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Protocol optimization for in vitro propagation of garlic (Allium sativum L.) variety Tseday92 using basal plate culture

Kasahun Amare, Techale Brihan and Milkiyas Ahmed

  •  Received: 18 September 2017
  •  Accepted: 16 October 2017
Garlic (Allium sativum L.) is one of the significant bulb crop used as a seasoning or a condiment all over the world. It is a seedless plant that could transfer diseases to the subsequent generation via vegetative propagation and there is scarce for planting material. Plant tissue culture could give homogeneous and healthy plants. Therefore, the present study was conducted to develop an efficient protocol for direct organogenesis of garlic using basal plate. The garlic cloves were surface sterilized by powder soap, 70% ethanol and 0.2% mercuric chloride. Basal plates with 0.5 cm length and 2 to 3 cm in diameter was cultured on Murashige and Skoog medium supplemented with different concentrations of Benzyl Amino Purine (BAP) and Naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA). Among combinations, the highest shoot number (9±0.5) was recorded at 1 mg/l BAP+0.5 mg/l NAA followed by 1 mg/l + 0.75 mg/l (8.66±0.57) and 0.75 mg/l NAA found 8.33±0.28 shoots per explant while 1 mg/l BAP alone resulted in 5±0.57 shoots per explant. The highest shoot length was recorded at BAP 1mg/l (10.83±0.28 cm) and the interaction 1.5 mg/lBAP+0.5 mg/l NAA found (8.73±0.25 cm). The highest number of roots (22±0.5) per explant was recorded at 1.5 mg/l NAA and the longest root (1.9 cm) was observed at 0.5 mg/l NAA with overall 100% of rooting. In vitro rooted plantlets were acclimatized in soil, sand and compost (2:1:1) with 55.55% survival rate. The above findings indicated that the shoot multiplication and in vitro rooting of garlic variety Tseday92 using basal plate was effective at 0.5 mg/lNAA+1 mg/l BAP and 1.5 mg/l NAA respectively.

Keywords: Allium sativum, basal plate Benzyl Amino Purine (BAP),Naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA).