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Table of Content: June 2009; 17(1)

June 2009

Relative effectiveness of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and hot packs in the management of hemiplegic shoulder pain

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and hot packs (HP) are among the common modalities used in the management of hemiplegic shoulder pain (HSP). The choice of either of the modalities is dependent on personal discretion rather than on proven relative effectiveness. This study examined the relative effectiveness of TENS and hot both groups. However, there was equal statistically significant improvement...

Author(s): AI Bello and MY Amedzo

  • Article Number: 516DE7865375

June 2009

Relationship between functional abilities confidence level and performance of motor function after stroke

This study investigated the relationship between motor function and functional abilities confidence level among community-dwelling stroke survivors. Fifty patients (mean age 54.84±10.68 years) who suffered first incidence hemispheric cerebrovascular accident and were undergoing physiotherapy on outpatient basis at the University College Hospital, Ibadan. a tertiary health institution in Nigeria, took part in the...

Author(s): TK Hamzat, O Agbomeji, GO Peters

  • Article Number: 3DC94AB65377

June 2009

Effects of continuous exercise training on white blood cell count in men with essential hypertension

White blood cell (WBC) count is considered a biomarker of the inflammatory processes that result from vascular injury that actively contributes to the development of cardiovascular diseases, precisely hypertension. The positive role of exercise in the management of hypertension has long been established. However, the relationship between WBC count and hypertensive management, particularly in a non pharmacological...

Author(s): S Lamina,  CG Okoye

  • Article Number: 974BC3065379

June 2009

Patterns in Nigerian physiotherapy and rehabilitation journals: are Nigerian physiotherapists publishing?

In order for any clinical science based profession to advance, there is need to update its knowledge base through research. The results of such research endeavours are usually disseminated through publications in scientific journals. The authorship pattern in two Nigerian physiotherapy and rehabilitation journals was studied. The aim was to establish the involvement of Nigerian physiotherapists in research and...

Author(s): TK Hamzat and MB Fatudimu  

  • Article Number: 21BEB8965381

June 2009

Where is the Evidence?

In the past, many professionals practiced without evidence. Practice was based mainly on a loose body of knowledge. Some of the knowledge was simply lore that drew upon the experiences of generations of practitioners, and much of it had no truly scientific evidence on which to justify various practices.

Author(s): Rufus A Adedoyin

  • Article Number: 521AF3A65383

June 2009

Comparison of patients’ satisfaction with physio- therapy care in private and public hospitals

Patient satisfaction is an important measure of quality of care. This study compares the level of satisfaction in patients who receive physiotherapy care in private and public hospitals. The subjects (N=639) were patients who received physiotherapy care as outpatients in four (4) private and three (3) public hospitals, and who completed a 63-item closed-ended structured questionnaire titled, Modified Patient...

Author(s): DO Odebiyi, CB Aiyejusunle, TS Ojo, BA Tella

  • Article Number: 1E3E14F65399

June 2009

Fifty years of physiotherapy in Nigeria: trends, perspectives and future direction

Knowledge of the determinants and evolution of quality in health practice and training enriches our understanding and interpretation of the current trends and also deepens our perspective on the future direction of the physiotherapy profession and training. This article describes the emergence of the dominant model of physiotherapy practice and training. The paper discusses historical trends in the perception of medical...

Author(s): A Oyeyemi

  • Article Number: 6E1D7DD65401

June 2009

Physiotherapy management of sub-acute post- partum diastasis of pubic symphysis: a case report

A thirty-five year old woman who complained of excruciating pain in the pelvis, the right hip and the lower back region, associated with inability to stand or walk without extreme discomfort, was referred to the in-patient physiotherapy department of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. A working clinical and radiological diagnosis of post-partum pubic diastasis was made by the referring physician. She had had a safe...

Author(s): UAC Okafor and TF Sokunbi

  • Article Number: 4F6795D65403