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Table of Content: 16 April 2012; 7(16)

April 2012

A relativistic model for the light baryon masses in hypercentral potential and spin-flavor dependence

  In this paper, we studied the light baryon resonances spectrum within a relativistically quark model based on Dirac equation and generalized Gürsey Radicati mass formula (GR). For exact solving of the Dirac equation for our proposed hypercentral confining potential analytically, we used the Ansatz approach. The results of our model show that the light baryons spectrums are fairly well reproduced,...

Author(s): Nasrin Salehi and Ali Akbar Rajabi

April 2012

Comparative modeling of CO2 laser cutting using multiple regression analysis and artificial neural network

  In this paper, empirical modeling of surface roughness in CO2 laser cutting of mild steel using the multiple regression analysis (MRA) and artificial neural network (ANN) waspresented. To cover wider range of laser cutting parameters such as cutting speed, laser power and assist gas pressure as well as to obtain experimental database for MRA and ANN model...

Author(s): Miloš Madić and Miroslav Radovanović

April 2012

Synthesis and phase transitions studies on Schiff base symmetrical dimers: α,ω-Bis(4-pyridine-3-methyleneaminoxy)alkanes

  A series of symmetrical dimers bearing heterocyclic ring, α,ω-bis(4-pyridine-3-methylideneaminoxy)alkanes, were prepared and all the members are differed by the spacer length, CnH2n, where n = 6, 8, 10 and 12. Their transition temperatures and mesophase characteristics were studied by differential scanning calorimetry and optical polarizing microscopy techniques. DSC thermograms...

Author(s): Sie-Tiong Ha, Lay-Khoon Ong, Guan-Yeow Yeap, Siew-Ling Lee, S. Sreehari Sastry and Masato M. Ito

April 2012

A density functional theory study on the stability and ligand properties of the different substituted phenyl carbenes

  In regard to the worldwide interest in synthesis and application of stable carbenes, DFT calculations (B3LYP/6-311++G**//B3LYP/6-31+G* levels) are employed to reach at a series of phenyl carbenes. The singlet-triplet energy separations (ΔES-T), HOMO–LUMO energy gaps (ΔEHOMO-LUMO), as well as philicity indices (N and ω) and basicity of these carbenes are compared and...

Author(s): F. Naderi, M. R. Momeni and F. A. Shakib

April 2012

Investigation of indium ions removal from aqueous solutions using spent coffee grounds

  This study used batch adsorption techniques to evaluate the potential suitability of spent coffee grounds as an environmentally friendly adsorbent for the removal of indium ions from aqueous solutions. In addition, we also investigated the effects of process parameters, such as, the solution pH, adsorbent dose, initial concentration of indium ions and the temperature on adsorption performance. The...

Author(s): Wei-Lung Chou, Chih-Ta Wang, Kai-Yu Huang, Ya-Chieh Chang and Chi-Min Shu

April 2012

Design, construction and investigating functionality of a nickel (II) ion selective electrode

  Ni2+ ion–selective electrode (Ni-ISE) based on plasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) membrane with 25, 26, 27 tri propoxy 28, Amino 5, 11, 17, 23–tetra–tert–butyl–calix[4]arene as ionophore and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) as plasticizer was designed and constructed. The Ni-ISE showed a linear reply in the concentration range of 1.0 × 10-1 to 1.0 ×...

Author(s): Fekri Lari F., Baghdar E., Aghaie M., Zare K. and Aghaie H.

April 2012

Piecewise statistical programming for workforce allocation: the significance of Taiwanese cadres in China

  This paper presents a novel study which used piecewise statistical approach to estimate the profitability of Taiwan-based corporations investing in China according to their proportion in the total numbers of Taiwanese managers. While using the SPSS statistics software to analyze and calculate the correlation between the earnings, expenditures, proportion of Taiwanese cadres and net profits, it was found that...

Author(s): Jeng-Wen Lin and Pu Fun Shen

April 2012

Investigation of the CuInSe2 film prepared by one-step electrodeposition

  In this research, we applied one-step electrodeposition to fabricate CuInSe2 films. Deposition parameters, including the pH value of the plating solution, the deposition time and the current density, were adjusted to find preferable conditions to fabricate high quality CuInSe2 film. Material properties were examined by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscope (SEM) images and energy...

Author(s): Yih-Min Yeh, Hsiang Chen, Chau-le Wang, Chung Wei Lin and Chuan Hao Liao

April 2012

Friction and wear behaviours of medical grade UHMWPE at dry and lubricated conditions

  In this investigation the friction and wear performance of GUR 1020 medical grade ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) polymer under dry sliding, distilled water and egg albumen lubrication conditions were evaluated. The sliding experiments were carried out on a pin-on-disc tribometer. The contact configuration used was a polymer pin on a rotating AISI 304L stainless steel disc. Wear tests were...

Author(s): O. K. Kahyaoglu and H. Unal

April 2012

Spatial distribution of maximal earthquake effects in the Red Sea region

  Two maps of estimated maximum intensity distribution have been prepared for the Red Sea region by applying appropriate intensity attenuation and conversion equations, without considering the probability of exceedance. The maps are represented in two parametric elements, which are: the maximal earthquake effects and the period of observation. The significance of these maps is due to their contributory aspect...

Author(s): Nassir S. Al-Arifi, Saad Al-Humidan, and Aref Lashin,

April 2012

Effect of wind loading on spherical single layer space truss steel domes

  The use of space truss steel domes has been a popular choice for covering large span areas with or without internal columns. High structural stiffness and architectural aesthetics are the main reasons for the wide application of this space truss form. Using formex algebra, the geometry of ribbed and Schwedler single layer space truss domes for various rise-to-span ratios (with a constant span) are modeled....

Author(s): Alireza Fiouz and Mohammad Ebrahim Karbaschi