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Table of Content: 23 October; 7(40)

October 2012

Is there no urban forestry in the developing world?

Urban forestry and greening offer a multitude of benefits to the inhabitants of towns and cities. However, the nature and magnitude of these frequently depend upon the context. Yet, at first glance, the developing world context around urban forestry debates seems to be poorly represented in the international peer-reviewed literature. This is examined in this paper, followed by a brief outline of ten key research areas...

Author(s): Charlie M. Shackleton

October 2012

A survey on formation of virtual cellular manufacturing systems (VCMSs) and related issues

In an environment with fluctuating demand and unpredictable parts mix compositions, the efficiency of cellular systems necessitates the use of virtual cells. Virtual cellular manufacturing systems (VCMSs) are based on a highly flexible manufacturing concept designed to improve the performance of classical cellular manufacturing systems (CMSs) and job shop manufacturing environment by creating virtual grouping the...

Author(s): Maryam Hamedi, G. R. Esmaeilian, Napsiah Ismail, M. K. A. Ariffin

October 2012

Possibilities of using preservatives in environmentally friendly furniture industry

Impregnation of the wooden equipment used as furniture, decoration and building materials, outdoor effects and some kinds of air situations as a result of varnishing is studied in this work. Especially, the changes in the wooden material, varnish and impregnation material, used massively in furniture are studied according to seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) and months (3, 6, 9 and 12).  According to the...

Author(s): Abdi ATILGAN, Hüseyin TAN, Dursun Kemal BAYRAKTAR and Hüseyin PEKER

October 2012

Atrazine transport and distribution in field soils and comparison of the predictions made by leaching estimation and chemistry model-pesticide (LEACHP) model

Affluent use of herbicide such as Atrazine especially in corn farms must be supplemented with water and soil resources. This research was conducted in a pilot farm of Chamran University, Faculty of Water Science Engineering, Ahvaz, Iran. This research investigated transmission of the dynamic use of atrazine in various depths of soil in growth period and after growth period. Also, atrazine transmission potentiality and...

Author(s): Javanshir Azizi Mobaser, Hadi Moazed, Abdolazim Behfar, Saeed Boroomand Nasab and Zahra Nazari Khorasgani

October 2012

Simulation of bleaching of soda pulp from Hesperaloe funifera by polynomial and neural fuzzy models

Influence of variables [soda, (0.5 to 3.0%), hydrogen peroxide (1.0 to 10.0%) and time (1 to 5 h)] in the bleaching of soda pulp of Hesperaloe funifera, on the properties of bleached pulps, was studied. Polynomial and neural fuzzy models had reproduced the results of Kappa number, brightness and viscosity of the pulps with errors less than 10 and 15%, respectively. By simulating the bleaching process of...

Author(s): Rosal Antonio, Valls Cristina, Roncero María B. and Rodríguez Alejandro

October 2012

Imaging fractures in a massive limestone with ground penetrating radar, Haymana, Turkey

This study was conducted by utilizing ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to determine the subsurface conditions of the Mollaresul High Plateau located in Haymana, Ankara, Turkey. The site is thought to be managed as a marble quarry. The GPR reflection profiling method was used because it could be applied rapidly and non-invasively without causing any damage to the surveyed area. Approximately N-S directed measurements...

Author(s): Aysel Seren and Aydanur Demirkol Acikgoz

October 2012

Effective factors for improving the personnel’s attitudes towards patient safety

Emphasizing on the patient safety improvement has led to extensive tendencies towards measuring safety culture and improving it in the medical centers. So, a research was conducted in Shahid Modarres Hospital to measure safety culture before and after education and to determine the affecting factors. A population of 236 employees was defined, including top managers, middle managers and personnel. They were given the...

Author(s): Seyed Jamaledin Tabibi, Mohammad Reza Maleki, Amir Ashkan Nasiripour, Mahmmood Mahmmoodi, Leila Azimi and Khalil Alimohammadzadeh

October 2012

A study of the factors affecting construction time in Western Australia

Delays are major problems that face the Western Australia’s construction industry. Delays can lead to many negative effects such as cost overruns, and is of high concern to those who are involved in the construction industry. This study was set to identify the major causes of delays in the Western Australian construction industry, by means of a literature review and a questionnaire survey. A total of 48 delay...

Author(s): Kenny Wong and Vanissorn Vimonsatit

October 2012

Hydrolysis degradation of polycarbonate under microwave irradiation by using design of experiment software

Depolymerization of polycarbonate (PC) is one of the important issues in environment especially in industry field. In this project degradation of PC is done by employing the hydrolysis method using microwave irradiation. PC degradation was carried out under constant amount of tetrahydrofuran (THF) as co-solvent and by using various amount of water (H2O) as main solvent and different concentration of sodium hydroxide...

Author(s): Nayeleh Deirram, Abdul Razak Rahmat, Saba Rashidi, Taravat Ghanbariand Mona Moradpour

October 2012

Internal model control - proportional integral derivative controller tuning for first order plus time delayed unstable systems using bacterial foraging algorithm

This paper proposes a bacterial foraging optimization (BFO) algorithm based approach to tune the parameters of IMC-PID controller for a class of first order plus time delayed (FOPTD) unstable systems with various ‘θ/τ’ ratios. Initially, the proportional controller based system identification procedure is attempted to convert the higher order unstable process model into an equivalent FOPTD unstable...

Author(s): V. Rajinikanth and K. Latha

October 2012

Optimal location of facts devices for solving multi-objective optimal power flow (OPF) using improved shuffled leaping frog algorithm

Renewable energy is the demand of the future and wind energy plays a very pivotal role in it but the main disadvantage with wind energy is that its efficiency is very low and the main reason for this is the demand for reactive power. If the power network is not able to satisfy the wind farm reactive power requirement, the overall energy losses in the distribution networks would be increased. Hence minimization of...

Author(s): K. Ravi and M. Rajaram

October 2012

Analysis of leaching kinetics of tincal in phosphoric acid solutions in high temperatures

The aim of the study is to propose an alternative process to boric acid generation by researching the dissolution kinetic of tincal in phosphoric acid solutions in high temperature, and to root the procuring of Na2HPO4 that is used commonly as byproduct in industry during the process. Reaction temperature, particle size, stirring speed, acid concentration and solid/liquid ratio were selected as parameters of...

Author(s): Halil Durak and Yasar Genel

October 2012

Mineral chemistry of K-feldspar megacrystals and petrochemistry of the Keban syenitic intrusive, ElaziÄŸ, Eastern Turkey

The Keban syenitic intrusive is composed of porphyric syenite, monzonitic-syenite and monzonite. These rocks were emplaced in a shallow level and display a phaneritic texture with euhedral K-feldspar megacrystals (Kfms) with simple twinning and growth structures. These Kfms contain mafic and felsic inclusions. The fact that the inclusions are usually placed along the longer axis of the K-feldspar crystals and their...

Author(s): Sevcan Kürüm