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October 2009

High maneuvering target tracking using an input estimation technique associated with fuzzy forgetting factor

  In this paper, a new fuzzy forgetting factor (FFF) is developed in order to aid a modified input estimation (MIE) technique and enhance its performance in tracking high maneuvering targets. The MIE has been introduced recently and succeeds in presenting reasonably accurate target trajectory, velocity and acceleration estimation in low and mild maneuvering situations. However, after some iteration its steps...

Author(s): Mohamad Hasan Bahari and Naser Pariz

October 2009

Understanding benefits and risks of pesticide use

  Pesticides are widely used in most areas of crop production to minimize infestations by pests and thus protect crops from potential yield losses and reduction of product quality. Thus, they play an essential role in ensuring high profits to farmers, providing reliable supplies of agricultural produce at prices which are affordable to consumers, and also improving the quality of produce in terms of cosmetic...

Author(s): Christos A. Damalas

October 2009

A connection between topological properties and information towards an abstract representation

  In this paper, the notion of information, focusing on its representation was dealt with. A representation that takes into account of its specificities, especially the non-quantifiable ones like semantics was designed. It seems that the most suitable and abstract model that can encompass this approach is the concept of topology. The reason was explained and the fundamental links that rely on information and...

Author(s): A. Haouas

October 2009

Impact of global warming and crop factors on the growth and productivity of four cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) cultivars in Nigeria

  The integrated effects of weather change (Global warming), genotypic factors and cultivars on the growth and productivity of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)were investigated in South-eastern Nigeria in 1999/2000 and 2000/2001 cropping seasons. Plant height (m), number of roots and fresh root yields (t/ha) differed among the seasons in response to global warming and were dependent on a...

Author(s): O. N. Eke-Okoro, D. N. Njoku, A. Madu and T. O. Ezulike

October 2009

Impact of global warming and crop factors on the growth and productivity of four cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) cultivars in Nigeria

  The integrated effects of weather change (Global warming), genotypic factors and cultivars on the growth and productivity of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)were investigated in South-eastern Nigeria in 1999/2000 and 2000/2001 cropping seasons. Plant height (m), number of roots and fresh root yields (t/ha) differed among the seasons in response to global warming and were dependent on a combined optimum...

Author(s): O. N. Eke-Okoro, D. N. Njoku, A. Madu and T. O. Ezulike

October 2009

The effects of scoria and pumice aggregates on the strengths and unit weights of lightweight concrete

  This study examines the influence of aggregate types on the unit weight and strength characteristics of lightweight concretes (LWC). In this study, a scoria aggregate light weight concrete (SLWC), a pumice aggregate light weight concrete (PLWC) and three scoria-pumice commixture aggregate light weight concretes (SPLWC-I, SPLWC-II and SPLWC-III) were produced. Average dry unit weights of SLWC, SPLWC-I,...

Author(s): A. Kılıç, C. D. AtiÅŸ, A. Teymen, O. Karahan and Kamuran Arı

October 2009

Parasitological, bacteriological, and cultural determination of prevalence of malaria parasite (Plasmodium falciparum) and typhoid fever co-infection in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State

  A total of 250 blood samples were collected from febrile patients with clinical symptoms of malaria and typhoid fever. They were examined for malaria parasite and typhoid fever using parasitological examination, bacteriological and cultural techniques respectively. The result showed that 33 (13.2%) samples were positive for malaria parasite, 53 (21.2%) were positive for typhoid fever by the widal test and 2...

Author(s): A. C. Nwuzo, R. A. Onyeagba, I. R. Iroha, O. Nworie and A. E. Oji

October 2009

Soil and foundation stability improvement by stone column: A case study in Adapazari city, Turkey

  Adapazari city is located on a very deep alluvial deposit and in a seismically active region. Due to the catastrophic earthquakes, the region had painful experiences in the past. The latest severe earthquake, called Marmara earthquake, hit the region on August 17, 1999.  It resulted in nearly 4.000 deaths, over 5,000 injuries and totally destroyed more than 29,000 buildings. The region has liquefaction...

Author(s): Hasan Arman, Seyhan Fırat, Isa Vural and Zeki Gunduz

October 2009

The impacts of paper, web and mobile based assessment on students’ achievement and perceptions

  The aim of this study was to determine the impacts of paper based, web based and mobile based assessment on the achievement of the students in the internet assisted instruction. A further investigation was also performed to find out perceptions of the students on the delivery mode of the assessment. 2*3 factorial design was used in the study.  Thirty eight students who formed experimental and...

Author(s): Åžirin Karadeniz

October 2009

Comparison of morphological characteristics of some plum and prune cultivars of Iran

  Prunus genus is economically very important and many species are cultivatedworldwide for their fruits. There are about 75 native varieties of plum and prune in Iran. Guilan province is one of the important areas where fruits of some cultivars mature early in spring. The purpose of this study was to compare the morphological and pomological characteristics of eight plum and prune cultivars in Guilan,...

Author(s): S. Sedaghathoor, R .Ansari, M. S. Allahyari, E. Nasiri

October 2009

Comparison of Streptomyces diversity between agricultural and non-agricultural soils by using various culture media

  Streptomycetes play a key role in the sustainability of agriculture and indicates the level of health of soil, especially when considering the richness of them that are involved in biological control of soil borne diseases. 20 different soil samples were taken from agricultural (7) and non-agricultural places (13) and populations of streptomycetes were quantified in order to select the general culture media...

Author(s): Mustafa Oskay

October 2009

A study on bird species under threat and avifauna of Erçek Lake (Van-TURKEY)

  Erçek Lake is a lake characterized with volcanic lava set in ecosystem of Van Lake basin. Lake water contains soda and most important water source is Memedik stream. This study was carried out to determine avifauna of Erçek Lake between June 2000 and June 2004. One observation 0was carried monthly interval using Dobinson method. Total 177 species and 2 subspecies belong to 44 families...

Author(s): Özdemir Adızel and Atilla DurmuÅŸ

October 2009

Assessment of liquefaction susceptibility of Adapazari City after 17th August, 1999Marmara earthquake

  The August 17, 1999 Marmara (Turkey) earthquake of magnitude (Mw = 7.4) struck the Marmara and Sakarya provinces in north-western part of Turkey. The earthquake caused substantial casualties and severe damages to structures. Adapazari in Sakarya province clearly suffered the worst damage due to geotechnical effects since the city is located over young riverbed sediments with soft and liquefiable silts...

Author(s): Seyhan Fırat, Hasan Arman and Mustafa Kutanis

October 2009

The effect of support media on corona treated paper sorption properties

  The absorbency properties of certain paper products are great important. The basic methods to improve absorbency is the addition of chemical. This method is expensive and cause to loose some absorbent materials due to high shear. In recent years corona discharge treatment were utilized in different application to change surface properties of the materials. In general, corona discharge treatment is carried out...

Author(s): Birol Uner

October 2009

Antibacterial efficacy of stem bark extracts of Mangifera indica against some bacteria associated with respiratory tract infections

  Phytochemical screening of the crude stem bark extracts of Mangifera indicarevealed the presence of alkaloids, phenols, tannins, saponins and cardiac glycosides. The antibacterial activity of the crude extracts were assayed using the agar well diffusion methods on clinical bacterial isolates of Escherichia coli,Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella...

Author(s):   El-Mahmood Muhammad Abubakar

October 2009

The effects of guided inquiry instruction incorporating a cooperative learning approach on University students’ achievement of acid and bases concepts and attitude toward guided inquiry instruction

  The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of guided inquiry instruction incorporating with cooperative learning environment on University students’ achievement of acid and bases concepts and attitude toward guided inquiry instruction. The subject of this study consisted of 55 first year University students from two intact classes of a Chemistry Course instructed by the same teacher. One...

Author(s): Ibrahim Bilgin

October 2009

Estimation of swell index of fine grained soils using regression equations and artificial neural networks

  The swell index which is the slope of the rebound curve of void ratio versus the logarithm of the effective pressure curve is used to estimate the consolidation settlement of overconsolidated fine grained soils. Because determination of swell index from oedometer tests takes a relatively long time, empirical equations involving index soil properties, are needed to estimate it for preliminary calculations and...

Author(s): Nihat Sinan Işık

October 2009

Prediction of the compressive strength of vacuum processed concretes using artificial neural network and regression techniques

  Concrete which is a composite material is one of the most important construction materials. For the improvement of concrete quality some advanced technologies are used for curing and placement of concrete. Vacuum processing is one of these technologies. With the vacuum application, water content of the mixture is decreased and by this way a better water/cement ratio is obtained. Since most of the empirical...

Author(s): Mürsel Erdal

October 2009

Effect of NaCl on the productivity of four selected common bean cultivars (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

  Four cultivars of bean (Lyamungo 90, Jesca, Flora de Mayo and CAB 19) were tested under differing NaCl concentration to assess their performance in a salt rich medium. The aim was to select salt tolerant bean cultivars. The seeds of these cultivars were inoculated with rhizobium strain (Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar phaseoli) and grown in the greenhouse. After the establishment of the seedlings, plants...

Author(s): Patrick A. Ndakidemi and Joachim H. J. R. Makoi

October 2009

Egg freshness detection based on digital image technology

  Yolk index and air room height, two main measures for egg freshness detection, are very difficult to be accurately measured in practices. This paper investigated an image-based egg freshness detection method. The perspective image of egg was obtained by computer vision device. The characteristic regions, including the yolk region and air room region were separated from the obtained egg picture by image...

Author(s): Qiaohua Wang, Xiaoyan Deng, YiLin Ren, Youchun Ding, Lirong Xiong, ZhouPing, Youxian Wenand Shucai Wang

October 2009

Effect of fermented and unfermented seed extracts of Carica papaya on pre-implantation embryo development in female Wistar rats (Rattus norvegicus)

  This study was performed to determine the safety or otherwise of Carica papaya seeds used as food condiment on pre-implantation embryo development in female Wistar rats. Rats were divided into 5 major groups: Group I served as control, groups II and III were given the fermented extract at 500 and 1500 mg/kg respectively; groups IV and V were given the unfermented extract at 500 and 1500 mg/kg...

Author(s): A. Abdulazeez, Mansurah, D. A., Ameh, Sani Ibrahim, Joseph Ayo and Ambali, S. F

October 2009

Effects of power quality on manufacturing costs in textile industry

  This paper reports the effect of electrical power quality on textile industry. For this purpose power quality measurements have been done for six months in two different sector of textile industry. All parameters affecting the power quality have been measured by using ION 7650 Power Analyzer according to the EN 50160 standard. Because of textile industries have high technology machines including electronic...

Author(s): F. KoçyiÄŸit, E. YanıkoÄŸlu, A. S. Yilmaz, M. Bayrak

October 2009

Assessing forests and lands with carbon storage and sequestration amount by trees in the State of Delaware, USA

  This study illustrates how cover characteristics vary within the State of Delaware by urban, suburban and other developed areas. This study can be used to improve the understanding, management and planning of the urban and community forests in the state. Landsat and the 2000 census data reveal that Delaware has 15.0% urban area (includes area typically considered suburban), 1.5% suburban places (communities...

Author(s): Latif Gürkan Kaya

October 2009

An optimise drilling process for an aircraft composite structure using design of experiments

  The present work is focusing on an optimisation of the drilling cutting process for the composite sandwich panel. The study provided machinist with a simple procedure in order to minimise the damage events occurring during drilling process for composite material. A statistical approach is used to analyse the experiment data and it is called as design of experiment (DOE). The technique minimise the number of...

Author(s): M. K. A Mohd Ariffin, M. I. Mohd Ali, S. M. Sapuan and N. Ismail

October 2009

Characteristics of polybrominated diphenyl ethers in the indoor atmosphere of computer classrooms

  This study investigated the polybrominated diphenyl ether, PBDE, congeners present in the indoor atmosphere of computer classrooms with differing exposure sources. A total of six air samples were obtained from three classrooms. These samples were analyzed by high-resolution gas chromatography and high-resolution mass spectrometry, and the total PBDE concentration ranged from 34.4 - 488.7 pg/m3. In one...

Author(s): C. C. Cheng, C. F. Chiu and F. H. Chang

October 2009

Fragile X allelemorphism among the mentally retarded and in affected families

  The fragile X mental retardation allele was investigated in Ibadan, south west Nigeria. Blood specimens from a population of 659 mentally retarded individuals (MRs) were screened for the fragile X mutation using cytogenetic and molecular methods. It was observed that 235 (35.7%) individuals had chromosomal aetiologies to their mental impairment. The Down syndrome was highest occurring in 146 (21.2%)...

Author(s): A. Latunji Charles

October 2009

Binding affinity of allophycocyanin to blood cells and nuclei

  Allophycocyanin (APC) was extracted from Anacystis nidulans and examined for its binding affinity towards various cells/nuclei. The various cells and nuclei isolated from human, rat and rabbit blood were stained with APC and examined under fluorescent microscope. Allophycocyanin dye showed high affinity towards nucleus rather than the cell surface. It reacts with the human lymphocytes at high dilution of...

Author(s): M. Kuddus and P. W. Ramteke

October 2009

Reinforcement of beams by using carbon fiber reinforced polimer in concrete buildings

  Concrete beams, which have insufficient bending and shear strengths, were strengthened wrapping them with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polimer (CFRP) in this study. The work was implemented on the rectangular section beams that were observed to requiring reinforcement after the examination and statistical analysis conducted. The aim was to strengthen beams that have insufficient shear strength values. Three among...

Author(s): M. Mustafa Önal

October 2009

Second to fourth digit ratio in Nigerian Igbos and Yorubas

  This study was carried out to investigate any tribal and sexual differences in the second to fourth digit ratio (2D:4D) of Igbos and Yorubas in Nigeria. Eight hundred and forty (840) Nigerian adolescents were used for the study. These comprised 210 Igbo males, 210 Igbo females, 210 Yoruba males and 210 Yoruba females. A digital venier caliper was used to measure the length of the second digit (2D) and fourth...

Author(s): S. Oladipo Gabriel, B. Fawehinmi Hakeem , I. Edibamode Ezon-Ebidor, A. Osunwoke Emeka and S. Ordu Kenneth

October 2009

Recorded physiological periods in the oldest Chinese medicine classic-Huangdi Neijing

  The recorded physiological periods in Huangdi Neijing is re-built using allometric scaling laws. Physiological periods are multiples of 7 years for females while 8 years for males. The oldest findings can be used for modern health policy, education and labor agreement considering sexual difference.   Key words: Allometric scaling, ancient Chinese medicine, ancient Chinese...

Author(s): Ji-Huan He