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Article in Press

Assessing spatial activities around the abattoir using Arc Map software: the case of Tamale main Abattoir.

Sumani Abdul-Manan

  •  Received: 27 June 2023
  •  Accepted: 05 September 2023
This study focuses on assessing spatial activities around the Tamale Main Slaughterhouse in Ghana using ArcMap software. By employing geospatial analysis techniques, the research aims to provide insights into the distribution and intensity of various activities in the vicinity of the abattoir, including commercial, residential, and infrastructural elements. The study utilizes ArcMap, a widely adopted Geographic Information System (GIS) software, to collect, process, and analyze spatial data. Primary data is gathered through field surveys, including interviews and observations, to obtain accurate information on the existing land uses and activities. Satellite imagery and aerial photographs are also incorporated to enhance the spatial analysis. The research employs several spatial analysis techniques, such as proximity analysis, density mapping, and hotspot analysis, to assess the spatial patterns and relationships between the abattoir and its surrounding areas. The spatial analysis identified potential issues such as the encroachment of residential areas into the abattoir vicinity or the presence of critical infrastructure in close proximity to the slaughterhouse. The manure and the blood from the slaughter house has been a good by product for the production of poultry feed. A big dug out should be made to channel the cow dung and the blood and other waste products into it and covered to prevent the pollution of boreholes around the area.

Keywords: Abattoir, ARC Map, GIS, Spatial