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Table of Content: 23 April, 2013; 8(15)

April 2013

Formation and identification of counter electrojet (CEJ)

This study investigates the possible occurrence of counter equatorial electrojet (CEJ) and a quicker method for identification of CEJ. Data from a chain of magnetic observatories of World Data Center for Geomagnetism in Tokyo, Japan, was employed. It is strikingly interesting to observe that most CEJ occurred from morning through new dusk, with almost the same pattern of dHin depression. In Ascension Island (ASC),...

Author(s): Francisca N. Okeke, Esther A. Hanson, Eucharia C. Okoro, Isikwue B. C. and Oby J. Ugonabo      

April 2013

Suggested formulas for half-life time of unstable nuclei: Effect of the isospin asymmetry

Using the available data of half-life time of unstable nuclei given that the number of protons is greater than the number of neutrons, an elaboration was made on the dependence of half-life time of these nuclei on the value of the difference between the two numbers, which is referred to as the isospin asymmetry effect. The available data of half-life time was analyzed and two formulas of half-life time were suggested....

Author(s): Mohamed Ahmed Hassan

April 2013

Three-dimensional max-type cyclic system of difference equations

We show that all solutions of the max-type cyclic system of difference equations  ,  ,  where  ,  is real positive number, and initial values  and  , are  periodic with period three. Finally we generalized the results for more general system which is finite dimensional system.   Key words: Max-type system, difference equations,...

Author(s): Tarek F. Ibrahim

April 2013

Fuzzy programming and data envelopment analysis for improving redundancy-reliability allocation problems in series-parallel systems

Redundancy-reliability allocation problems in multi-stage series-parallel systems under uncertain environments are addressed in this study. First, a multi-objective programming model is formulated for simultaneously maximizing system reliability and minimizing system total cost. Due to the nature of uncertainty in the problem, the fuzzy set theory and technique are used to convert the deterministic multi-objective...

Author(s): Chiun-Ming Liu

April 2013

Meditator’s non-contact effect on cucumbers

We clearly show the existence of an example of non-contact effect in which the “presence” of a meditator affects bio-samples without physical contact. This is the first report in the world to show this type of effect by scientific measurements. We used edible cucumber slices as bio-sensors and measured the concentrations of gas emitted from the slices by a technique developed by our group.  The...

Author(s): Osamu Takagi, Masamichi Sakamoto, Hideyuki Kokubo, Hideo Yoichi, Kimiko Kawano and Mikio Yamamoto

April 2013

Organic matter and trace metals levels in sediment of bonny river and creeks around Okrika in Rivers State, Nigeria

Analysis was carried out on the sediment of Bonny River and creeks around Okrika in order to determine the concentrations of organic matter, lead, nickel, vanadium and cadmium as well as their probable sources and diagenesis. Samples for trace metal analysis were prepared by acid digestion and analysed by atomic absorption spectrophotometry. Organic matter content was determined by the method of Walkey and Black. Mean...

Author(s): Marcus A. C., Okoye C. O. B. and Ibeto C. N.      

April 2013

Integrated geophysical investigation for post-construction studies of buildings around School of Science area, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Southwestern, Nigeria

An integrated geophysical investigation involving ground magnetic, very low frequency (VLF-EM), and electrical resistivity methods using dipole–dipole array and schlumberger vertical electrical sounding (VES) techniques were conducted around School of Science Area Obanla, Federal University of Technology, Akure, for post construction studies in assessing building foundation integrity. Two traverses were...

Author(s): A. O. Adelusi, A. A. Akinlalu and A. I. Nwachukwu