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Table of Content: July; 4(7)

July 2009

Research in sub-saharan African food systems must address post-sustainability challenges and increase developmental returns

Post-sustainability challenges to food systems of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) include climate change vulnerability, globalisation of agri-food chains and markets and emerging low-carbon energy systems. In addition, the lack of investment in research for development (R4D) in SSA, all underlines need to rethink R4D to pursue policy purposes. A starting point could be the sustainable livelihoods approach, as a research...

Author(s): Henning Høgh-Jensen, Henrik Egelyng and Myles Oelofse

July 2009

Experimental and computational applications of microarray technology for malaria eradication in Africa

Various mutation assisted drug resistance evolved in Plasmodium falciparum strains and insecticide resistance to female Anopheles mosquito account for major biomedical catastrophes standing against all efforts to eradicate malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa. Malaria is endemic in more than 100 countries and by far the most costly disease in terms of human health causing major losses among many African nations...

Author(s): Victor Chukwudi Osamor

July 2009

A comparative case study on time domain nonlinear site response analysis subjected to earthquake excitation with elastic and rigid half space (site of Damghan earth dam-Semnan province-Iran)

The aim of this study was evaluate the site response with consideration rigid and elastic half space as the bedrock and quantify the site effect on the surface over a number of geotechnical areas. The authors have an intention to establish a comparative study on time domain analysis with consideration of bedrock type as the location of input motion and its effect on top layers over it. For this aim the site of Damghan...

Author(s): A. A. Shahri, B. Esfandiyari and H. Hamzeloo

July 2009

Text coherence in the narrative texts of Turkish students and Bilingual Uzbek students in Turkey

One of the most important characteristics of a text is coherence. Coherence can be briefly defined as the semantic and the logical integrity within a text. In this study, the texts written in a narrative style by 103 Turkish students and 98 migrant students (Uzbek) studying in the fifth grade of primary school have been compared in terms of text coherence. Findings of the study suggest that the success levels of both...

Author(s): Eyyup CoÅŸkun

July 2009

Systemic induction of pathogenesis related proteins (PRs) in Alternaria solani elicitor sensitized tomato cells as resistance response

Induction of acquired resistance and pathogenesis related proteins in intact plant leaves and the potentiation of pathogen signals in plant cell cultures by elicitors is mediated by different signaling pathways. We show here, the induction of PR proteins, the most widely used marker of acquired resistance, in tomato cells in response toAlternaria solani elicitors. The crude glycoprotein elicitor preparation...

Author(s): R. Radhajeyalakshmi, R. Velazhahan, R. Samiyappan and Sabitha Doraiswamy

July 2009

Anthraquinone production by hairy root culture of Rubia akane Nakai: Influence of media and auxin treatment

Hairy root culture of Rubia akane was studied using different media supplemented with different concentration of auxins for the growth and anthraquinones production. Hairy roots grown in full-strength SH medium showed the highest levels of root growth (12.2 g/L) as well as the highest amount of alizarin (4.5 mg/g D.W.) and purpurin production (5.5 mg/g D.W.) as compared to Rubia akane hairy roots...

Author(s): Sang Un Park and Sook Young Lee

July 2009

Perceptions of extension agents on information exchange with cocoa farmers in the Eastern region of Ghana

Interactive communication between extension agents and cocoa farmers in Ghana is critical to the effort to raise farm-level productivity. This study sought to investigate the perceptions of extension agents on how prepared they are for their jobs, the support they receive from their employer and to what extent their training and other needs are provided. Randomly selected extension agents in the East Akim and Atiwa...

Author(s): F. Baah, V. Anchirinah and A. Badu-Yeboah

July 2009

The effects of natural environment and direct interaction on geographical concepts teaching

There are many factors affecting the teaching of geographic concepts, for which it can be said that environmental factors are not emphasized. In this research, the role of natural surroundings in the teaching of geographic concepts is illustrated with the examples of "waterfall" and "river". The sample consisted of 80 students (43 boys and 37 girls) whose aged 12 - 13. In this reasearch, the...

Author(s): Mete Alım

July 2009

Impact of polysaccharides from Cordyceps on anti-fatigue in mice

In this study, the anti-fatigue effect of the purified polysaccharides from Cordycep were evaluated in mice. Swimming endurance experiment of mice were carried out after 21 days of polysaccharides from Cordyceps administration. And Body weight, blood lactic acid, serum blood urea nitrogen and tissue glycogen levels of mice were determined. Results showed that polysaccharides...

Author(s): Tao Li and Wei Li

July 2009

Insecticide usage on potato cultivating; The case of Erzurum province in Turkey

This study aims to determine the cost share of insecticide application in potato cultivating in Pasinler County, Erzurum Province. The research data was derived from 95 questionnaires conducted in 9 villages Pasinler County in 2004. The study results show that all producers were using insecticides on potato cultivation areas. The average potato production per farm was 26.06 tonnes. The chemical application cost was...

Author(s): Avni Birinci and Ahmet Semih Uzundumlu