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Table of Content: 30 March, 2014; 9(6)

March 2014

Variational cartographic projections for the Slovak Republic territory

Disadvantages of currently used KÅ™ovák`s projection in Slovak Republic such as large scale distortion became evident after dividing of Czechoslovakia. The new proposal of the cartographic projection for the Slovak Republic (Lambert`s conformal conic projection in normal position) was created in 2010. The aim of this paper is to define an optimal oblique position of map projections for the Slovak Republic...

Author(s): Vajsáblová, Margita  and Szatmári, Daniel 

March 2014

Experimental study of anaerobic digestion of dog waste

Bioconversion of dog waste (dung) to energy as one of the ways for proper disposal of the waste was carried out through anaerobic digestion for biogas production. The 59-day experiment was performed within the slurry temperature range of 28 and 44°C using a 50 L metallic biodigester. Prior to charging the digesters, physico-chemical properties and microbial content of the waste were determined using standard...

Author(s): Okoroigwe, E. C., Ibeto, C. N. and Ezema, C. G.

March 2014

A Novel SPICE compatible behavioral model for molecular electronics having hysteresis effects

Although molecular electronics is in its infancy, there are many significant advances in understanding and implementing computational functions based on molecular electronic devices. In order to evaluate a molecular electronic circuit, a model is needed. In existing literature, only a few models have been introduced for molecular electronics, all of which do not support the hysteresis phenomenon. To the best of the...

Author(s): Bahrepour, Davoud  and Sharifi, Mohammad Javad

March 2014

Application of statistical techniques to evaluate the reliability of ultrasonic and rebound hammer measurements of compressive strength in the concrete of bridges

In order to assess the uncertainties in the experimental measurements, the use of statistical error analysis is essential for a reliable technical diagnosis on structural safety in reinforced concrete of bridges. Two non-destructive techniques (ultrasound and rebound hammer) were performed, resulting in conflicting technical diagnostics when analyzed without the study of the variability of experimental errors. It was...

Author(s): Carvalho, C. H., Severo Junior, J. B., Macedo, M. C. S. S., Griza, S., de Andrade, C. E. C., dos Santos, A. A. , and Barreto, L. S.

March 2014

Comparative osteometric differences in humerus of bari Goat and Dumbi Sheep

Morphological studies were conducted on the Humerus of 60 clinically healthy animals (30 Bari goat and 30 Dumbi sheep) of both sexes, slaughtered at Tandojam and Tando Allahyar abattoirs. For comparative study, animals were divided in three age groups viz., lambs/kids (6-9 months), yearlings (13-21 months) and adult (21-24 months). The estimated age was determined through dental formula, whereas, the body weight was...

Author(s): Lochi, Ghulam Murtaza, Shah, Muhammad Ghiasuddin, Kalhoro, Illahi Bux, Gandahi, Jameel Ahmed, Khan, Muhammad Shoaib, Haseeb, Abdul, Khushk, Sheeraz Mustafa, Oad, Ameet and  Ansari, Mansoor Ibrahim

March 2014

Capacity enhancement of multicarrier code division multiple access (MCCDMA) using orthogonal complete complementary codes and adaptive constellations

The multicarrier code division multiple access (MCCDMA) is a strong candidate for the future wireless mobile communication systems put forth by service quality and system capacity. In order to exploit the maximum possible channel diversity and desirable correlation properties, the modification of MCCDMA system is addressed here to pave the way to remove the multiple access interference (MAI) effect and to increase the...

Author(s): Senthilkumar, G. and Amutha, R. 

March 2014

Sorption mechanism of some heavy metal ions from aqueous waste solution by polyacrylamide ferric antimonate

Incorporation of a polymer material into an inorganic ion exchanger provides a class of hybrid ion exchangers with a good ion exchange capacity, high stability and high selectivity for heavy metals. We can see these properties in the present study. The kinetic of Fe (III), Pb (II), Cd (II), Cu (II), and Zn (II) ions on polyacrylamide ferric antimonate has been studied. The thermodynamic parameters such as activation...

Author(s): El-Naggar, I. M., Mowafy, E. A., El-Aryan, Y. F. and Abd El-Wahed, M. G.,