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Soil Science and Environmental Management

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  • ISSN: 2141-2391
  • DOI: 10.5897/JSSEM
  • Start Year: 2010
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Table of Content: April-June 2020; 11(2)

April 2020

Compost biomass, pH value and C, N, K contents of some local wild plant species: Case of Panicum maximum L., Trypsa- cum laxum L. and Pueraria javanica (Benth.) Benth, in the Region of Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo

Soil fertility transience and weed management are often among decried impediments undermining agricultural productivity in many tropical countries. A study aiming at transforming baffling problems of abundant weed biomasses especially that of Panicum maximum (T1), Tryps-acum laxum (T2) and Pueraria javanica (T3), often cause of crop yield loss into advantage to enhance soil fertility, increase crop productivity as well...

Author(s): Tanzito  Adjumati  Georges, Adipandi  Balewamegoto  Richard, Dungu  Makalu  Alexis, Monde  Te-Kazagba Godfroid and Ibanda  Pembele  Angele  

May 2020

Soil conservation techniques among arable crop farmers in Odo Otin local government area, Osun state: A multinomial logit approach

The study investigated the soil conservation techniques among the arable farmers in Odo Otin local government area of Osun State. Two-stage sampling procedure was employed for the study. Primary data were collected from 120 arable crop farmers in the Local Government Area. Data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics; multinomial logit regression model. Result shows that most the respondents were aware of...

Author(s): Agboola Timothy Olusola, Balogun Olubunmi Lawrence, Ayantoye Kayode, Akinwole Oladele Timothy and Ayo-Bello Taofeek Ayodeji  

May 2020

Effect of flooding on peatland in U Minh Thuong National Park, Vietnam

U Minh Thuong National Park is one of the two significant areas of peatland swamp forest remaining in Vietnam, and is recognized as one of the three highest priority sites for wetland conservation in Mekong Delta. A large area of Melaleuca Forest in the park was destroyed and degraded by a devastating fire in 2002. Besides this, an artificial flooding technique for controlling fire applied all over the park for several...

Author(s): Thai Thanh Luom  

May 2020

Economic importance of termites and integrated soil and water conservation for the rehabilitation of termite-degraded lands and termite management in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, termites pose serious threat to a variety of agricultural crops, forestry, rangelands, houses and other wooden structures. Termite problem is particularly prevalent in the western part of the country, where it has persisted for many years and has received wide publicity. Termites appeared in the region for the first time in 1904 at a specific place called Bafano Koreche around Kiltu Kara town in West...

Author(s): Daniel Getahun Debelo  

June 2020

Validation of blended NPSB fertilizer rates on yield, yield components of Teff [Eragrostis tef (Zuccagni) Trotter] at vertisols of Hatsebo, Central Tigray, Ethiopia

Application of unbalanced nutrition was the main yield limiting factor in the study area. Hence, an experiment was conducted during the 2017 cropping season on farmers’ fields to validate and determine optimum blended fertilizer rate for teff production. Eight levels of NPSB (0, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 kg ha-1) and recommended NP (100 kg ha-1 urea and 100 kg ha-1TSP) were used as treatments and set in...

Author(s): Tewolde Berhe, Gebreyohannes Girmay and Abrha Kidanemariam  

June 2020

Comparison of several lime requirement methods in luvisol of Southern Ethiopia

Ethiopian soil affected by strong acidity accounts for about 28% of the entire country and 43% of the total cultivated land. Soil acidity is expanding in scope and magnitude. To tackle the problem, lime addition is one of the solutions. The lack of soil specific lime recommendation method(s) to amend the increasing acidification problem has been one of the challenges to boost crop production. Therefore, a greenhouse...

Author(s): Abebe Abay, Tesfaye Hirpo, Ayele Abebe and Fikre Mekuria