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  • DOI: 10.5897/AJPS
  • Start Year: 2007
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Table of Content: April 2010; 4(4)

April 2010

Application of a satellite-based climate-variability impact index for crop yield forecasting in drought-stricken regions

  A quantitative index is applied to monitor crop growth and predict agricultural yield in drought-stricken regions. This Climate-Variability Impact Index (CVII), defined as the monthly contribution to overall anomalies in growth during a given year, is derived from 1 km MODIS Leaf Area Index. The CVII integrated over the growing season represents the percentage of the climatological production either gained or...

Author(s): Ping Zhang, Bruce Anderson, Mathew Barlow, Bin Tan and Ranga B. Myneni

  • Article Number: 9CE34DC11461

April 2010

Assessment of physical properties of gum arabic from Acacia senegal varieties in Baringo District, Kenya

  A study was conducted to assess the physical properties of gum arabic obtained from two Acacia senegal varieties (var.senegal and var.kerensis). in Marigat division, Baringo district. Gum arabic samples from the experimental sites at Solit, Kapkun, Kimorok and Maoi were collected, dried and analysed to establish their physical characteristics. Moisture content in gum arabic obtained from...

Author(s): J. K. Lelon, I. O. Jumba, J. K. Keter , Wekesa Chemuku and F. D. O. Oduor

  • Article Number: 417951A11473

April 2010

Agronomic, economic and ecological aspects of the papaya (Carica papaya) production in Tabasco, Mexico

  The cultivation of papaya is important in the tropic because it provides source of income to the farmer within a short time. Statistical data were obtained from farmers located in the Chontalpa, Rios and Centro-Sierra regions; the size of the survey was 67 farmers. The study shows the results of the farmers’ problem in a drastic reduction of their productivity because of the virosis and low prices in...

Author(s): E. Guzman-Ramon, R. Gomez Alvarez, J. M. Pat-Fernandez, H. A. J. Pohlan, J. C. Alvarez-Rivero, V. Geissen, F. Mirafuentes and R. Ramos

  • Article Number: 4594AB611480

April 2010

Seed metrics for genetic and shape determinations in African yam bean [Fabaceae] (Sphenostylis stenocarpa Hochst. Ex. A. Rich) harms

  The metric measures on seeds, their correlation and relationship are important for systematic breeding for seed yield and shape determination. Variations among eighty genotypes of African yam bean (AYB) for six metric seed characters (seed length, width and thickness and their ratios) were evaluated in this study. Paired comparison among the six characters revealed very high significance (P < 0.001),...

Author(s): B. D. Adewale, O. B. Kehinde,  J. O. Popoola and C. O. Aremu

  • Article Number: F71DD1311487

April 2010

Structure and composition of vegetation in subtropical forest of Kumaun Himalaya

  An extensive sampling was conducted for vegetational analysis in different forest sites between 1600 and 2600 m asl in Kumaun Himalaya. Quercus leucotrichophora A. Campus, Quercus floribunda Lindl. ex Rehder, Quercus semecarpifolia J. E. Smith and Pinus roxburghii Sarg. are the dominant tree species in Banj-oak, Tilonj-oak, Kharsu-oak and Chir-pine forests,...

Author(s): Geeta Kharkwal, and Yaswant Singh Rawat

  • Article Number: 084464911497

April 2010

Development of a lemon sorting system based on color and size

  Grading systems give us many kinds of information such as size, color, shape, defect, and internal quality. Among these color and size are the most important features for accurate classification and/or sorting of citrus such as oranges, lemons and tangerines. Basically, two inspection stages of the system can be identified: external fruit inspection and internal fruit inspection. The former task is...

Author(s): M. Khojastehnazhand, M. Omid and A. Tabatabaeefar

  • Article Number: CC3D97311502