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Table of Content: 2 February; 7(6)

February 2012

A review of assessment of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene (BTEX) concentration in urban atmosphere of Delhi

The most universal atmospheric pollutants present in the atmosphere are one of the representatives of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), popularly known as benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene (BTEX) which have their origin from both natural and anthropogenic sources. These compounds make an important contribution in the formation of photochemical smog. In spite of the well known toxic effects of BTEX, data...

Author(s): Pallavi Saxena and Chirashree Ghosh

February 2012

A discussion of the Yen-Hsun Lu phenomenon from the aspect of the media and the concept of “Habitus”

Yen-Hsun Lu was in the top 8 of the Wimbledon Championships 2010. He was under the spotlight of the Taiwanese media right away. According to Bourdieu’s Theory of Habitus, the media’s attitude change from being cold to being very concerned was highly related to the habitus in the Taiwanese society and the habitus of the media. From the aspect of the media, they play the intermediate roles to add national...

Author(s): Chih-Cheng Huang, Jye-Shyan Wang, Chung-Hsing Huang and Chen-Yuan Chen,

February 2012

Deep inelastic processes and the equations of motion

We show that the Politzer theorem on the equations of motion implies approximateconstraints on the quark correlator. These, in turn, restrict considerably,...

Author(s): E. Di Salvo

February 2012

Kinetic Alfven wave in the presence of parallel electric field with general loss-cone distribution function: A kinetic approach

In past, kinetic Alfven waves are widely investigated regarding the transfer of energy from the magnetosphere to the ionosphere. These waves are supposed to be responsible for the acceleration of auroral electrons to exhibit auroral phenomena. The existence of parallel electric fields is always reported in association with the kinetic Alfven waves. In the present investigation, assuming parallel electric fields...

Author(s): Nidhi Shukla, P. Varma and M. S. Tiwari

February 2012

Study of electron transfer process of TCNQ under external electric field

A series of electron transfer process of 7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane (TCNQ) under external electric field was observed according to the ultraviolet-visible and Fourier transformed Raman spectra of TCNQ obtained with the self-made biservice electrochemistrical thin film cell for ultra-violet/Raman spectrometer in the present work. The concrete process refers to TCNQ turned into TCNQ-, then into TCNQ2- as well...

Author(s): Xiulan Jiang, Zuowei Li, Chenglin Sun and Xueya Zhang

February 2012

Analysis of electrostatically actuated microbeams using dimensionless groups

The vibrational behavior of coupled-domain micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) devices with electrostatic actuation and squeeze film effect is investigated in this article. π-Buckingham theory is used to extract dimensionless parameters for this problem. Using these parameters, non-dimensional equation of Euler-Bernoulli beam theory and Reynolds equation of squeeze film damping are developed. Finite difference...

Author(s): Mohammad Mahdi Jalili and Shahram Talebi

February 2012

Application of He’s energy balance method for pendulum attached to rolling wheels that are restrained by a spring

We consider periodic solution for nonlinear free vibration of conservative, single degree of freedom systems. A new analytical technique called Energy Balance Method (EBM) is applied to calculate approximations in order to achieve the nonlinear frequency of the system. Comparing with numerical solution using Runge-Kutta method, just one iteration leads us to high accuracy of solutions which are valid for a wide range of...

Author(s): Mahmoud Bayat, Iman Pakar and Mahdi Bayat

February 2012

Infrared Spectra and Energy band gap of Potassium Lithium Borate glass dosimetry

Fourier transform infra red (FTIR) and energy band gap of potassium lithium borate glasses of different composition have been studied using Fourier FTIR and UV-VIS spectroscopy techniques. The glasses were melted in the alumina crucible in an electric furnace at 1100°C for 30 min until homogenous melt was obtained. The X-ray diffraction analysis was adopted for confirming the amorphous nature of glass samples. From...

Author(s): Haydar Aboud, H. Wagiran, I. Hossain and R. Hussin

February 2012

The seismic performance comparison of integral bridge model by using finite element program and shaking table test

In this paper, the experimental approach was conducted to validate the result of numerical approach. The integral concrete box-girder bridge was modelled by using finite element method (FEM) program and comparing by using dynamic shaking table. There are four steps that were involved in validating the result: (1) scaling integral concrete box-girder bridge by implementing Buckingham PI theorem; (2) setting the...

Author(s): Meldi Suhatril, Azlan Adnan, Reza Mohd Vafaee, Patrick Tiong Liq Yee and Ali Karbakhsh

February 2012

Tactics on badminton: Synergy analysis for Racketlon

This study aims to analyze sports in Racketlon events. Racketlon involves table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis. According to the documentation, it is found that, except for squash, all the other Racketlon sports are played with a net and are about challenging opponents. Therefore, attention should be paid to servers to obtain information and process it in order to respond to balls served. In addition, the learning...

Author(s): Jye-Shyan Wang, Chih-Fu Cheng and Chen-Yuan Chen,

February 2012

Effect of aging time and calcination temperature on the cerium oxide nanoparticles synthesis via reverse co-precipitation method

In the present work, the cerium nitrate hexa-hydrate and ammonium hydroxide, used as the starting materials and the weakly agglomerated cerium oxide nanoparticles was synthesized by simple and cost effective reverse co-precipitation method. The effect of aging time and calcination temperature on structural properties of synthesized nanopowder was investigated by X-ray diffractometry (XRD), simultaneous thermal analysis...

Author(s): Marzieh Jalilpour and Mohammad Fathalilou

February 2012

Various temperature effects on the growth of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) by thermal chemical vapor deposition (TCVD) method

The growth behavior of carbon nanotubes synthesized from C2H2 at the temperature range of 700 to 900°C and using thermal chemical vapor deposition (TCVD) method has been investigated. Thin films of nickel (Ni) catalyst, were coated on SiO2 substrates by ion beam sputtering technique. The formation of catalytic nickel nanoparticles was much increased when using NH3 as the environment gas which implies...

Author(s): A. Mahmoodi, M. Ghoranneviss, M. Mojtahedzadeh, S. H. Haji Hosseini and M. Eshghabadi

February 2012

Fuzzy resolvability modulo fuzzy ideals

In this paper, the notion of fuzzy resolvability modulo ideal, with respect to the fuzzy local function in a fuzzy topological space, was investigated. A trial was made to explain the notions of resolvability of complementary fuzzy dense set, fuzzy local closed set and fuzzy I- condense set.   Key words: Fuzzy topology, fuzzy sets, fuzzy closure operator, fuzzy local function, fuzzy ideals, fuzzy dense...

Author(s): M. Khan and Rehman Jehangir

February 2012

The effect of thematic video-based instruction on learning and motivation in e-learning

The purpose of this study was to develop and evaluate the video on demand learning system. This study integrated the thematic instructional strategy into interactive video-based instruction based on the cognitive theory of multimedia learning and investigated the participant’s reflection and learning performance through post-test, IMMS and the experimental teaching activities. Under the self-controlled learning...

Author(s): Yuh-Tyng Chen

February 2012

Influence of skew abutments on behavior of concrete continuous multi-cell box- girder bridges subjected to traffic loads

Current American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Load and Resistance Factor Design (AASHTO-LRFD) provided several equations for distribution factor of moment and shear of multi-cell box-girder bridges. However, the equations involved a large number of parameters, but the preliminary study shows that it is not compatible with finite element results. In many cases, the change in straining...

Author(s): Iman Mohseni, A. R. Khalim Rashid and A. Akbar Pabarja

February 2012

Effect of orientation of lunar apse on earthquakes

There were 6563 earthquakes of magnitude 1.0 - 2.9 in 1993 and 10233 in 2003. The lunar apse was at about 90° to the axis of rotation of the earth. The number of earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 to 4.9 between 2000 and 2005 increased when the minimum perigee moved from North Pole to South Pole. The decrease in earthquakes of magnitude 1.0- 2.9 after 2003 in Mediterranean region was accompanied by an increase of...

Author(s): B. L. Gupta

February 2012

Anaerobic production of biogas from maize wastes

A study on the anaerobic digestion of maize wastes that are being indiscriminately dumped on Nigerian urban streets was undertaken. Maize chaffs, stalks and cobs were shredded and mixed in water to waste ratios ranging from 3:1 to 4:1 (water to wastes) and anaerobically digested in three separate 0.1 m3 digesters for 30 days. Some physco-chemical and microbiological analyses of the digesting substrates were carried...

Author(s): Eze J. I., and Ojike O.,