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Table of Content: 30 May 2012; 7(20)

May 2012

Research of significant anthropogenic changes in Ostrava city area (Czech Republic)

  This study aimed to widen the knowledge on landscape element changes in areas exposed to the effects of mining and other industries, which represent one of the most affected types of landscape in terms of environmental changes. It provides results of analyses of landscape element changes in the selected area of Ostrava Basin (city of Ostrava) in the North-east of Czech Republic. The study was compiled for...


May 2012

Wood identification in Yıldız Palace Harem structures (19th century) in Istanbul

  Yıldız Palace was the last Ottoman Palace built. Harem Structures of this Palace are one of the important parts of the complex. These structures are composed of five parts: the apartments of the Sultan’s consort I and II, the apartments of the concubines, the apartments of the Harem’s chief treasurer, and the passages between apartments. In this research, the woods used in these parts of the...

Author(s): Nazire Papatya Seckin

May 2012

An empirical approach for experimental assessments in urban freight

  Increasing concerns about sustainable urban freight transport have appeared recently in developed countries. While some methods and indexes exist today to evaluate economic and development sustainability, this paper holds up the need to develop a standard tool to evaluate how an urban freight system is functioning. In this sense, this paper presents the concept, the methodology and the application of a model...

Author(s): Eduardo Betanzo-Quezada, José A. Romero-Navarrete and Saúl A. Obregón-Biosca

May 2012

Hybrid intelligent algorithm [improved particle swarm optimization (PSO) with ant colony optimization (ACO)] for multiprocessor job scheduling

  Efficient multiprocessor scheduling is essentially the problem of allocating a set of computational jobs to a set of processors to minimize the overall execution time. The main issue is how jobs are partitioned in which total finishing time and waiting time is minimized. Minimization of these two criteria simultaneously, is a multi objective optimization problem. There are many variations of this problem,...

Author(s): K. Thanushkodi and K. Deeba

May 2012

Ion exchange kinetics of some heavy metals from aqueous solutions onto poly (acrylic acid-acrylonitrile) potassium titanate

  Heavy metals released by a number of industrial processes are major pollutants. Ground, industrial and even treated wastewaters, heavy metals can be extremely toxic as they damage nerves, liver, kidney and bones. So, our work was concerned to prepare composite inorganic-organic absorbers which represent a group of inorganic ion exchangers modified using binding organic materials. Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) has...

Author(s): M. M. El-Shorbagy and A. A. El-Sadek

May 2012

Diffusion mechanism of cesium, cobalt and cadmium ions in the particles of tin vanadate as a cation exchanger

  The mechanism of diffusion of Cs+, Co2+, and Cd2+ ions in the H-form of tin-vanadate as cation exchanger was studied as a function of particle size, concentration of the exchanging ions, reaction temperature, and drying temperature. The exchange rate was controlled by a particle diffusion mechanism as a limited batch technique and is confirmed from straight lines of B versus 1/r2 plots. The values...

Author(s): S. A. Shady, A. B. El-Deeb and I. M. El-Naggar