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Table of Content: 18 April, 2013; 8(15)

April 2013

Hydrogeophysical delineation of groundwater prospect zones at Odigbo, Southwestern Nigeria

Data from dc resistivity depth sounding and hydrogeologic measurements from Odigbo, Nigeria, were incorporated to delineate the groundwater prospect zones in the area. The area is underlain by the basement complex rocks of southwestern Nigeria, and characterised by biotite-gneiss and quartzite lithologies. The hydrogeologic data acquisition involved determination of depths (of wells) and static water levels which...

Author(s): Omosuyi, G. O., Oseghale, A. and Bayode, S.

April 2013

Valorization of wood sawdust in making porous clay brick

This paper studies the application of a variety of sawdust materials in the production of lightweight insulating bricks. First, the mineralogical and chemical composition of clays was determined. Next, ceramic bricks were fabricated with different quantities of materials (3 to 6 and 9 wt. % for sawdust, 65 wt. % for grey clay, 24 to 27 and 30 wt. % for yellow clay and 2 wt. % of tuff). These bricks were fired at 800 and...

Author(s): Halima Chemani and Bachir Chemani

April 2013

Rhizospheric microbes associated with bioenergy crops with special reference to Jatropha curcas: A critical review on the prospects and future challenges for sustainable bio-energy production

There is an ever increasing need for bio-fuels due to escalations in oil prices. The global biofuel production tripled in last decade and it is estimated that the demand for bio-ethanol and bio-diesel will further double by the end of this decade. Among the various bio-energy crops, Jatropha curcas L. is one of the most promising as it has been popularly exploited for the production of bio-diesel. The review...

Author(s): Santosh Ranjan Mohanty, Bharati Kollah, Kamalika Banerjee, Garima Dubey, Vijay Kumar Gour, Janardan Sharma and A Subba Rao

April 2013

Investigation of thermal benefits of an extensive green roof in Istanbul climate

Green roofs have become an ecological solution in cities with the environmental problems that have increased in recent years. Green roofs are used as aesthetic elements as well as their ecological benefits for the city and urban environment. Comparative measurements were performed through field study in Landscape Architecture Department, Faculty of Forestry, Istanbul University, Green Roof Research Station (IUGRRS), to...

Author(s): Mert EKŞİ and Adnan UZUN

April 2013

A property of meromorphic functions with Hadamard gaps

In this paper, we obtain a sufficient and necessary condition for meromorphic function  on  with Hadamard gaps, that is, for  satisfying  for all  to belong to meromorphic Beov space on  The obtained results are characterizations of the weighted meromorphic  Besov-functions by the coefficients of certain lacunary series expansions in the unit...

Author(s): A. Kamal, and A. El-Sayed Ahmed,