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Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

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  • DOI: 10.5897/IJWREE
  • Start Year: 2009
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Table of Content: December 2012; 4(12)

December 2012

Flow and contaminant transport simulations of the Solimões River using three depth-averaged two-equation closure turbulence models

This paper reports a numerical simulation in the Amazon water system, aiming to develop a quasi-3D numerical tool for refinedly modeling turbulent flows and passive mass transport phenomena in natural waters. Three depth-averaged two-equation closure turbulence models,  - ,  - , and  - , were used to close the non-simplified quasi three-dimensional hydrodynamic fundamental governing equations. The...

Author(s): Liren Yu,

December 2012

Groundwater quality and pollution potential studies around Baikunthpur Area, Rewa District, Madhya Pradesh, India

Hydrogeochemical investigations were carried out in Baikunthpur Area Rewa District Madhya Pradesh. In the study area, Rewa shale and Rewa sandstone of Vindhyan Supergroup are exposed. The groundwater samples were collected from 30 locations during post monsoon season of 2010 and analysed for major cations and anions. The study reveals that groundwater of the area is generally moderately hard to very hard, normal...

Author(s): R.N. Tiwari and Umesh Mishra

December 2012

Evaluation of hydrogeological properties of fractured granitic aquifer in a micro watershed of Kandukuru -Southern India

Aquifer performance tests were conducted in a fractured granitic bedrock aquifer to determine the well performance and hydraulic characteristics of bore wells in a micro watershed of Kandukuru from Southern India. The long duration pump tests under constant rate conditions (ranges: 216-363 m3/day) were conducted independently at 6 bore wells to examine the variations in transmissivity. Different analytical methods were...

Author(s): Sudheer Kumar, M., Srinivas Chary, R., Srinivasa Reddy, K. and Mondal, N.C.

December 2012

Coupling agricultural non-point source (AgNPS) model and geographic information system (GIS) tools to predict peak runoff and sediment generation in the upper River Njoro catchment in Kenya

Human interference in the upper River Njoro catchment has led to the increased exposure of the land to accelerated erosion. An application that combined the capabilities of remote sensing, geographic information system (GIS) and agricultural non-point source (AgNPS) model was used to estimate peak runoff rate and sediment yield from the upper River Njoro catchment. Remotely sensed Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) images...

Author(s): Otieno, Hesbon and Onyando Japheth Ogalo

December 2012

Water quality assessment of Ruguti River in Meru South, Kenya

Physicochemical and microbiological analyses were carried out on water and sediment samples from Ruguti River in Meru South, to ascertain the water quality. The mean of the results obtained were compared with WHO (2011) standards for drinking water .The physicochemical parameters such as temperature, electrical conductivity, total dissolved solids, total alkalinity, total hardness, sulphates, chlorides, fluorides were...

Author(s): Ombaka O. and Gichumbi J .M.

December 2012

Rainwater harvesting assessment for a small size urban area in Jordan

Jordan is currently one of the world’s four poorest nations in water resources. Rainfall harvesting from rooftops, roads, and parking lots can increase the water supply for various uses and help combat the chronic water shortage in Jordan. This work aimed at evaluating the potential for potable and non-potable water savings by using rainwater at Yarmouk University and to provide recommendations for increasing...

Author(s): Awawdeh M., Al-Shraideh S., Al-Qudah K. and Jaradat R.