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  • DOI: 10.5897/AJB
  • Start Year: 2002
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Table of Content: April 2003; 2(4)

April 2003

Acinetobacter: environmental and biotechnological applications

  Among microbial communities involved in different ecosystems such as soil, freshwater, wastewater and solid wastes, several strains belonging to the genus of Acinetobacter have been attracting growing interest from medical, environmental and a biotechnological point of view. Bacteria of this genus are known to be involved in biodegradation, leaching and removal of several organic and inorganic man-made...

Author(s): Desouky Abdel-El-Haleem

April 2003

Functional and comparative analysis of expressed sequences from Diuraphis noxia infested wheat obtained utilizing the conserved Nucleotide Binding Site

  Russian wheat aphid (Diuraphis noxia, Morvilko; RWA) is a major pest on wheat, barley and other triticale in South Africa.  Infestation by the RWA results in altered protein expression patterns, which is manifested as differential expression of gene sequences.  In the present study, Russian wheat aphid resistant (Tugela DN, Tugela*5/SA2199, Tugela*5/SA463, PI 137739, PI 262660, and PI...

Author(s): Lynelle Lacock, Chantal van Niekerk, Shilo Loots, Franco du Preez and Anna-Maria Botha

April 2003

PCR identification of Fusarium genus based on nuclear ribosomal-DNA sequence data

  We have developed two taxon-selective primers for quick identification of theFusarium genus. These primers, ITS-Fu-f and ITS-Fu-r were designed by comparing the aligned sequences of internal transcribed spacer regions (ITS) of a range ofFusarium species. The primers showed good specificity for the genus Fusarium, and the approximately 389-bp product was amplified...

Author(s): Kamel A. Abd-Elsalam , , Ibrahim N.  Aly, Mohmed A.  Abdel-Satar, Mohmed S. Khalil and Joseph A. Verreet

April 2003

Genetic comparisons of Egyptian date palm cultivars (Phoenix dactylifera L.) by RAPD-PCR

  Random amplified polymorphic DNA technique was used to compare genetic material from four females date palm and four unknown male trees of Egyptian date palm. The genetic similarity between the four females date palm (Zaghloul, Amhat, Samany and Siwi) ranged from 87.5 to 98.9%. The banding profiles obtained suggested that both males 3 and 4 are genetically related to the four female...

Author(s): Said Saad Soliman, Bahy Ahmed  Ali, Mohamed Morsy Mohamed Ahmed

April 2003

A home made kit for plasmid DNA mini-preparation

  Many methods have been used to isolate plasmid DNA, but some of them are time consuming especially when extracting a large number of samples. Here, we developed a rapid protocol for plasmid DNA extraction based on the alkaline lysis method of plasmid preparation (extraction at pH 8.0). Using this new method, a good plasmid preparation can be made in approximately one hour. The plasmids are suitable for any...

Author(s): Simeon Oloni KOTCHONI, Emma Wanjiru GACHOMO, Eriola BETIKU,Y and Olusola Olusoji SHONUKAN