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Table of Content: 30 August; 7(34)

August 2012

Effect of different harvest time on yield and forage quality of three varieties of common millet (Panicum miliaceum)

    Monitoring forage quality is one of the most important factors of essential and good management of a farm. The most important factor about plants and forage quality is growing stage which can help to identify the optimum time of harvest. As different varieties of plants have different harvest times and quality, in order to search the variety effect on forage yield and quality...

Author(s):   Sadegh Mohajer, Hooman Ghods, Rosna Mat Taha and Ali Talati

August 2012

Purification and characterization of novel truncated fragments of bioactive proteins from porcine intestine with effects on insulin secretion

    During purification of porcine gut polypeptides with respect to glucose-induced insulin secretion from pancreatic β cells, two novel fragments of the known gastrointestinal peptides were isolated and chemically characterized. They are truncated forms of phosphatidylethanolamine-binding protein (PEBP93-124) and valosin (Valosin3-25). These novel fragments,...

Author(s):   Junhan Wang, Ying Zeng, Dongjing Yan, Jie Lu, Zhengwang Chen and Chenhong Li

August 2012

Effects of alkaline and alkaline-earth ions on the rheological behavior and zetametric study of two cement pastes (artificial cement portland-CEMI and cement resistant to the sulfates-CRS) with the polynaphthalene sulfonate (PNS)

    The use of admixtures which tends to be generalized in the formulation of self-compacting concrete (SCC), requires taking into account the chemical composition of cement, particularly its content of SO3, which can inhibit or restrain the effect of these admixtures (superplasticizers). For more information of the compatibility problem of cement-superplasticizer, the rheological...


August 2012

Effects of menstrual periods on postural stability in eumenorrheic female group

    High rate of injuries detected during certain periods of menstrual cycle, raised the suggestion of hormonal impact on soft tissue and neuromuscular control with subsequent lost in joint stability, deterioration of postural balance and injury development. The aim of present study was to investigate possible differences in static postural balance during the preovulatory and...

Author(s):   Ahmedov Shahin, Yavuz Hasan Ulas and Erdag Deniz

August 2012

A novel filter compensation scheme for single phase-self-excited induction generator micro wind generation system

    The paper presents a novel flexible alternating current transmission system (FACTS) based stabilization scheme developed by the second author for use in small scale residential/commercial micro grid (wind-induction generator) utilization schemes in the range 5 to 50 kVA, for stabilized efficient renewable wind utilization. The novel FACTS stabilization scheme is...

Author(s):     Mustafa E. Åžahin, Adel M. Sharaf and Halil Ä°. OkumuÅŸ

August 2012

Taxonomic study of family Brassicaceae of Mardan District, Khyber Pakhtun Khwa, Pakistan

    A total of 23 species belonging to 17 genera were investigated from the research area. The genera with number of species are: Alyssum (1 sp.), Brassica (5 sp.),Capsella (1 sp.), Cardamine (1 sp.), Coronopus (1 sp.), Eruca (1 sp.), Iberis (1 sp.), Lepidium (1 sp.), Lobularia (1...

Author(s):     Farooq Ali, Siraj Ud Din, M. Saleem Khan, Arshad Iqbal, Muhammad Anwar Sajad, Waheed Murad, Mushtaq Ahmad and Muhammad Zafar

August 2012

Study on watermarking effect in image-signature association copyright protection model

This paper aims to compute the effect of the different watermarking techniques on a proposed scheme of image copyright protection. This scheme depends on image association principle rather than image data modification. Hence, it is intended to support the developed technique with essential study to approve the validity with convenient measures and performance criteria. The effect of watermarking is classified in...

Author(s): Mohammad. Al- Rababah, Abdulsamad Al-Marghilan, Mohammed Mosa Al-shomrani and Mamoun Sulaiman Al-rababaa