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Table of Content: 4 October 2010; 5(19)

October 2010

Oxidative stress in isolated blunt traumatic brain injury

  Traumatic brain injury is a common cause of death after trauma. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between oxidative stress parameters and, outcomes and clinical findings in patients with isolated traumatic brain injuries. Fifty-four patients who were admitted into the emergency department of Ankara Ataturk Training and Research hospital with isolated blunt traumatic...

Author(s): Havva Sahin Kavakli, Ozcan Erel, Onur Karakayali, Salim Neselioglu, Fatih Tanriverdi, Figen Coskun and Ahmet Fatih Kahraman

October 2010

A neural network (NN) model to predict intersection crashes based upon driver, vehicle and roadway surface characteristics

  In this paper, a neural network (NN) model was developed to predict intersection crashes in Macomb County of the State of Michigan (MI), USA. The predictive capability of the NN model was determined by grouping the crashes into these types: Fatal, injury and property damage only (PDO) () accidents. The NN approach was used to develop and to test multi-layered feed forward NNs trained with the back-propagation...

Author(s): Darçin Akin and Bülent AkbaÅŸ

October 2010

Reactive power optimization with artificial bee colony algorithm

  Reactive power optimization (RPO) is an important issue for providing the secure and economic run of the power systems. The importance of reactive power planning on economic profit and secure running has been increasing, because of the increasing fuel costs and investment funds. It is also quite important for an electric operator to provide voltage in a specified range for the customers. As such, RPO provides...

Author(s): Ali Ozturk, Serkan Cobanli, Pakize Erdogmus and Salih Tosun

October 2010

Reflection of habitat on architecture: Ankara from the Republic proclamation to our days

  From past to future, it is impossible to imagine or evaluate architecture without habitat. This study titled “Reflection of habitat on architecture: Ankara from the Republic proclamation to our days” aims to discuss the architectural expression of surroundings in Ankara from the proclamation of the Republic to our days in consideration of the idea that architecture is an expression of habitat. The...

Author(s): Z. Sevgen Perker

October 2010

Healthy village cooperative: An approach towards rural development

  So far, in rural development literature, there are many programs and approaches which had been considered by international and national organizations. Today, the approach of integrated rural development in rural sustainable development context, after a period of decline, coupled with a new form, has been considered as the most effective approach of realizing sustainability. Healthy village programs are...

Author(s): Mohammad Sadegh Allahyari, Hamidreza Alipour and Rooholah Ghahremani Chbok

October 2010

Chemically reacting MHD boundary layer flow of heat and mass transfer over a moving vertical plate with suction

  A mathematical model is presented for a two-dimensional, steady, incompressible electrically conducting, laminar free convection boundary layer flow of a continuously moving vertical porous plate in a chemically reactive medium in the presence of a transverse magnetic field. The basic equations governing the flow are in the form of partial differential equations and have been reduced to a set of non-linear...

Author(s): S. Y. Ibrahim and O. D. Makinde

October 2010

On-line prediction of tool wears by using methods of artificial neural networks and fuzzy logic

  The goal of this study is prediction of tool wear with integrated system made by on-line monitoring of the changes on tool during cutting operations with using artificial neural networks and fuzzy logic methods. For best monitoring, the tool condition, multiple sensor data are collected to represent the tool condition. Artificial neural networks with different parameters was first trained with sample...

Author(s): Fatih BaÅŸçiftçi and Hüseyin Åžeker

October 2010

GIS and remote-sensing-based urban-information system design and development: A case study for Kozlu, Zonguldak

Urban growth is inevitable over the next two decades. The bulk of this growth will take place in less developed countries. This growth presents a formidable challenge for urban planners and managers. In this context, we consider some of the ways urban planners can make use of the recent developments in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote-Sensing (RS) technology to respond to this challenge. GIS projects were...

Author(s): Mehmet Alkan and Günnur Bulut

October 2010

Political legacy of South Africa affects the plant diversity patterns of urban domestic gardens along a socio-economic gradient

  In recent years domestic gardens in urban areas have been extensively studied, but findings from developed and developing countries do not always correspond. The disparity is ascribed to differences in climate, culture and socio-economics. This study from South Africa analyzes plant diversity patterns along a steep, indirect socio-economic gradient in a single city.  The segregation laws of the apartheid...

Author(s): C. S. Lubbe, S. J. Siebert and S. S. Cilliers

October 2010

Spatial distribution and temporal change of old-growth forest: A case study in the Balci forest management unit, Turkey

  Old-growth forests are considered as one of the important conservation targets in sustainable management of forest ecosystems. Stand parameters such as age, diameter at breast height, area, species mixture, canopy closure and snag volume per hectare are employed in estimating the value of the old-growth forests. This article is focused on the main stand parameters in determining potential old-growth forest...

Author(s): H. Ahmet Yolasığmaz, Mehmet Yavuz and Sedat KeleÅŸ

October 2010

Effects of different irrigation regimes on yield and some quality parameters of carnation

  This study was conducted to determine the effects of different irrigation water amounts (kcp1: 0.25, kcp2: 0.50, kcp3: 0.75, kcp4: 1.00 and kcp5: 1.25) and irrigation intervals (I1: 1-, I2: 2- and I3: 3-day) on the yield and some quality parameters of carnation plants (Dianthus caryophyllus L. cv. 'Turbo') grown in soil under greenhouse conditions. Class A Pan was used to determine irrigation...

Author(s): Soner Kazaz, Yusuf Ucar M. Atilla Askin, Köksal Aydinsakir, Ulas Senyigitand Abdullah Kadayifci

October 2010

Increase reliability for skin detector using backprobgation neural network and heuristic rules based on YCbCr

  Skin detection is a popular image processing technique that has been applied in many areas such as video-surveillance, cyber-crime prosecution and unit-spam system. It is also considered as one of the most challenging problems in image processing. Despite being a well known technique in detecting human appearance within image, it faces several drawbacks when using colour as cue to detect skin. First, the...

Author(s): A. A. Zaidan, N. N Ahmad, H. Abdul Karim, Gazi Mahabubul Alam and B. B. Zaidan

October 2010

One dimensional image processing for eye tracking using derivative dynamic time warping

  In this paper, one dimensional image processing for eye tracking approach is presented using a low cost webcam. It was found that the algorithm is resistant to illumination variation and is able to track eyes of users with and without glasses in multiple orientations. The size and location of the region of interest (ROI), which contains both eyes, is adaptive. Derivative Dynamic Time Warping (DDTW) is chosen...

Author(s): N. Mokhtar, H. Arof and M. Iwahashi

October 2010

Optimization of the process parameters of synthesis of oligomeric procyanidins imprinted polymer

  Molecularly imprinted polymers (MIP) are tailor-made polymers with high selectivity for the template molecule. This selectivity arises from the synthetic procedure followed to prepare the MIP. In this work, the influence of process parameters on the preparation of oligomeric procyanidins (OPC) imprinted polymers was presented. In the procedure of polymerization, OPC (90 mg) was used as the template molecule,...

Author(s): Yuqing Duan, Yu Qin, Feifei Xu, Haihui Zhang, Yongsheng Yan, Can Zhangand Haile Ma

October 2010

Determining the effects of Degirmendere River on Trabzon Harbor after construction of Black Sea highway on Black Sea coast

  Alluvium, which is composed of sand, rubble, stone and soil, is carried by stream and rivers into harbors, bays and dams. Transported alluvium is accumulated as the time went by at the bottom and causes decrease in depth level. Degirmendere watershed receives lasting and heavy precipitation. This precipitation occasionally causes overflowing of the Degirmendere Stream and therefore causes flood and heavy...

Author(s): A. Akar, E. Gokalp, H. F.Bayata and O. Akar

October 2010

How are Geographic Information Systems (GIS) conferences at Fatih University contributing to education in Turkey?

  A set of GIS conferences, organized by the Geography Department at Fatih University (FU), has provided a forum for many people from different institutions to share ideas and practices. Since they began in 2001, the GIS conferences at FU have featured contributions from universities, state offices, GIS companies, municipalities, high schools, and nonprofit groups. In 2004, the conference expanded to include...

Author(s): Süleyman Ä°ncekara and Mehmet Karakuyu

October 2010

Selection and determination of some significant properties of superior walnut genotypes

  This study was conducted to determine some significant characteristics and select superior walnut genotypes within seedling population of Mardin central district and Diyarbakir central districts and  their  villages  during years 2008-2009. Although, Mardin  and  Diyarbakir  central  districts  have rich walnut genotypes, no studies  have been made about ...

Author(s): Mikdat Simsek,  Kadir Ugurtan Yilmaz and  Ali Riza Demirkiran

October 2010

Wear behaviour of aged Cu-Be alloy under electrical sliding

  The sliding friction and wear behaviors of aged Cu-Be alloy was studied in the presence of electrical current. Electrical sliding was performed between a Cu-Be pin and a flat surface of a hardened steel disk in ambient atmosphere. The effects of aging heat treatment, electrical current density on the friction and wear behavior were investigated. The microstructure and the worn surfaces of the aged Cu-Be alloy...

Author(s): Yahya Altunpak

October 2010

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) improvement to reduce customer complaint

  Electrostatic discharge (ESD) / electrical over stress (EOS) factors cannot be avoided when an organization running daily manufacturing activity. ESD problems are increasing in the electronics industry because of the trends toward higher speed and smaller device sizes which normally these devices are easy to be damaged by ESD. One of the manufacturing company in Malaysia which produces car radio is also...

Author(s): Muhd Ambri Rahman and Faieza Abdul Aziz

October 2010

Coastline changes in Istanbul between 1987 and 2007

  The coastal region of Istanbul has experienced significant coastline changes over the last few decades owing to a rapid increase in industrialization and urbanization. This study was aimed at detecting coastline changes in the coastal region of Istanbul between 1987 and 2007 using remotely sensed data. Two Landsat images acquired in 1987 and 2007 with 30 m resolution were classified with the maximum...

Author(s): Sümeyra Kurt, Ahmet Karaburun and Ali Demirci

October 2010

Effect of terminal branching on mesomorphism of a homologous series of Schiff base ethers

  A lot of studies have been focused on the Schiff base’s alkyl and alkyloxy possessing polar terminal group. Yet, the thermotropic properties of Schiff base’s ether (alkyloxy) with dialkylamino terminal group remained less studied. A series of 4-(dialkylamino)benzylidene-4’-alkyloxyanilines were prepared and all the members are differed by the alkyloxy chain length, CnH2n+1O, where n = 6, 8,...

Author(s): Sie-Tiong Ha, Lay-Khoon Ong, Guan-Yeow Yeap, Masato M. Ito, Ayumu Saito, Masaaki Watanabe and Siew-Ling Lee

October 2010

A modified trocar puncturing method in laparoscopic high ligation of vaginal process in children

  In the present study, we introduced a modified trocar puncturing method and evaluated its clinical application in laparoscopic high ligation of vaginal process in children. A total of 62 communicating hydrocele children were treated by high ligation of vaginal process under laparoscopy. Among them, 32 children underwent laparoscopic high ligation of vaginal process with traditional trocar puncturing method...

Author(s): You-qiang Fang, De-juan Wang, Jian-guang Qiu, Jun Pang and Xin Gao

October 2010

Automatic tissue arrayer and method for reliable and rapid construction of tissue microarray (TMA) blocks

  Tissue microarray (TMA) technology is generally used in cancer research for recognizing tumors, and for identifying new diagnostics and therapeutics. Using traditional methods, such as manual and semi-automatic arrayer, to construct TMA blocks may result in missing tissue cores on the TMA slide due to weak compactness between cores and paraffin wax. Furthermore, relying on human eyes for manual alignment is...

Author(s): Ting-Hsuan Chen, Jiun-Hung Yu and Yeong-Shin Tarng