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Table of Content: 29 February; 7(8)

February 2012

The impact of physical and socio-cultural factors on structuring vernacular dwellings in Eastern Black Sea Region

  People live in their physical and social environments and they ought to arrange their relations via physical and social environments surrounding them to meet sheltering need, which is their essential requirement. When, especially, traditional residential architecture that represents historical and cultural backgrounds of societies is examined, the critical importance of human-environment relation is...

Author(s):   Gülay Usta, Dilara Onur and Burcu Efe Ziyrek    

February 2012

EPC Class-1 Generation-2 radio frequency Identification (RFID)-based Malaysian University Communities

  Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has been recently adopted as an automated data management system in many areas, especially in supply chain management systems. However, research and studies on EPC Class-1 Generation-2 (Gen 2) RFID technology-based university communities are relatively few. Ultra high frequency (UHF) RFID technology has outperformed the barcode technology and high frequency...

Author(s):   JingHuey Khor, Widad Ismail, Khadijah Kamarulazizi and Mohammad Ghulam Rahman    

February 2012

New programmable BiCMOS fuzzifier

  It is clear that fuzzy logic is more compatible with analog circuit implementation compare to its digital mate. On the other hand being programmable is very important in various industrial implementations. Because of that this paper introduces a new method for implementing Membership function in fuzzy logic controllers. And a new high-speed analog fuzzification circuit was introduced for implementing this...

Author(s):   Sadeq Aminifar    

February 2012

Tool-chip temperature simulation on high pressure jet assisted machining of Ti6Al-V4

  In this paper a numerical solution to predict cutting temperature in high pressure jet assisted turning of Ti6Al-V4 is presented. Temperature distribution is solved using finite difference method. Chip and tool temperatures are calculated under different cutting conditions such as variable cutting speed, feed and high pressure jet assisted cooling conditions. Chatter free stable cutting condition has been...

Author(s):   OÄŸuz ÇOLAK    

February 2012

Modeling of machining parameters of Ti-6Al-4V for electric discharge machining: A neural network approach

  This paper presents the artificial intelligence model to predict the optimal machining parameters for Ti-6Al-4V through electrical discharge machining (EDM) using copper as an electrode and positive polarity of the electrode. The objective of this paper is to investigate the peak current, servo voltage, pulse on- and pulse off-time in EDM effects on material removal rate (MRR), tool wear rate (TWR)...

Author(s):   M.M. Rahman    

February 2012

Cycle analysis of in-cylinder heat transfer characteristics for hydrogen fueled engine

  The overall heat transfer process within the in-cylinder for port injection hydrogen fueled internal combustion engine (H2ICE) was investigated. One-dimensional gas dynamics was used to describe the flow and heat transfer in the components of the engine model. The engine model was simulated with a variable injection timing, engine speed and equivalence ratio (φ). Simulation was executed for 60 deg ATDC...

Author(s):   M. M. Rahman, Khalaf I. Hamada, K. Kadirgama, and Rosli A. Bakar      

February 2012

Assessment of groundwater quality in the rural areas of the North West Province, South Africa

  The aim of this study is to assess the quality of the groundwater currently supplied to the rural communities of the North West Province. Groundwater samples collected from 100 boreholes in these rural areas were subjected to culture-based methods using selective media for the isolation of faecal and total coliform bacteria. Molecular analysis targeting 16S rRNA gene, and the restriction...

Author(s):   Mpenyana-Monyatsi L. and Momba M. N. B.      

February 2012

Participation in breast cancer prevention: Assessing women’s knowledge and their participation in mammography in Tehran, Iran

  A survey was carried out from July through October, 2009 to study the knowledge and women’s participation in mammography. A total of 400 women in urban areas of Tehran, Iran were randomly selected in this study. Although, the general knowledge of women was fairly good, they did not participate in mammography in the last 2 years. However, the mean score of the knowledge of women who were adherent to...

Author(s):   Maryam Ahmadian, Asnarulkhadi Abu Samah, Ma’rof Redzuan and Zahid Emby    

February 2012

Improving efficiency of inverse constitutive analysis of reinforced concrete flexural members

  Adequate modeling of reinforced concrete (RC) cracking and, particularly post-cracking behavior, as one of the major sources of nonlinearity is an important and difficult task of deformation analysis. In smeared crack approach dealing with average cracking and strains, post-cracking effects can be modeled by stress-strain tension-stiffening relationships. Most of them were derived using test data of tension...

Author(s):     Viktor Gribniak, Gintaris Kaklauskas, Rimantas Kacianauskas and Romualdas Kliukas  

February 2012

Planning for fast DBT in distributed virtual execution environment

  Virtualization via dynamic binary translation is essentially an emulator. The main advantage is that the CPU of the guest does not have to be the same as the CPU of the host. Although, dynamic binary translators (DBT) are gaining popularity and offering a promising future in the modern virtual executive environments, the requirements of DBTs’ processing and memory resources have...

Author(s):   Yindong Yang and  Erzhou Zhu    

February 2012

Friction stir spot welding parameters for polypropylene sheets

  The friction stir spot welding (FSSW) method has four welding parameters: the welding tool rotational speed, tool plunge rate, tool plunge depth, the dwell time and tool retract delay. The effects of these welding parameters on joint formation and weld strength of polypropylene friction stir spot of welds were investigated. The effects of welding parameters on welding joint formation were determined by...

Author(s):   Memduh Kurtulmus    

February 2012

Influence of different surface treatments on computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD-CAM) zirconia frameworks

  To evaluate the effect of grinding and sandblasting on the microstructure and flexural strength of partially sintered yttria stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystals (Y-TZP) ceramic, 60 bars from each material were randomly divided into four groups of fifteen. For each group, a different surface treatment was applied: grinding, sandblasting and grinding + sandblasting, and a control...

Author(s):   Zhao Yongqi, Jiang Li, Zhang Jingchao, Liao Yunmao, Lu Junjun and Li Wei    

February 2012

Minimizing the loss probability in GI/M/3/0 queueing system with ordered entry

  This study analyzed the queueing model with finite capacity, heterogeneous servers and ordered entry using the method of semi-Markov process. In this system, the customer, who arrives in the system, enters the server with the lowest index among the free servers. If all servers are busy, he leaves the system without receiving any service. Such customers are termed ‘lost customers’. The...

Author(s):   H. Okan Isguder and C. Cengiz Celikoglu    

February 2012

Length-weight and length-length relationships of Aphanius dispar dispar (Rüppell, 1829) in Dalaki river, Bushehr, in south of Iran

  Length-weight and length-length relationships were derived for Aphanius dispar dispar in Dalaki river (in south of Iran). Sampling was done between January to August of 2011 using scoop net. The b value in the length-weight relationship did not differ significantly between males and females (t-test, P>0.05) and this value was significantly higher than 3 (P<0.05). The relationship between total and...

Author(s):   Mehdi Bibak, Seyed Abbas hosseini, Majid Koohani and Moslem Daliri