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Table of Content: 4 June 2010;; 5(11)

June 2010

Drawing of petroglyphs in Mongolia by close range photogrammetry

Petroglyphs are images created by removing part of a rock surfaces by incising, pecking, carving, and abrading. The word comes from the Greek words petros meaning "stone" and glyphein meaning "to carve" (it was originally coined in French as pétroglyphe). Carved, forged or engraved petroglyhps are tarnsforming the sights ,which is placed on the area, to the natural museums. According to...

Author(s): C. Alyilmaz, M. Yakar and H. Murat Yilmaz

June 2010

Prospect and refuge as the predictors of preferences for seating areas

The aim of this research is to analyze the significant spatial features of successful seating areas in urban open spaces. It attempts to identify which attributes should be taken into consideration when these successful features are evaluated. It is assumed that the criteria related to these features can be clarified partially by means of Appleton’s prospect-refuge theory. In the questionnaire, 148 users of an...

Author(s): Sema Mumcu, TuÄŸba Düzenli and Ali Özbilen

June 2010

A stochastic frontier approach for empirical tests of efficiency wage models

This paper was aimed at testing the validity of wage efficiency hypothesis in developing country through the impact of a wage efficiency policy on the relative technical efficiency of firms. We used wage augmented stochastic production frontier models to measure technical efficiency of food manufacturing industry using an unbalanced panel data set over the period 1988 - 1989 to 1999 - 2000.The wage augmented Cobb...

Author(s): Masud Rana, Azizul Baten and Anton Abdulbasah Kamil

June 2010

Case study in effects of color spaces for mineral identification

Color is the first parameter and one of the most powerful and important feature for mineral recognition via image processing. Although there are different color spaces, the most used of these are, three color spaces, namely RGB, HSV and CIELab were compared to find the best color space for the mineral identification in this study. These three color spaces are compared in terms of their suitability for identification....

Author(s): Nurdan Akhan Baykan, Nihat Yılmaz and Gürsel Kansun

June 2010

Ranking water quality variables using feature selection algorithms to improve generalization capability of artificial neural networks

Artificial neural networks (ANNs) have been recently used intensively in the water resource management and planning. As the demand on the clean water increases, the estimation of important parameters using ANNs to evaluate the surface water quality has become an importance practice. In this study, feature selection methods, which are important tools in data mining, are used to shed light into a further understanding in...

Author(s): Ayhan Samandar

June 2010

Improving forward solution for 2D block electrical impedance tomography using modified equations

Electrical impedance tomography is a simple and economic medical imaging technology which permits regional assessment of the electrical properties of organs within the body based on measurements made from electrodes on the surface of the body. Block method is a new solution for electrical impedance tomography used to enhance image resolution and to improve reconstruction algorithm. Image reconstruction by block method...

Author(s):   Ata Abbasi and Bijan Vosoughi Vahdat

June 2010

A Bayesian analysis of bivariate ordered categorical responses using a latent variable regression model: Application to diabetic retinopathy data

Latent variable distribution models are frequently utilized for analyzing bivariate ordered categorical response data. In this context, choosing the bivariate normal distribution as the underlying latent distribution, which leads to the bivariate cumulative probit model, is the most common strategy for analyzing theses data sets. However, when the conditional distribution of the available bivariate response has an...

Author(s):   Anoshirvan Kazemnejad, Farid Zayeri, Nor Aishah Hamzah, Rasool Gharaaghaji, Masoud Salehi

June 2010

The use of artificial neural network for prediction of grain size of 17-4 pH stainless steel powders

This study is aimed to deals with artificial neural network (ANN) approach for prediction grain size (GS) of 17 - 4 pH stainless steel powders. Experimental data which were obtained from experimental studies in a laboratory environment have been used for this modeling. Using some of the experimental data for training and testing an ANN for GS was developed. In these systems, output parameters GS has been determined...

Author(s): Tayfun Fındık,  Åžakir TaÅŸdemir and Ä°smail Åžahin

June 2010

Effect of cutting parameters on the surface roughness of titanium alloys using end milling process

Titanium alloys have been widely used in industries, especially aerospace industries, due to their good mechanical and chemical properties. However, machining of titanium alloys involves expensive tooling cost at the expense of getting good surface roughness. This paper describes a comprehensive study of end milling of titanium alloys. The study investigated the optimum parameters that could produce significant good...

Author(s): Khairi Yusuf, Y. Nukman, T. M. Yusof, S. Z. Dawal, H. Qin Yang, T. M. I. Mahlia and K. F. Tamrin

June 2010

Above-ground tree biomass equations and nutrient pools for a paraclimax chestnut stand and for a climax oak stand in the Sierra de Francia Mountains, Salamanca, Spain

Above-ground tree biomass and total amounts of nutrients in biomass were estimated at two plots: the first in a Castanea sativa Mill. paraclimax coppice and the second in a Quercus pyrenaica (Wild.) climax forest, both of them located in the south of the Salamanca (Spain), by harvesting 10 trees at each plot. In order to obtain the best fit possible, for these analyses, four regression equations were...

Author(s): S. Salazar, L. E Sanchez, P. Galindo and I. Santa-Regina

June 2010

Effect of paper mill lime sludge as an acid soil amendment

The possibility of using paper mill lime sludge as a soil amendment in an acid soil was investigated. Sludge used contained 58.4% calcium carbonates plus a small amount of heavy metals. A pot experiment was conducted with an acid soil andSorghum vulgaris variety speed seed as test plant. Treatments with three replicates consisted of 0, 0.5 and 1, 2 and 4% paper mill lime sludge (L0, L0.5, L1, L2 and L4,...

Author(s): A. Mohammadi Torkashvand, N. Haghighat and V. Shadparvar

June 2010

Influence of AfÅŸin-Elbistan highly limy fly ash on engineering behavior of a cohesive soil

The study was aimed to evaluate effectiveness of utilizing a self-cementing fly ash derived from combustion of lignite at AfÅŸin Elbistan thermal power plant in stabilizing a fine grained clayey soil (CL). Grain size and Atterberg limits analysis, compaction and triaxial compression tests were carried out on the clayey soil samples (pure soil) and also the samples of soil mixtures added various percentage of fly ash...

Author(s): Hakan Güneyli

June 2010

Salt crust mineralogy and geochemical evolution of the Salt Lake (Tuz Gölü), Turkey

The Salt Lake (Tuz Gölü) is the second largest lake in Turkey and also is one of the greatest salty lakes in the world. Salt Lake has a great salt potential. The salt was produced in large quantities on saltpans in the Salt Lake. In this study, a detailed mineralogical investigation was carried out with salt crust samples and unconsolidated muddy sediments, below the salt crust collected from the...

Author(s): O. Kilic and A. M. Kilic

June 2010

Volumetric analysis and chemistry students performance: Combined influence of study habit, physiological and psychological factors

Several factors can work in concert to influence the students’ attitudes and behavior towards quantitative aspect of practical chemistry particularly volumetric analysis. This study investigated the influence of students’ study habit, physiological and psychological factors on their attitudes and behavior towards the volumetric analysis in practical chemistry. Two hundred and forty randomly selected senior...

Author(s): Gazi Mahabubul Alam, Oloruntegbe Kunle Oke and Tunde Orimogunje

June 2010

Perceived values of ‘reading and writing to learn physics’ in secondary classrooms

The aim of this study was to understand physics teachers’ and secondary students’ perceptions of reading and writing to learn activities in physics and to determine students’ strategies in performing reading and writing tasks. A case study strategy was employed in this study, involving 42 10th grade secondary students and two physics teachers in a secondary school in the spring term of 2007 - 2008...

Author(s): Nedim Alev

June 2010

A system for the detection and reporting of wireless modem signals

This study focuses on the detection of wireless network modem signals in the environment using C# language in Visual Studio. Net 2008 editor, obtaining data like the MAC (Media Access Control) address, SSID(Service Set IDentifier), canal used, signal quality level, type of authorization and type of encoding used in detected wireless networks and representative mapping of detected wireless network signals. An application...

Author(s): Ecir UÄŸur Küçüksille, Tuncay YiÄŸit, Ali GüneÅŸ and Güncel Sariman

June 2010

The effects of norepinephrine on lactoperoxidase enzyme (LPO)

Norepinephrine, a hormone and a neurotransmitter, was known as catecholamine. In the present study, we examined the inhibitory effect of norepinephrine on lactoperoxidase enzyme purified from bovine milk. Lactoperoxidase (LPO; E.C. was purified from bovine milk with three purification steps: Amberlite CG-50 resin, CM-Sephadex C-50 ion-exchange chromatography and Sephadex G-100 gel filtration chromatography,...

Author(s): Melda Sisecioglu, Ilhami Gulcin, Murat Cankaya, Ali Atasever, and Hasan Ozdemir

June 2010

Universal “memes” of the global style in architecture and the problems of identity and place

This article deals with form and form elements in architecture as bearers of societal meaning and symbols of identity. Form is predicated upon triangular relationships of society, individual and building. Society is premised upon a dialogue on globalism vs. regionalism. Place is described as strong identity read through symbolic details, and architectural form as a holistic entity composed of mass/volume relations,...

Author(s): Muteber Erbay and Åžengül Öymen Gür

June 2010

The analysis of humidity factor in cestamide materials on surface roughness with the help of artificial neural network

Cestamide, an engineering plastic, is used in many areas of industry today. Apart from its excellent mechanic features; it also has a negative feature, namely dehumidification. It is necessary to detect cutting conditions of dehumidified cestamide materials for metal cutting. After the process of humid and dry cestamides under same cutting conditions, the change of average surface roughness quality is studied by...

Author(s): Mustafa Bozdemir

June 2010

The study on electronic portfolios in vocational education: The views of teachers and students in United Kingdom, Denmark, Romania and Turkey

This paper comprises teachers’ and students’ e-portfolio views involved in vocational education in Europe. In addition, it is a part of the final report of the project entitled “E-Portfolio Process in Vocational Education” within Leonardo da Vinci Procedure B Pilot project. Questionnaires were administered on 387 students and 73 teachers in Turkey, United Kingdom, Denmark, and Romania. The...

Author(s): Muhammed Turhan and Cihad Demirli

June 2010

Investigation of the effect of land slope on the accuracy of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) generated from various sources

Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) defined as digital representation of the ground surface are widely used by many disciplines for various purposes. In parallel with technological developments, DEMs are generated from different sources such as direct surveys, digitization of digital contour maps, aerial photographs, remote sensing images, laser scanning systems, interferometric SAR data etc. Many researches have been...

Author(s): Ömer MutluoÄŸlu

June 2010

An exploratory study of innovation diffusion in architecture firms

Innovation plays an important role in determining competitiveness. This paper offers a case study designed to elucidate the factors influencing the dissemination of innovation within architecture firms. Rogers’ theories describing the dissemination of innovation were used as the theoretical basis of this study. Because the goal of the research was to understand and interpret the whole process of innovation, a...

Author(s): Yasemin Erbil and Nilüfer Akıncıtürk