka stream is a flowing stream polluted with wastes from the activities of mechanics. Water samples collected at different points of the stream were analysed in order to determine the level of heavy metal contamination and bacteria diversity with the view to elucidating the bioremediating potentials of the bacteria isolates. Four bacteria, tolerant to heavy metals, were isolated from Panteka stream. These were...

Author(s): Elizabeth Chika Nwagwu, Victoria Moltong Yilwa, Nkechi Eucharia Egbe and Godwin Bryan Onwumere

January 2017

Generation of bioethanol from common date by-products, “Teggaza and Lebghel” in Southern Algeria

Date by-products constitute the principal food for the oasis populations in Middle East and North Africa. Dates contents consist of 70 to 80% of reducing sugars, and do not require an intensive energy and labour for thermophysical pre-treatment. They can serve as a good feedstock for bioethanol generation through fermentation and distillation. Algeria is among the top sixth producers of dates in the world with more than...

Author(s): Ahmed Boulal, Mabrouk Kihal, Cherif Khelifi and Boudjemâa Benali

January 2017

Comparison of growth and yield adaptability indicators of two maize (Zea mays L.) cultivars under planting basin technique in Zimbabwe

In eastern semi-arid Zimbabwe, planting basins are mostly used to boost maize yields, but still low yields are often obtained due to poor choices of varieties to grow. A comparative study of growth and yield of the only two locally and commonly grown Pioneer cultivars (P2859W and PHB3253) under planting basin technique (PBT) was carried out to determine a more adaptable cultivar in Guhune, eastern Zimbabwe (NR IV). The...

Author(s): Stephen Mutungwe Culver Mvumi and Sekai Annastasia Manyiwo