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  • DOI: 10.5897/AJB
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Table of Content: 6 July, 2016; 15(27)

July 2016

Optimization of biomass production of Acetobacter pasteurianus KU710511 as a potential starter for fruit vinegar production

The objective of the present work was first the isolation of novel acetic acid bacteria strains from natural Moroccan habitats, and then, the evaluation of their ability to produce microbial starters for vinegar production on a large scale. The strains were isolated from figs, dates, cactus, and traditional fruit vinegars. Four strains, selected from a total of 63 isolates, were confirmed as belonging to Acetobacter...

Author(s): Majid Mounir, Rasoul Shafiei, Raziyeh Zarmehrkhorshid, Allal Hamouda, Philippe Thonart, Frank Delvigne and Mustapha Ismaili Alaoui

July 2016

Effect of pond depth and lining plastic color on growth and nitrogen fixing capacity of the cyanobacteria, Anabaena sp. E3

Cyanobacteria are a cheap source of nitrogen and quite suitable for farmers of developing countries. Although, they live in a diverse range of environments, different environmental variables influence their nitrogen fixing ability. Thus, this study evaluated the effect of pond depth and lining plastic colors on nitrogen fixing capacity of Anabaena species strain E3. Factorial combinations of four pond lining plastic...

Author(s): Ashebir Tsedeke, Tulu Degefu, Endalkachew Wolde-Meskel and Jessica Davis

July 2016

Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria: Beneficial effects for healthy and sustainable agriculture

It is unanimously admitted that the chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in modern agriculture create a real environmental and public health problems. One of the promising solutions to substitute these agrochemicals products is the use of bio-resources, including plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR). The PGPR focused more and more scientific attention in recent decades. These rhizospheric bacteria colonize...

Author(s): Pacôme Agossou Noumavo, Nadège Adoukè Agbodjato, Farid Baba-Moussa, Adolphe Adjanohoun and Lamine Baba-Moussa

July 2016

Whole genome homology-based identification of candidate genes for drought tolerance in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) is one of the most important oilseed crops. It is mainly grown in arid and semi-arid regions with occurrence of unpredictable drought which is one of the major constraints of its production. However, the lack of gene resources associated with drought tolerance hinders sesame genetic improvement towards this osmotic stress. The present research aimed at identifying candidate genes associated...

Author(s): Komivi Dossa,, Marème Niang, Achille E. Assogbadjo, Ndiaga Cissé and Diaga Diouf

July 2016

Effect of substrate on the growth, nutritional and bioactive components of Pleurotus ostreatus and Pleurotus florida

Mushrooms are increasingly being recognized as important food products for their significant role in human health, nutrition and disease. This study was carried out with the aim of comparing the effect of substrate on growth, determining nutritional and bioactive components of two oyster mushroom, Pleurotus ostreatus and Pleurotus florida. A completely randomized block design with two treatments replicated three times...

Author(s): Kinge, T. R., Adi, E. M., Mih, A. M., Ache, N. A. and Nji, T. M.