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Table of Content: 4 February 2010; 5(3)

February 2010

Geophysical investigation of saline water intrusion into freshwater aquifers: A case study of Oniru, Lagos state

A total of five electrical imaging lines were measured using the wenner configuration. And a total of twelve VES was carried out within the area of investigation. The lines were aligned almost in a linearly NS azimuths, perpendicular to the ocean. The results were presented as profiles, multi-profiles, maps, pseudo sections and inverted sections. Interpretations of these results involve both qualitative and quantitative...

Author(s): L. Adeoti, O. M. Alile and O. Uchegbulam

February 2010

Determination of geometric deformations in image registration using geometric and radiometric measurements

This paper presents a unified method based on pixels for identifying the geometric deformations of digital images. This method uses radiometric pixel gray values to represent the geometric deformations over the entire image surface, a test plate with a 38 × 22 grid, along x and y directions. This method uses a test plate to measure the radiometric pixel gray values in images which represent the geometric...

Author(s): Fevzi Karsli and Mustafa Dihkan

February 2010

Dinoflagellate cyst assemblages in the surface sediments from Izmir bay, Aegean sea, Eastern Mediterranean

The present study was conducted on dinoflagellate cyst assemblages from Izmir Bay, Aegean Sea subject to high human impact. Sediment cores were taken from twelve stations. Twenty-eight dinoflagellate cyst types, representing nine genera, were identified. The most common cysts were those of Lingulodinium machaerophorum, Polykrikos kofoidii, Quinquecuspis concreta and Dubridinium caperatum. Potentially...

Author(s): Serdar Uzar, Hilal Aydin and Ersin Minareci

February 2010

Marine litter transportation and composition in the Coastal Southern Black Sea Region

Marine litter problem has gained great attetion in regional seas and lead to degredation and threaten aquatic life in marine environment. Coastal marine litter in the Black Sea is mainly caused by transportation and deposition of antropogenic waste resulting from river outflows. Measures and regulations remain inadequate to protect the coastal regions against pollution in the region. Geomorphology of the region creates...

Author(s): Abdulaziz Guneroglu

February 2010

HIV-related knowledge and condom use by taxi drivers in Southern St. Lucia, West Indies

Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) is increasingly becoming a major public health issue in the Caribbean. Despite the threat posed by the rapid spread of the virus, many subgroups of the populations continue to engage in risky sexual behaviours. HIV among the taxi drivers is a concern because these men belong to an occupational group whose lifestyle while on duty have made them to...

Author(s): R. O. Orisatoki and O. O. Oguntibeju

February 2010

Investigation of direct pressureless sinterability of Si3N4 produced from brown sepiolite and its characterisation

In this paper, production of Si3N4 powders by using sepiolite obtained from Turkish deposits was carried out via Carbo-Thermal Reduction and Nitridation (CTRN). Two different sepiolites and carbon black were used for silica and carbon source to prepare specimens with a C/SiO2 molar ratio of 4. The CTRN processes were conducted in atmosphere-controlled tube furnace under nitrogen flow of 5 cm3/min at 1420°C for...

Author(s): Cengiz Bagci and Halil Arik

February 2010

Assessment of performance of a fine coal processing plant through availability analysis and the Mann-Whitney U test for two samples

In this study, the Mann-Whitney U test for two sample and availability analysis are applied on equipments belonging to a heavy dense cyclone circuit in a fine coal processing plant. Through the results from the Mann-Whitney U test for two samples, it is determined that the coal sieves fed by the upper flow of the cyclone (S25, S26 and S27) and the coal sieves fed by the lower flow of the cyclone (S28and...

Author(s): Huseyin Ankara and Suheyla Yerel

February 2010

Elbow but not knee joint kinematics can be assessed using photogrammetric methods during a non-stationary slap shot in ice hockey

In this study, elbow and knee joint kinematics of the non stationary ice hockey slap shot was investigated using photogrammetric methods. Four right handed elite Turkish ice hockey players from various teams participated in the study in order to scientifically obtain a general description of elbow and knee joint kinematics during a non-stationary slap shot. The loading, contact and follow through phases were analyzed...

Author(s): Ayhan Goktepe, Isil Ozfidan, Hakan Karabork and Feza Korkusuz

February 2010

A new routing algorithm in MANETs: Position based hybrid routing

Ad hoc wireless networks consist of mobile nodes that communicate with each other without an infrastructure. A reduction in routing overload and efficient use of resources are two very important issues in these networks. In this study, a new routing algorithm called position based hybrid routing algorithm (PBHRA) was developed to optimize bandwidth usage of ad hoc networks. The main goal of PBHRA is effective use...

Author(s): Resul Kara, Ibrahim Ozcelik and Huseyin Ekiz

February 2010

The possibility in providing soil surface erosion map by the supervised classification of ETM+ satellite images in a mountainous basin (Roodbar sub-basin, Guilan, Iran)

Soil surface erosion is a serious environmental problem which caused decrease in the lands agriculture value and increase in sediment and water pollution. In this research, the aim is to evaluate the supervised classification of ETM+ satellite images producing surface erosion map. The Roodbar sub-basin; downstream Sefidrood dam, Guilan province, Iran, was considered as studying basin in a mountainous land...

Author(s): A. Mohammadi Torkashvand

February 2010

Prediction of gas chromatography retention of BTEX and other substituted benzenes based on quantum chemical parameters

Quantitative structure-retention relationship (QSRR) models for gas chromatography retention times of BTEX (benzene, toluene, xylenes and ethylbenzene) and other substituted benzenes on DB-624, DB-wax and DB-1 have been developed. The B3LYP hybrid density functional level in the Gaussian 03 program were used to calculate molecular parameters such as dipole moments (), molecular volumes (V), molecular radius...

Author(s): A. Morsali, S. A. Beyramabadi , M. R. Bozorgmehr  M. Raanaee, B. Keyvani and G. R. Jafari