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Sri Aurobindo and Einstein’s theory of relativity

Nikhil Kumar
Department of English, Veer Kunwar Singh University, Arrah, Bihar, India, Pin-802301, India.
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

  •  Accepted: 12 January 2012
  •  Published: 30 June 2012



Sri Aurobindo is a poet and yogi of the unknown eternal heights. In his epic Savitri which he has written from a very high plane of yogic consciousness he finds ‘Space’ as ‘a vast experiment of the soul, the soul which is a portion of the Divine in the constitution of the being of man, more to say, the individual poise of the Supreme Divine at the centre of the being of man. Since the plane of yogic consciousness exists above the plane of the intellectual consciousness, such a vision of Sri Aurobindo in the epic is explored and investigated in this paper to know that the scientific mind is evolving into it. Einstein has demolished the concept of Newton that Space and Time are the two incompatible realities as he discovers the existence of four-dimensional plane where exists Space and Time integrally. Such a discovery of Einstein has paved the way for coming closer to Sri Aurobindo’s vision of Space. We come to realize such a movement of Science towards Sri Aurobindo when the great scientist says very categorically that the three-dimensional plane of existence where Space and Time appear as the two incompatible realities is the projection of the four-dimensional plane of existence in the same manner in which shadow is a two-dimensional projection of a three-dimensional object. In view of this, energy which, according to the theory of relativity, creates Matter comes to be a projection of something essential or fundamental of the four-dimensional plane of existence, the four-dimensional plane which is transcendent to the plane of three-dimensional existence. Thus, a spiritual reality emerges, and we are in need of going deeper with the light of the yogic consciousness of Sri Aurobindo to arrive at the ultimate Truth. Such an exploration is sure to establish the truth that Science requires to evolve to the plane of higher consciousness which is essentially spiritual from where the higher literature like Savitri is produced in order to discover the ultimate Truth.


Key words: Sri Aurobindo, Albert Einstein, the supramental, the spiritual planes of consciousness, the four-dimensional plane of existence, the three-dimensional plane of existence, the plane of subtle matter.