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  • ISSN: 2006-9790
  • DOI: 10.5897/JETR
  • Start Year: 2009
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Table of Content: July 2011; 3(7)

July 2011

Low temperature synthesis of La2O3 and CrO2 by Sol–gel process

Some issues such as tunneling, leakage current and light atom penetration through the film are threatening the ultra thin SiO2 be as a good dielectric for future industrial and electronic devices and in ceramic technologies. A series of experiments to synthesis La2O3 as well as CrO2 has been done at low temperature with using sol-gel method. The nano structural properties of La2O3/CrO2 equipped with...

Author(s): A. Bahari, A. Anasari and Z. Rahmani

  • Article Number: 642383112607

July 2011

Two-dimensional particle modeling of submicrometer ZnO MESFET based on an ensemble Monte Carlo calculation including five-valley band structure model

A Monte Carlo method has been developed for the study of electron transport properties in ZnO MESFET for high field, using a five-valley conduction band model. The effects of upper valleys on the characteristics of ZnO MESFETs have been investigated. The following scattering mechanisms, that is impurity, polar optical phonon, acoustic phonon, alloy and piezoelectric are included in the calculation. Ionized impurity...

Author(s): H. Arabshahi,

  • Article Number: B5CB27112653

July 2011

Road and urban storm water drainage network integration in Addis Ababa: Addis Ketema Sub-city

Urbanization along with its impermeable structures is the major causes of flooding in urban areas. Urban storm water influences the service life of urban infrastructures. The rainfall intensity and characteristics of catchment area are the major factors for designing urban storm water drainage facilities. These facilities have a paramount advantage to safely dispose the generated floods to ultimate receiving system....

Author(s): Dagnachew Adugna Belete

  • Article Number: 02BAD6C12665

July 2011

Foundation of vortex gravitation, cosmology and cosmogony

A hypothesis is proposed concerning the cause of the origin of universal gravitation. This cause consists of a system of the ether vortex rotations. Physical and mathematical grounds are described and the formula for the determination of the space gravitation forces is deduced. On the basis of the vortex gravitation, the principles of creation and existence of the celestial bodies are shown. Methods of the use of the...

Author(s): Sergey Orlov

  • Article Number: FDEB4BD12678