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Table of Content: 25 May, 2013; 8(20)

May 2013

Development of drought vulnerability maps in the Parambikulam - Aliyar Basin, Tamil Nadu, India

  Assessment of occurrence of drought in a basin provides useful information for sustainable water resource planning and management. This study attempts to develop the spatial pattern of drought vulnerability based on frequency and severity of drought events at 3 and 12 month time scales in the Parambikulam-Aliyar river basin. Using the standardized precipitation index (SPI) as a drought assessment and...

Author(s): M. Manikandan and D. Tamilmani

May 2013

Moments of the number of triangular configurations in binomial trials

  Consider a matrix of locations in rows and columns, and suppose that at each location a binomial trial materializes independently which results in a specified event E with some probability. One possible configuration is that the event occurs at three adjacent locations, which we call a triangular configuration. The number of these triangular configurations is a random variable with a highly complex...

Author(s): Zafar Iqbal

May 2013

Intelligent-classical hybrid scheme controller for better transient response and steady state error of twin rotor MIMO system

  A hybrid control scheme of Sugeno Fuzzy PD-like System (SFPDS) and PID controller is introduced in this work. The idea of the proposed strategy is to manipulate the control error signal in two stages: the SFPDS first, and then the PID. The manipulated signal is finally provided as a control action to the system. The proposed control strategy aims at combining the benefits of utilizing the artificial...

Author(s): Tang S. H., Thair Sh. Mahmoud and Mohammed H. Marhaban

May 2013

Morphogenetic types of cuticles and melanin granules in the anagen phase of hair follicles

  Our studies on the scalp and hair follicles have a particular interest in the formation of white hair and melanin; however, representative images of white hair and melanin formation have been difficult to find. The morphogenetic types of melanosomes and cuticles in hair follicles are diverse. The generated form of melanin granules include soft melanosomes that penetrate through the outer root sheath...

Author(s): Ju-Young Lee, and Byung Soo Chang

May 2013

Investigation of corrosion properties of uncoated and hot dip galvanised dual phase steel (DP450) welded using spot welding

  DP450 dual phase steel has attracted an increasing attention as a material with commercial value for certain applications in automotive industry, nowadays. The purpose of this study was to investigate microstructure, micro-hardness, tensile shear tests, and corrosion properties of DP450 dual phase steel sheet welded using spot welding under both uncoated and hot dip galvanised conditions. Experimental results...

Author(s): Mustafa ACARER, Hayrettin AHLATCI and Fatih HAYAT