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Table of Content: June 2017; 9(6)

June 2017

Prevalence and the associated risk factors of bovine trypanosomiasis in nyangatom pastoral woreda, Southern Nation and Nationalities People Region (SNNPR), Ethiopia

A cross-sectional study was carried out in Nyangatom wereda of South Omo zone, Southern Nation and Nationalities People Region (SNNPR), Ethiopia with the general objectives to find out the prevalence of bovine trypanosomiasis and the risk factors associated with its prevalence from January to June 2015. To identify the protozoa blood samples (n =384) collected from the marginal ear vein of indigenous zebu cattle of more...

Author(s): Sisay Tadele Kassa and Seblewongel Ayichew Megerssa

June 2017

Observations of oxytetracycline treatment effects in a contagious bovine pleuropneumonia naturally infected herd in Zambia

An observational study on the effects of oxytetracycline treatment on contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in a naturally infected herd of 500 cattle was conducted. A total of 68 cattle that showed pneumonia-like clinical signs were treated. Treatment was effected the moment an animal showed signs of illness. A total of 429 cattle were slaughtered after diagnosis of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia and at slaughter, 40.8%...

Author(s): Geoffrey Munkombwe Muuka, Ana Songolo, Swithine Kabilika, Harvey Sikwese, Benson Bowa and Obrien Kabunda

June 2017

Incidence and economic impact of fasciolosis in Wolkite town, Community Abattoir

The study was conducted to explore the incidence and economic loss related with fasciolosis in cattle at Wolkite town, Community Abattoir, Wolkite, Ethiopia. A cross-sectional study was conducted from February, 2016 - May, 2016 on bovine fasciolosis in Wolkite town, Community Abattoir. From a total of 392 cattle inspected coprologically 41.8% (164) were found positive for fasciolosis. The occurrence of cattle...

Author(s): Tesfaye Wolde and Tigist Tamiru

June 2017

Prevalence and economic significance of bovine hydatidosis at Adama Municipal Abattoir, Adama, Ethiopia

A cross sectional study was conducted to assess the prevalence and economic significance of bovine hydatidosis at Adama municipal abattoir. A total of 500 cattle were examined and 191 (38.2%) of them were found infected. Also, 253 visceral organs were found harboring one or more hydatid cyst. Prevalence of lung and liver cyst accounted for 94.5% and the involvement of other organs as many as 20 cysts were recovered from...

Author(s): Muhammadhussien Aman, Diriba Lemma, Birhanu Abera and Eyob Eticha

June 2017

Study on prevalence of ovine lungworm in Guna District, Arsi Zone, South East Ethiopia

A cross-sectional study was conducted in Guna district, Arsi zone, South East Ethiopia, from November, 2013 to March, 2014 to determine the prevalence, associated risk factors and identification of species of ovine lungworm by using coproscopic examination and questionnaire survey. A total 384 faecal samples from randomly selected sheep of different age groups, body conditions, sexes and PAs with various altitudes. The...

Author(s): Aliy Beshir, Birhanu Abera, Eyob Eticha and Diriba Lemma

June 2017

Serological prevalence of Babesia caballi and Theileria equi in camels and donkeys from Karamoja sub-region, North-eastern Uganda

Equine piroplasmosis is a severe disease of horses caused by the intra-erythrocyte protozoan, Theileria equi and Babesia caballi. T. equi and B. caballi infections were assessed in serum from camels and donkeys using competitive- enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (cELISA) assay. A total 110 animals were studied including 25 donkeys and 85 camels from two districts viz. Moroto and Amudat in Karamoja sub-region,...

Author(s): Jesca Nakayima, Mary L. Nanfuka, Daniel Aleper and Duke Okidi