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Table of Content: 11 August 2013; 8(30)

August 2013

In vitro study of fungicides and biocontrol agents against Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. pini causing root rot of Western Himalayan fir (Abies pindrow)

Nine fungicides namely: carbendazim, hexaconazole, thiophonate methyl, triadimefan, metalaxyl, mancozeb, captan, copper oxychloride and chlorothalonil and seven bioagents namely: Trichoderma harzianum, Trichoderma viride,Gliocladium virens, Lacaria laccata, Boletus edulis, Suillus placids and Russula lutea were evaluated in vitro by using dual culture and cultural filtrate...

Author(s): W. A. Dar, M. A. Beig, S. A. Ganie, J. A. Bhat, Shabir-u-Rehman and S. M. Razvi

August 2013

Influence of seed polymorphism on physical, physiological and biochemical seed quality characters of endangered medicinal tree Bael (Aegle marmelos (l.) corr.)

Bael is a medicinal tree with multipurpose utility propagated through seeds. Bulk seeds of Bael exhibit polymorphism in seed characteristics. Hence, a study was undertaken to evaluate the influence of seed polymorphism on physical, physiological and biochemical seed quality characters. Polymorphic seeds based on size were separated by size grading the seeds using round perforated metal sieves of sizes 6.4, 6.0 and 5.5...

Author(s): B. Venudevan and P. Srimathi

August 2013

Saline stress on seed germination

Salinity is one of the major abiotic stresses in arid and semi-arid regions and it affects 7% of the world’s land area of about 930 million ha (Munns et al., 2006). Salinity reduces the ability of plants to take up water, leading to metabolic effect that reduces plant growth. It may reduce crop yield by upsetting water and nutritional balance of plant. The deleterious consequences of high salt concentrations in...

Author(s): M. Ameer Junaithal Begum, P. Selvaraju and B. Venudevan

August 2013

Numerical evaluation of a landmine detection system based on the neutron back scattering technique

This paper describes an anti-personnel landmine detection system, which is based on the neutron back-scattering technique. It consists of a point-like isotopic neutron source (252Cf, 2,31 × 107 n/s), eight BF3 detectors and a neutron moderating and shielding block made from borated paraffin (3 wt%). It was modeled and tested by carrying out Monte Carlo calculations (MCNP-4C2 Code). The tests were performed in some...

Author(s): Derya Yılmaz Baysoy and Metin Subaşı

August 2013

Development of mini-infiltrometer for soil sorptivity test in the humid tropical climate of Nigeria

Mini-infiltrometer for determining soil sorptivity, hydro-repellency and other hydraulic properties of soil using water and other forms of fluid was designed and developed. It was made of quality pyrex glass tubes and calibrated to metric standard after manufacture. The component of the mini-infiltrometer include: the infiltrometer tube, which bears a porous sponge at the tip for moisture metering into soil samples,...

Author(s): Fasinmirin J. T., Reichert J. M. and Ajayi, A. E.

August 2013

Development and evaluation of gas sucking machine for tubewell pit

The use of tubewell irrigation has made it possible to increase crop productivity. While installing and using of tubewells cause many accidents to occur every year. Such accidents are reported by media in the rainy season. The purpose of this study was to develop a gas sucking machine for minimizing such fatalities. 30 tubewell pits were selected for the study, where such accidents happened. It was found that the depth...

Author(s): C. J. S. Pannu, Brajesh Nare, N. K. Chhuneja and P. K. Guru

August 2013

Some insights into the reproductive performance, selection criteria, production and market constraints in communal goat production systems of South Africa

A farmer participatory survey was conducted in four communities, Mount Frere, Mount Ayliff, Maluti A and Maluti B, to establish reproductive performance, goat production and marketing constraints, and to examine the selection criteria for replacement goat does and bucks. Goat flock sizes ranged from 5 to 200 goats per household across the communities. Kidding rate varied with the community and also with the feed...

Author(s): Marume U., Chimonyo M. and Dzama K.

August 2013

Alleviation of depression in teenagers using light-sound technology

Teenage years are a time of rapid psychological transition from child to adult. The myth of universal teenage turmoil must not cloud professional judgment to the point that teenagers are not treated seriously. Today Light and Sound Stimulation are very much effective for the teenage to stimulate the connative aspect and decrease depression of an individual. The study highlights research about the effect of light and...

Author(s): Poonam Dhaka, V. L. Chouhan, and Dharm Singh