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Table of Content: 5 April 2010; 9(14)

April 2010

Bioconversion of sago residue into value added products

Bioconversion of the agro-residue offers the possibility of creating marketable value-added products. In this regard, sago residue which contains solid and liquid materials produced abundantly as a by-product from the sago starch processing industry. Due to its organic nature and low ash content, attempts have been made to produce several products such as fermentable sugar, enzyme, compost for mushroom, animal feed and...

Author(s): D. S. Awg-Adeni, S. Abd-Aziz, K. Bujang and M. A. Hassan

April 2010

Bacillus thuringiensis and its application in agriculture

Presently, a number of approaches to pest control via genetic engineering have been developed and genetically engineered crops expressing insecticidal characteristics are under cultivation for the last 15 years. Use of Bacillus thuringiensis genes encoding δ endotoxins with insecticidal characteristics is the major approach and a number of such B. thuringiensis genes have been expressed in...

Author(s): Shaukat Ali, Yusuf Zafar, Ghulam Muhammad Ali and Farhat Nazir

April 2010

Treatment of Helicobacter pylori infections: Mitigating factors and prospective natural remedies

Helicobacter pylori is a Gram-negative, microaerophilic spiral or motile rod that infects about half the world’s population with a very high prevalence in the developing world. It is an important aetiological factor in the development of gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, gastric atrophy and B cell mucosa associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphoma. H. pylori infection is responsible for a significant...

Author(s): Christy E. Manyi-Loh, Anna M. Clarke, Noxolo F. Mkwetshana and Roland N. Ndip,

April 2010

Diagnosis and epidemiology of chicken infectious anemia in Africa

Chicken infectious anemia (CIA) has recently emerged as an important disease problem in some of Africa’s major poultry-producing countries. Economic losses due to this disease arises from poor growth, increased mortality, carcass condemnations and the cost of antibiotics used to control secondary bacterial infections. Thus, it constitutes a significant threat to the continent’s food security efforts....

Author(s): Daniel Oladimeji Oluwayelu

April 2010

Isolation of an ascorbate peroxidase in Brassica napus and analysis of its specific interaction with ATP6

In Brassica napus, ATP6 is related to Pol cytoplasmic male sterility. To understand the mechanism of Pol CMS, proteins which interact with ATP6 were screened in a yeast two-hybrid system. A partial sequence of a putative and ascorbate peroxidase (Bn-APX) was isolated from Brassica napus. By use of rapid amplification of cDNA ends method, the full length...

Author(s): Zhi-bin Liu, Yu-fei Yue, Jun-bei Xiang, Jian-mei Wang, Jun Wu, Xu-feng Li and Yi Yang

April 2010

Subcellular localization of Bombyx mori ribosomal protein S3a and effect of its over-expression on BmNPV infection

In the present study, using a BV/PH-Bms3a-EGFP, we found that Bombyx moriribosomal protein S3a (BmS3a) with EGFP fused to its C-terminal, was predominantly localized in the cytoplasm of B. mori cells. Subsequently, to investigate the effect of BmS3a over-expression on BmNPV infection both at the cellular level and in vivo, a transgenic BmN cell line expressing BmS3a was constructed using a...

Author(s): Zhou Wu-song, Bao Xian-xun, Xu Jia-ping, You Zheng-ying, Yang Ying, Wu Hui-ling and Wang Wen-bing

April 2010

In vitro multiplication of the rare and endangered slipper orchid, Paphiopedilum rothschildianum (Orchidaceae)

Paphiopedilum rothschildianum is an endangered orchid species endemic to Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, and Malaysia. The vegetative propagation of this plant has always been restricted due to its slow growth and maturation rates. Thus, an in vitro tissue culture technique was explored in order to overcome this limitation. In this study, clonal propagation of P. rothschildianum was achieved...

Author(s): Chyuam-Yih Ng, Norihan Mohd. Saleh and Faridah Qamaruz Zaman

April 2010

In vitro multiplication of Pogostemon cablin Benth. through direct regeneration

An efficient method was developed to initiate multiple shoots from nodal explants ofPogostemon cablin Benth. MS medium supplemented with 0.5 mg/L BA initiated a mean of 45.66 shoots/nodal explant. Within 4 weeks of initiation, regenerated multiple shoots attained a height of 3.6 cm. Subsequent transfer of these in vitroderived nodal segments onto MS medium supplemented with BA and KN ( 0.5 mg/L), induced mean...

Author(s): M. Kumara Swamy, S. Balasubramanya and M. Anuradha

April 2010

Anatomical and palynological characteristics of Salvia willeana (Holmboe) Hedge and Salvia veneris Hedge endemic to Cyprus

In this study, anatomical and palynological features of the roots, stems, petiole and leaves of Salvia willeana (Holmboe) Hedge and Salvia veneris Hedge, Salviaspecies endemic to Cyprus, were investigated. In the anatomical characteristics of stem structures, it was  found that the chlorenchyma composed of 6 or 7 rows of cells which was beneath the epidermis of S. veneris,...

Author(s): Aylin EÅŸiz Dereboylu, Nedret Åžengonca, Aykut Güvensen, and Salih Gücel

April 2010

The effect of plant growth regulators on optimization of tissue culture system in Malaysian upland rice

Mature seeds of four upland rice cultivars namely Kusan, Lamsan, Selasi and Siam were assessed for callus induction and plant regeneration on different concentrations and combinations of plant growth regulators, incorporated into MS (Murashige and Skoog) basal medium. Callus induction frequency was significantly different among the cultivars, as well as among the 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) levels tested. All...

Author(s): E. Shahsavari, A. A. Maheran, A. Siti Nor Akmar and M. M. Hanafi

April 2010

Effect of different defoliants and application times on the yield and quality components of cotton in semi-arid conditions

This study was conducted to determine the effect of different defoliants (Dropp ultra® (DU): thidiazuron+diuron and Roundup (RU): glyphosate) and application times [60, 75 and 90 days after flowering (DAF)] on cotton. The research was carried out at the Harran University, Faculty of Agriculture Research and Application Center in 2001 and 2002 using cotton variety cv. Stoneville-453. Experiments were arranged as...

Author(s): Osman Çopur, Ufuk Demirel, Refik Polat and Mehmet Atilla Gür

April 2010

The effects of different pot length and growing media on seedling quality of Crimean juniper (Juniperus excelsa Bieb.)

The aim of this study was to determine appropriate pot length and growing medium for Crimean Juniper seedlings (Juniperus excelsa Bieb.), which will be used for afforestation of extreme areas. For this purpose, polyethylene pots of 11 cm width and 20, 25 and 30 cm lengths were used. As growing medium, 13 different treatments were used, containing different ratios of forest soil, pumice, creek sand and humus collected...

Author(s): Süleyman Gülcü, H. Cemal Gültekin, Sultan Çelik, Yunus Eser and Nevzat Gürlevik

April 2010

Comparative study for salt stress among seed, root stock and direct regenerated violet (Viola odorata L.) seedlings in relation to growth, ion contents and enzyme activities

The experiments were carried out to evaluate the comparative study for salt stress among seed, root stock and direct regenerated violet (Viola odorata L.) seedlings. Violet seedlings propagated through tissue culture (direct regeneration) had significantly higher salicylic acid (SA) concentrations from seed and rootstock propagated plants. Random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) studies prior to the salt treatments...

Author(s): Khalid Hussain, Abdul Majeed, Khalid Nawaz, M. Farrukh Nisar, Farah Khan, Shahid Afghan and Kazim Ali

April 2010

Yield components and its conformation responded to elevated atmospheric CO2 in three rice (Oryza sativa L.) generations

During three rice generations in Asominori (Japonica) and IR24 (Indica), the yield and its components — namely grain yield per plant, fertile tillers, 1000-grain weight, grain number per panicle — were greater under Free Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE,200 µmol CO2 · mol-1 above current levels) than those under current CO2concentration (Ambient, about 370...

Author(s): Guizhi Fan, Qingsheng Cai, Xiaocan Li, Hui Xie and Jianguo Zhu

April 2010

Analysis of pollution removal from wastewater by Ceratophyllum demersum

Water is one of the most stable and abundant complexes on nature that can be polluted with natural and human factors. Polluted water is harmful to human health and need to purify. One of the economic and rapid methods for elements removal is displacement of metals by biosorption. Two treatments in four replications for the purpose of purifying wastewater by Ceratophyllum demersum were designed. The treatments...

Author(s): M. Foroughi, P. Najafi, A. Toghiani and N. Honarjoo

April 2010

Growth of Bacillus cereus isolated from some traditional condiments under different regimens

Bacillus cereus is ubiquitous in nature and constitutes a major portion of the microbial flora of food contaminating various food samples, causing food spoilage and poisoning to the detriment of the consumers. This work was designed to study the growth characteristics of B. cereus strains isolates from traditional condiments under different growth conditions. 34 Bacillus strains were isolated...

Author(s): B. M. Okanlawon, S. T. Ogunbanwo and A. O. Okunlola

April 2010

Physicochemical characteristics of kernel during fruit maturation of four coconut cultivars (Cocos nucifera L.)

Physicochemical characteristics of kernels from four cultivars of coconut were studied with the aim of increasing the value of coconut palm (Cocos nucifera L.), the main income of most equatorial coastal farmers. Studies were undertaken on West African Tall (WAT), Malaysian Yellow Dwarf (MYD), Equatorial Guinea Green Dwarf (EGD) and the improved PB121 hybrid, PB121+. Analyses were concerned with kernel weight,...

Author(s): Assa Rebecca Rachel, Konan Konan Jean-Louis, Prades Alexia, Nemlin Jean and Koffi Ernest

April 2010

Effects of ethanolic leaf extract of Chrysophyllum albidum G. on biochemical and haematological parameters of albino Wistar rats

The effect of oral administration of the leaf extract of Chrysophyllum albidum G. on biochemical and haematological parameters were investigated in albino rats for 16 days. The extract did not show any significant effect (p > 0.05) on the plasma concentrations of total bilirubin, albumin and alkaline phosphatase (ALP) as well as the packed cell volume (PCV), haemoglobin (Hb), red blood cell (RBC),...

Author(s): A. H. Adebayo, A. O. Abolaji, T. K. Opata and I. K. Adegbenro

April 2010

Comparison of Nested-PCR technique and culture method in detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from patients suspected to genitourinary tuberculosis

The aim of the present study was to evaluate the diagnostic value of nested PCR in genitourinary tuberculosis (GUTB) compared with acid fast staining and culture method. In total 200 urine samples from suspected cases of GUTB were collected during the period of study. Urine pellets were used for smear preparation, culture and DNA extraction by ether- chloroform method. Nested PCR was performed according to standard...

Author(s): Azar Dokht Khosravi, Mohammad Hashemzadeh, Ali Ghorbani and Sepideh Seghatoleslami

April 2010

Investigation of effects of essential oils of Origanum minutiflorum O Schwarz PH Davis and Cyclotrichium niveum (Labiatae) plants on angiogenesis in shell-less chick embryo culture

The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of essential oils extracted fromOriganum minutiflorum and Cyclotrichium niveum (Labiatae) plants to the vascularization systems of the chick embryos in a chorioallantoic membrane model. The aerial parts of O. minutiflorum and C. niveum were subjected to hydrodistillation. Essential oils were applied to the center of the...

Author(s): Ismihan Goze, Ali Cetin and Aysegul Goze

April 2010

Identification, isolation and in vitro antimicrobial susceptibility testing of Aeromonas veronii associated with an acute death of Channel Catfish (Ictalurus lunetas) in China

Aeromonas veronii is a common pathogen in both humans and animals. It exists in the environment we live. Many reports showed it could lead to human infection but few demonstrated its effect on aquatic animals, especially Channel Catfish (Ictalurus lunetaus). Here, A. veronii was isolated from an acute death case of Channel Catfish in Southwestern China. This Gram-negative bacillus was identified by 16S...

Author(s): Xiao-li Huang, Kai-yu Wang, Du Zong-Jun, Yi Geng and Yong-qiang Deng

April 2010

Isolation and molecular identification of a Serratia strain from domesticated tree shrew (Tupaia belangeri) skin infectious site in Yunnan, China

In this study, a Serratia strain from an infectious skin site of domesticated tree shrew was isolated and the main characterization of the isolate using a variety of genotypic and phenotypic criteria was determined. The strain was finally identified as Serratia grimesii on the basis of its small subunit ribosomal RNA (16S rRNA) gene sequence.   Key words: Serratia, tree shrew, 16S...

Author(s): Ai-hua Liu, Min Shi, Cai-jun Zhang, Xiao-jie Li, Xin Wang, Pei-qing Shen, Ma-lin Li, Fukai Bao and Ma-lin Li

April 2010

Hormonal responses to GnRH injection given at different stages of the estrous cycle in water buffaloes

The objective of the present study was to evaluate the hormonal responses of buffaloes to GnRH injections given at different moments of the estrous cycle. The estrous cycles of 15 buffaloes were synchronized with 2 im injections of prostaglandin F2α given 11 days apart. The buffalos were randomly assigned to 1 of 3 groups. Buffaloes in the control group received no treatment, whereas GnRH6 buffaloes received a...

Author(s): Samir Pour Jazayeri, Hamid Kohram and Reza Salehi