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Trinity is a numerical model of the holographic universe

Seyed Hadi Anjamrooz
Department of Anatomical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences, P.O. Box 7719617996, Rafsanjan, Iran.
Email: [email protected]

  •  Accepted: 10 January 2011
  •  Published: 18 January 2011


The universe is in some sense a numerical holographic structure. About 15 billion years ago all of the matter and energy in the universe was concentrated into an area the size of a single atomic nucleus with a trinary organization and order. Then suddenly, the universe began to expand at an incredible rate, this event has been called the big bang. After the big bang the first source of matter is formed. Different form of energy, stem from the same type of occurrence, vibrations within matter. In other word everything started from matter. This includes the holographic trinity, which observes in all creation. This viewpoint shows an “implicit numerical order”, where higher levels of order and organization may be holographically enfolded in the fabric of space and matter/energy. Therefore this paper presents a plausible theory of numerical holography to explain holographic concept ofreality in an unexplained non-local trinity model.


Key words: Holographic principles, trinity, matter, light.