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Table of Content: 9 May 2012; 7(17)

May 2012

Using wavelet transform to improve generalization capability of feed forward neural networks in monthly runoff prediction

  In the study presented, a hybrid model is proposed for monthly runoff prediction by using wavelet transform and feed forward neural networks. Discrete wavelet transform (DWT) and Levenberg-Marquardt optimization algorithm based feed forward neural networks (FFNN) are considered for the modeling study. The study region covers the basins of Medar River which is located at the Aegean region of Turkey....

Author(s): Umut Okkan

May 2012

Open surgery in huge volume benign prostatic hyperplasia

  The aim of this study is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of open surgical treatment for huge volume (> 150 ml) benign prostatic hyperplasia and summarize our clinical experiences. Between January 2001 and September 2010, surgeries for a total of 15 patients with huge volume benign prostatic hyperplasia were performed. Mean age of these patients was 71.8 ± 6.1 years. Mean prostate volume was...

Author(s): Long Zhi, He Le-Ye, Zhang Yi-Chuan, Huang Kai, Shi Xuan-Yan, Sun Xiao-Hui and Peng Dong-Yi

May 2012

Convergence impacts of two growing Asian countries on rice consumption: The case of India and China

  In this study, shifting structure of world rice consumption is examined using various rice-consumption models associated with two Asian countries’ data: India and China. The models are tested in terms of statistical significance, economic theory and mathematical rules. The models containing a maximum point entails convergence analysis. The convergence analysis illustrates either how fast countries...

Author(s): Serkan GÜRLÜK

May 2012

Contribution of the melioration canal to the water regime of forest areas

  The paper analyzes the intensity of draining and recharging action of the melioration canal foreseen for the BiÄ‘-Bosut Field irrigation, with special reference to its potential impact on forest areas. The designed canal will enable a series of agro-amelioration interventions aimed at recharging or draining soils and thereby regulating their water regime. The paper describes the influence of infiltration and...

Author(s): Goran Gjetvaj, Dragutin Petošić and Ivan Mustać

May 2012

Performance evaluation of simulated annealing and genetic algorithm in solving examination timetabling problem

  This work details the performance evaluation of simulated annealing (SA) and genetic algorithm (GA) in terms of their software complexity measurement and simulation time in solving a typical University examination timetabling problem (ETP). Preparation of a timetable consists basically of allocating a number of events to a finite number of time periods (also called slots) in such a way that a certain set...

Author(s): Oyeleye, C. Akinwale, Olabiyisi, S. Olatunde, Omidiora, E. Olusayo and Oladosu, J. Babalola

May 2012

Colour image segmentation using the second order statistics and a modified fuzzy C-means technique

  This paper presents a new colour image segmentation method based on Fuzzy C-means technique and the second order statistics. The importance of combining statistical features extracted from the co-occurrence matrix and the standard Fuzzy C-Means clustering algorithm in the segmentation context is studied in this paper, to obtain a more reliable and accurate segmentation results. In the first phase of...

Author(s): Rafika Harrabi and Ezzeddine Ben Braiek

May 2012

A methodology to evaluate both internal and external environments of applied-scientific educational system used in strategic planning

  In the present work, we introduce a new model to evaluate an educational system, namely the applied-scientific system. This model provides us with a deep knowledge of different aspects of educational system including its organizational weakness and strength. Within our approach, making use of the production function and the calculated education area function, it is also possible to recognize different...

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Akbari, and Mahmad Yusuf Yunusi