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  • DOI: 10.5897/JMPR
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Table of Content: May, 2023; 17(5)

May 2023

Sedative and hypnotic effects of the compatibility of Schisandra chinensis and Polygala tenuifolia on insomnia mice

The objective of this study is to study the sedative and hypnotic effects of the compatibility of Schisandra chinensis (SC) and Polygala tenuifolia (PT) on insomnia mice and its mechanisms. The 160 SPF KM mice were divided into 8 groups with 20 each group (10 female and 10 male mice), including control, model, estazolam, SC, PT, SC-PT 1:1, SC-PT 1:2, and SC-PT 2:1 group. Insomnia mice model was established with...

Author(s): Haifeng Sun, Han Wang, Na Li and Hongyu Yang  

May 2023

Citrullus lanatus plant response to irrigation water magnetized in sandy soil

In this study, the productivity of the red watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) crop in arid regions with saline water is examined in relation to the effects of magnetic treatment of irrigation water. The greenhouse experiments compared two treatments (magnetic treatment of irrigation water) and (no magnetic treatment of irrigation water). Magnetic treatment device delta water with a power of 14500 gausses (1.45 T) that was...

Author(s): Djilani GHEMAM AMARA, Hacene LAOUEDJ, Ahmed Elkhalifa CHEMSA, Khaled KHERRAZ, Said TOUATI, Zeïd ALIA, TOUATIHAMAD larouaci, Ahmed IBEDand Hamza BOUGRINAT  

May 2023

Palyno-morphological assessment of Asteraceae taxa grown in Qarshi Botanical garden at Qarshi Industries (Pvt.) Ltd by using LM and SEM, Pakistan

The present study covers the micro-morphological characteristics of 32 taxa of Asteraceae family from Qarshi Botanical Garden at Qarshi Industries (Pvt.) Ltd., Hattar Haripur, Pakistan. The morpho-palynological characters studied were size, shape, polar and equatorial diameter and their exine ornamentation using light microscopy (LM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) for its taxonomic significance. In the present...

Author(s): Siraj Khan,, Sohail Anwer,, Muhammad Rashid,, Majid Iqbal, and Shabeer Ahmad,    

May 2023

HPLC determination of polyphenols of the flowers of Digitalis lamarckii, Xeranthemum annuum, Epilobium hirsutum and Silene compacta from Bolu (Turkey)

There have been a growing interest since decades in the medicinal plants in terms of preventive health care and treatment of various diseases. On the other hand, polyphenolic compounds present in medicinal plants are known to have antioxidant potency. In the current work, the quantitative HPLC analysis of the flowers of four plants grown in Bolu-Turkey, Silene compacta, Digitalis lamarckii, Xeranthemum annuum L., and...

Author(s): Nedime Dürüst, Yasar Dürüst, Nursel Ikinci, Seray Banko, Emir Zafer Hosgün and Berrin Bozan

May 2023

Evaluation of catechin, lupeol, and betulinic acid as markers for the chromatographic quality Control of Albizia coriaria raw materials; an experimental study

Albizia coriaria stembark is among the most common raw materials used to manufacture herbal products in Uganda. While the plant material is sourced from the wild, there are neither monographs nor chemical analytical methods for its standardisation. In addition, good cultivation, harvesting, and manufacturing practices are not mandatory. This leads to inconsistent quality of raw materials and products. This work...

Author(s): Bruhan Kaggwa, Edson Ireeta Munanura, Henry Kyeyune, Godwin Anywar, Hedmon Okella, Clement Olusoji Ajayi, Raphael Wangalwa, John Mulangwa, Crispin Duncan Sesaazi, Lynn K. Bagoloire, Casim Umba Tolo, Pakoyo Fadhiru Kamba and Patrick Engeu Ogwang