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Table of Content: May 2008; 3(5)

May 2008

Use of a simple abrasive‑wear resistance test device to assess the suitability of selected hardwoods for wood flooring

  Indigenous hardwoods off‑cuts generated by most mobile sawmillers are usually discarded resulting in under utilisation of timber and reduction of profit margins. The traditional indigenous species used in wood flooring have poor regeneration and slow growth thus cannot indefinitely sustain fast harvesting rates. Equipment required to assess the suitability of wood for specific applications is not readily...

Author(s): Elisha Ncube

May 2008

Microorganisms in the crude oil-producing areas of Ondo State, Nigeria

  The microbial population of the sampling stations was determined in the study during the rainy and dry season. It was observed that crude oil-producing areas are thickly populated with microorganism compared with the control site. This could be as a result of post-pollution microbial activity. Example is in Ayetoro recording the highest of 240 x 105 cfu/ml compared with Sabomi having a record of...

Author(s): Ajayi, A. O., Balogun S. A. and Adegbehingbe, K.

May 2008

Prediction of tool life by statistic method in end-milling operation

  The aim of the this study is to develop the tool life prediction model for P20 tool steel with aid of statistical method, using coated carbide cutting tool under various cutting conditions. This prediction model was then compared with the results obtained experimentally. By using Response Surface Method (RSM) of experiment, first and second order models were developed with 95% confidence level. The tool life...

Author(s): K. Kadirgama, K. A. Abou-El-Hossein, B. Mohammad, M. M. Noor and S. M. Sapuan

May 2008

Effect of single and daily khat (Catha edulis) extract on locomotor behaviour in CBA mice

  It has been demonstrated that administration of cathinone is capable of increasing locomotor activity in animals. The present study was carried out with a psychostimulant Catha edulis extract. In this experiment, twenty CBA male mice, weighing 20 to 30 g, 5 to 6 weeks old were injected intraperitoneally with a single dose khat extract. Thereafter, they were continued to be injected daily with single...

Author(s): Samuel T. Kimani, , Nilesh B. Patel and Paul G. Kioy

May 2008

Selected physico-mechanical properties of cement-bonded particleboard made from pine (Pinus caribaea M.) sawdust-coir (Cocos nucifera L.) mixture

  Composite boards, using mixture of sawdust from pine (Pinus caribaea M.) and coconut husk or coir (Cocos nucifera L.) a by-product from processed agricultural crop at different mixing ratios with Portland cement as binder were produced for this study. The boards were tested for water absorption, thickness swelling, dry Moduli of rupture and elasticity and density in accordance with ASTM D...

Author(s): Erakhrumen, A. A., Areghan, S. E., Ogunleye, M. B., Larinde, S. L. and Odeyale, O. O.

May 2008

Production of high polyvalent antisera against Salmonella

  The production of polyvalent Salmonella antisera was carried out by immunizing rabbits. The antigens were obtained from four strains of Salmonella species. The production of the antisera was achieved by administration of antigen emulsions in alum throughout the duration of immunization, antigen emulsions in alum used only at the primary immunization while subsequent antigens were...

Author(s): C. C. Ibebuike, S. C. Yah, and N. O. Eghafona

May 2008

In vitro evaluation of the activity of colloidal silver concentrate against Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from postoperative wound infection

  The high rate of hospital acquired infections caused by pathogenic Pseudomonas aeruginosa as an opportunistic infection is currently a serious global health problem. The problem is not only with the diseases caused by this organism but with the rate at which this organism develops resistance to some vital antimicrobial agents. This increase in resistance of P. aeruginosa in recent times...

Author(s): Iroha I. R., Amadi E. S., Orji J.O. and Esimone C. O.

May 2008

Cytogenetic analysis of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate cancer (PC) patients from Tamil Nadu, South India

  Benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH; n = 63) and prostate cancer (PC; n = 18) patients were ascertained on the basis of prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels from the hospitals located in Tamil Nadu, South India. The patients were analyzed for chromosomal aberrations (CA) using cultured peripheral leucocytes. The patients were grouped into two age group (group I: ≥ 50 yrs; group: II ≤ 51 yrs. Deletions,...

Author(s): V. Balachandar, S. Mohanad Devi, B. Lakshman Kumar, R. Sangeetha, P. Manikantan, K. Suresh and K. Sasikala