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Table of Content: 18 August 2013; 8(31)

August 2013

Placement of distributed generation units using multi objective function based on SA algorithm

This article presents an optimal placement method in order to size and sit distributed generation in IEEE 33 bus test system. The algorithm for optimization in this paper is Simulated Annealing. The proposed objective function considers active power losses of the system and the voltage profile in nominal load of system. In order to use Simulated Annealing algorithm, at first, placement problem is written as an...

Author(s): Mohammad Salehi Maleh, Ramtin Rasouli Nezhad and Noradin Ghadimi

August 2013

Efficiency of slash bundling in mature coniferous stands

The biomass of forests is one of the oldest and most popular sources of renewable energy. Aside from round wood, logging residue is also being used with increasing frequency to produce energy. Under European conditions, the most frequently implemented technology of using logging residue is chipping, either directly at the cutting site or at the forest roadside. However, for over a dozen years now, with more and more...

Author(s): Tadeusz Moskalik, Jarosław Sadowski, Wojciech Sarzyński and Dariusz Zastocki

August 2013

Open sources three-dimensional ultrasound volumetric rendering in object oriented approach

On account of the advanced technology in recent years, the increasing demand for an effective medical imaging system has addressed its significance in diagnosis especially in the development of three-dimensional medical image reconstruction. Based on literature revise on various computational investigated, none of them show efficiency in terms of cost and computing performance. Owing to this fact, a method of 3D...

Author(s): Lai Khin Wee, Hum Yan Chai and Eko Supriyanto

August 2013

Stability analysis for a turbocharger rotor system under nonlinear hydrodynamic forces

Turbocharger is a high speed rotor system supported by a pair of floating ring bearings which comprise of double oil films. The stability of its rotor system is governed by not only the structure of the rotor but also by the nonlinear hydrodynamic force of two oil films. In this paper, a lumped dynamics model is developed for a turbocharger rotor system. In order to investigate the nonlinear behavior of the rotor...

Author(s): Hao Zhang, Zhanqun Shi, Shunxin Zhang, Fengshou Gu and Andrew Ball

August 2013

Smart structures and material technologies in architecture applications

Smart structures and material technologies are a tool for sharing the knowledge of how various building materials can significantly increase production and profit using advanced communication, collaboration and management technologies. The paper provides an overview of the types of materials available giving a new insight into innovative methods and techniques that will be available, and open new doors for advancement...

Author(s): Sherif Mohamed Sabry Elattar

August 2013

A collection of new preconditioners for solving linear systems

In this paper, new preconditioners from class of (I+S)-type for solving linear systems are developed and preconditioned, accelerated overrelaxation (AOR) method is used for the systems. The proposed algorithms have a simple and graceful structure. Asymptotic convergence of the sequence generated by the methods to the unique solution of linear systems is proved, along with a result regarding the convergence rate of the...

Author(s): H. Saberi Najafi and S. A. Edalatpanah,

August 2013

On meromorphic functions with fixed residue defined using convolution

In this paper, we introduced a new subclass of meromorphic functions with residue, which is defined by means of a Hadamard product (or convolution). Then we determine some properties such as coefficient bound, distortion theorems, radius of starlikeness and convexity for this class.   Key words: Analytic, meromorphic functions, Hadamard product, convolution.

Author(s): F. Müge Sakar and H. Ozlem Güney

August 2013

A combinatorial approach to human face recognition and expression identification

A new integrated approach to human face recognition and expression identification based on Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM) technique that will be useful for  Human Face Recognition and Feature Extraction system based on Local Ternary Pattern (LTP) for expression identification was introduced. It applies GLCM operation to extract the features of facial images to different classes for the purpose of image...

Author(s): M. Madhu and R. Amutha