11th Egerton University International Conference and innovation Week

29th - 31st March 2017

Egerton University

Faculty of Education Complex, Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya.


Promising environmental education practices at primary schools: Study reflections from Geography primary teachers and pupils

Environmental education continues to be a crucial component of curricula at all levels of education. Waste management remains a serious challenge in our communities and schools, which must be addressed in school and in extra curricula activities in order to reduce waste accumulation and its undesirable effect on human life. This paper describes a study that tested a model to stimulate the teaching and learning of...

Author(s): Johaiven Kashaigili and Kalafunja Mlang’a Osaki

  • Article Number: B2CCF2

Label-free surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopic detection of HIV-1 infection in blood and plasma adsorbed on conductive silver pasted glass substrate

This study reports on application of conductive silver paste smeared glass slides as Raman spectroscopy sample substrates for label-free detection of HIV-1 p24 antigen in blood plasma. It showed that the same substrates can be applied in Raman spectroscopic screening of blood plasma for presence of HIV. The characteristic Raman spectrum of HIV-1 p24 antigen displayed prominent bands that were assigned to Ribonucleic...

Author(s): Ben Otange, Zephania Birech, Ronald Rop and Julius Oyugi  

  • Article Number: ABC268

Alternative strategies against malfunctioning Criminal Justice System in ensuring security in Kenya

Crime control in any country though primarily a mandate of the government should be a responsibility for all people, and an engagement of several agencies. This is because crime which is the main source of insecurity has many negative impacts. At the individual, family and neighbourhood levels, effective crime control lies in ensuring that one does not become a victim. However, in some countries like Kenya, provision of...

Author(s): Omboto John Onyango

  • Article Number: E28D618

Challenges facing technical training institutes’ student mothers, coping mechanisms and support accorded

Education is central to development as it empowers people, strengthens nations, and is thus critical to Kenya’s attainment of Vision 2030. Investment in education benefits the individual, society and the world as a whole. Teenage pregnancies have become more rampant among technical training institutes student in Kenya. This study highlights the challenges, coping mechanism and support accorded to student mothers...

Author(s): Wambu Charles

  • Article Number: BC98534