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Table of Content: 11 November, 2013; 8(42)

November 2013

Functional variable method and its applications for finding exact solutions of nonlinear PDEs in mathematical physics

The functional variable method is a powerful mathematical tool for obtaining exact solutions of nonlinear evolution equations in mathematical physics. In this paper, the functional variable method is used to establish exact solutions of the (2+1)-dimensional Kadomtsov-Petviashivilli-Benjamin-Bona-Mahony (KP-BBM) equation, the (2+1)-dimensional Konopelchenko-Dubrovsky equation, the (3+1)-dimensional Burgers equation and...

Author(s): Elsayed M. E. Zayed, Yaser A. Amer and Ahmed H. Arnous

November 2013

Evaluation of the corrosion resistance of SAF 2205 steel ageing at low temperatures during 3000 and 5000 hours

The corrosion properties of duplex stainless steel type SAF 2205 after long-term ageing at 300°C and 400°C were investigated. However, these steels show a degradation of their properties as submitted by long time, in low temperatures about 280 to 520°C. This work describes this behavior by analysis of the resistance to general corrosion of the SAF 2205 steel ageing in the temperatures 300°C and...

Author(s): João Roberto Sartori Moreno Paulo Cezar Tulio

November 2013

Optimal Lead-lag controller designing for voltage control of fuel cell

This paper proposes a Lead-Lag optimal controller in order to control of one of the most important types of fuel cell, namely proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC). At first, the introducing and implementation of the PEMFC is present and next, during system load variations the proposed controller is designed. The controller should be designed against the load variations for keeping in a fixed value of fuel cell...

Author(s): Ramtin Rasouli Nezhad and Hamdi Abdi

November 2013

Evaluation of various sources of organic manures on nitrogen use efficiency in rice-rice cropping system

Investigations were carried out to study the effect of organic farming with various sources of organic manures and their combinations on nitrogen use efficiency parameters of ADT 36 rice (Oryza sativa L.). The experiments were laid out in randomized block design (RBD) with fourteen treatments, comprising twelve treatment combinations of organic manures, one treatment with recommended dose of chemical fertilizer and the...

Author(s): S. Krishnakumar, R. Muthukrishnan, V. Rajendran and R.K. Kaleeswari

November 2013

Designing controller in order to control micro-turbine in island mode using EP algorithm

The ever increasing energy demand, along with the necessity of cost reduction and higher reliability requirements, are driving the modern power systems towards Distributed Generation (DG) as an alternative to the expansion of the current energy distribution systems. This paper is aimed to introduce the new controller in order to control of output power of one of the most important types of distributed generation namely...

Author(s): Mohsen Mohammadi and Noradin Ghadimi

November 2013

Influence of pouring techniques and mixture’s fresh properties on the structural performance of self-consolidating concrete beams

An experimental investigation was conducted to study the influence of pouring techniques and mixture’s fresh properties on the shear strength, cracking behavior and mid-span deflection of large-scale Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) beams. SCC beams were poured in two different techniques: the first technique was to pour the concrete from one side of the formwork only, while the second technique was to move the...

Author(s): Ahmed A. Abouhussien, Assem A. A. Hassan and Hossam S. Al-Alaily

November 2013

Efficiency and fuel specific consumption of an engine running on fish biodiesel

Brazil is a country whose agricultural and agroindustrial activity has grown considerably. In fish processing, there is the availability of residual fat, which when transesterificated originates fish biodiesel, which can replace diesel oil as a fuel in diesel engines. In this study, the aim was to evaluate the performance of an engine generator set (by Branco), with a power of 7.36 kW (10 hp) coupled to a generator of...

Author(s): Otávia Lídia Klaus, Lucas Villetti, Jair Antonio Cruz Siqueira, Samuel Nelson Melegari de Souza, Reginaldo Ferreira Santos, Carlos Eduardo Camargo Nogueira and Cassiano Rosseto