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Table of Content: July 2008; 3(7)

July 2008

Advances in the HTAG technology and process of biomass

  High Temperature Air/Steam Gasification (HTAG) is a process in which a highly preheated air/steam is utilized as the oxidizer. The HTAG process follows the developments in the High Temperature Air Combustion (HiTAC), which has shown to be superior in energy saving and pollution reduction compared to the conventional combustion technology. The preheated oxidizer provides additional energy into the gasification...

Author(s): G. R. John, L. Wilson and C. F. Mhilu

July 2008

The need for waste management in the glass industries: A review

  Glass Industries produce a lot of waste ranging from the by products of the used raw materials to the damaged glass products. The fuel used during glass production is also in large quantity. Proper utilization of such wastes from glass cullets (container, flat, electronics and other glass containing products) can minimize the energy requirements and reduce production cost. This paper evaluates the economic...

Author(s): Hauwa Isa

July 2008

Net N mineralization of an andosol influenced by chicken and cow manure applications in a maize-bean rotation in Nicaragua

  An in situ nitrogen mineralization experiment was conducted to assess the response of chicken and cow manure application at two different rates (5 and 10 Mg DM ha-1) on net N mineralization in a maize-bean rotation experiment in Nicaragua. The field study was carried out over four consecutive growing seasons. Soil samples of the top soil (0 - 0.3 m) were taken every 30 days within the season in...

Author(s): Francisco Salmerón-Miranda, Henrik Eckersten and Maria Wivstad

July 2008

Soil fertility in wetland versus reclaimed land using plant parameters in relation to nitrogen content: The case of Yala Swamp, Western Kenya

  A bioassay experiment was carried out to assess soil fertility of wetland and adjacent reclaimed wetland (agricultural-land) areas in comparison to their nitrogen contents. Though wetland soils had more total N than agricultural-land soils, the greenhouse findings suggest that organic matter in wetlands does not mineralize as readily as in soils drained for longer periods. Also, when total N increased, the...

Author(s): Kelebogile B. Mfundisi

July 2008

Studies on the rumen pathology of Sudanese desert sheep in slaughter house

  The present study was conducted to study the pathology of the Sudanese sheep inElshaheed Nasr Eldeen slaughter house, Khartoum-North, Sudan. The prevalence of foreign body in rumen is substantially high. Haematology revealed decrease in RBC, PCV, Hb and MCV whereas there is increase in MCH and MCHC which indicated microcytic hyperchromic anaemia. Necropsy of rumens revealed congestion, haemorrhage,...

Author(s): Amel O. Bakhiet

July 2008

Spectral studies of highly optically transparent polyblends of poly (o-toluidine) doped with salicylidene-o-aminophenol

  Poly (o-toluidine) (POT) doped with salicylidene-o-aminophenol (SAP) was prepared and characterized using several spectroscopic techniques. The potential (PE) and optimum molecular geometric (OMG) energies and dipole moment (µ) in kcal/mol and debbye units of the different structures of the dopant (SAP) were calculated using molecular mechanics (MM) calculations. MM calculations suggest that the optimum...

Author(s): Seddique M. Ahmed and Saleh A. Ahmed,

July 2008

Characterization of palm-kernel oil biodiesel produced through NaOH-catalysed transesterification process

  Palm kernel oil (PKO) biodiesel was produced through transesterification of PKO with ethanol using sodium hydroxide (NaOH) catalyst. The biodiesel was characterized as alternative fuel for diesel engine through ASTM standard fuel tests. The transesterification process using 100 g PKO, 20.0% ethanol (wt% PKO), 1.0% NaOH, 60oC reaction temperature and 90 min reaction time yielded average 95.8% PKO biodiesel for...

Author(s): O. J. Alamu, T. A. Akintola, C. C. Enweremadu and A. E. Adeleke

July 2008

Molecular characterization of Isoniazid and Rifampicin resistance strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolated from new tuberculosis cases in Lagunes Region (Cote D’Ivoire)

  Tuberculosis remains in the world an important problem of public health. This study objective was to investigate the genetic basis of resistance to Isoniazid and Rifampicin of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex strains collected in Lagunes region, an area of high burden of tuberculosis. During primary resistance study, 196 smears positive new cases of tuberculosis were recruited in Lagunes region....

Author(s): N’Guessan Kouassi, Brossier Florence, Veziris Nicolas, AKA N’guetta,Ekaza Euloge, Nahoua Iremine, Kouakou Jacquemin Dosso Mireille, Sougakoff Wladimir and  Jarlier Vincent

July 2008

Volatile constituents, antioxidant and antibacterial properties of Daniella Klainei Pierre ex A. Chev. essential oil

  The water-distilled oil obtained from rhizomes of Daniella Klainei Pierre ex A.Chev (Caesalpiniaceae) from Gabon was examined by gas chromatography (GC) and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS). The major constituent is myrcene (55.42%) along with α-pinene (5.39%), α-humulène (8.09%) and Germacrene-D (6.06%). The essential oil possessed antioxidant and...

Author(s): Jean Koudou, Louis-Clément Obame, Prosper Edou, Ismael Bassolé, François Eba, Gilles Figueredo, Alfred S. Traore and Jean-Claude Chalchat

July 2008

Progeny from the crosses of two antisense potato plants exhibit ectopic xylem differentiation

  Progeny from the crosses of two transgenic potato lines csr2-1 and csr4-8, containing two different antisense constructs, csr2 and csr4 had been previously characterized to exhibit altered tuber production. Histochemical staining and microscopic examinations of the tubers were made to investigate cellular phenotype in the tubers. We observed ectopic proliferation of xylem, which is most pronounced in the csr2...

Author(s):   Olawole O. Obembe, and Jean-Paul Vincken,  

July 2008

Effect of prolonged parboiling duration on proximate composition of rice

  Effect of prolonged parboiling duration on proximate composition of rice was determined. Result indicated that there was a decrease in vital constituents such as proteins, and mineral elements as a result of prolonged parboiling duration. The longer the duration of parboiling periods the greater the losses in nutritive value. Comparing these effects at 30, 45, 60 and 90 min, greater loss was recorded at 90...

Author(s): E. O. Ibukun