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Table of Content: 15 September, 2014; 9(17)

September 2014

Results of treatment of tibial plafond fractures with articulated external fixation

The aim of this study is to assessor the tibial pilon fractures treated primarily with results of the articulated external fixation. The study included 24 patients (18 male, 6 female) with mean age of 26 ± 4.2 (range 18-51). According to the classification of AO/OTA, 6 cases were diagnosed as Type A, 4 cases as Type B and 14 cases as type C. Also, according to the Gustilo and Anderson method four of the cases...

Author(s): ReÅŸit SEVÄ°MLÄ°,  M. Fatih KORKMAZ and MD ÖkkeÅŸ BÄ°LAL

September 2014

Some multistep higher order iterative methods for non-linear equations

We establish here new three and four-step iterative methods of convergence order seven and fourteen to find roots of non-linear equations. The new developed iterative methods are variants of Newton's method that use different approximations of first derivatives in terms of previously known function values, thus improving efficiency indices of the methods. The seventh and fourteenth order iterative methods use four...

Author(s): Nazir Ahmad Mir and Naila Rafiq

September 2014

Applying robust variance components models in the analyses of major gene effects within fragile X families

The effect of the fragile X allele on ridge breadth, height and testicular volume was examined using robust statistical techniques for the data collected from 8 families from Ibadan, south west Nigeria, afflicted with this disorder. There is the presence of outliers, an estimated 6.5% for testicular volume and 1.3% for ridge breadth and height data respectively. It is shown that fragile X affects ridge breadth, height...

Author(s): Latunji Charles A

September 2014

Efficient tractor operation through satellite navigator

A nine tyne tractor operated cultivator and spinner type fertilizer spreader were used to evaluate the efficiency of tractor. Tractor was operated without navigator and with navigator guidence to the operator to observe the missed area, overlapped area and actual productivity of the machines. Missing percentage was only 8.5% of total area cultivated in case of navigator assisted cultivator as comaperd to the 23.5%...

Author(s): A. P. Magar, M. Singh, J. S. Mahal, P. K. Mishra , R. Kumar, K. Sharma and A. Sharma

September 2014

Hydrocarbon exploration in Odo Field in the Niger Delta Basin Nigeria, using a three-dimensional seismic reflection survey

A three-dimensional seismic reflection survey carried out in Odo Field in the central swamp of the Niger Delta Basin has been interpreted with respect to exploration for hydrocarbons. The Odo Field is marked by a large southwest heading listric growth fault with numerous synthetic and antithetic faults. The two picked seismic events, horizons 1 and 2 indicate four closures each, which are hydrocarbon bearing. The faults...

Author(s): T. N. Obiekezie

September 2014

Fractional order chaos in Josephson junction

This paper studies the fractional-order chaotic dynamics of Josephson junction based on resistor and capacitor shunted junction (RCSJ) model proposed by W. C. Stewart and D. E. McCumber. The fractional-order numerical integration is carried out with modified trapezoidal rule. Fractional-order chaotic behaviors of the model are explained by bifurcation diagram. Numerical results confirm that there exists chaos at...

Author(s): Yoothana Suansook and Kitti Paithoonwattanakij