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Table of Content: June 2011; 3(6)

June 2011

Does a physically reasonable solution of the Navier Stokes equations exist?

According to the literature, the conservation of momentum equation needs to be coupled with the mass conservation equation. However, they cannot create a coupled system of equations of motion because they ignored third Newton law. The conservation of momentum equation is Newton’s second law of motion, whereas conservation of mass belongs to kinematics that have no deal with forces at all. However, no one motion in...

Author(s): Asya S. Skal

June 2011

Efficient enhancement of polymer light emitting diode by inserting hole blocking layer

The triplet layer for the PLED was fabricated with ITO / PVK (77 nm) / CdS (115 nm) / Alq3 (84 nm) / Al (300 nm). The PLED devices were inserted in the CdS layer between the 77 nm PVK and 84 nm Alq3 absorbing the ambient light to reduce the reflection of the device. The maximum wavelength and luminescence intensity increase with the thickness of CdS. This indicated that the maximum wavelength shifted to a higher...

Author(s): M. Y. Lim, W. M. M. Yunus, Z. A. Talib and A. Kassim

June 2011

Opto-mechanical design, analysis and economical manufacture of a large aperture LIDAR receiver telescope

Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES) at Nainital (29° 22’ N, 79° 27’ E, 1950 m amsl) is located in the central Himalayan region. Taking benefit of its pristine geographical location away from major urban pollution a LIDAR system was planned at this location to study the dynamics of atmosphere. Optical design analysis of LIDAR receiver telescope with backend detection optics...

Author(s): T. Bangia, P. K. Agarwal, A. Kumar, S. K. Singh and R. Sagar

June 2011

Polygon graphs of Girth 6

This paper introduces a family of simple bipartite graphs denoted by , named and constructed as polygon graphs. These polygon graphs are bicubic simple graphs possessing Hamiltonian cycles. Some important results are proved for these graphs. The girth of these graphs is counted as 6().  Polygon graph is isomorphic to a famous Pappus graph. Since polygon graphs are bipartite, therefore they can be used as...

Author(s): Shoaib U. Din and Khalil Ahmad