1st International Conference Nigeria Statistical Society

3rd – 6th April 2017

Nigeria Statistical Society

University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Southwest Nigeria


A sensitive survey model for HIV seroprevalence research

Sensitive questions like HIV status may cause biased estimation of unknown population parameters as well as increase in the variance of the estimates due to evasive responses. The randomized response techniques (RRT) can be used to avoid the concealment of information or evasive answers. The RRT guarantees the anonymity of respondents in surveys aimed at determining the frequency of stigmatic, embarrassing or criminal...

Author(s): Aliyu Usman, Muhammed Baba and Saddam Damisa  

  • Article Number: DA0A410

Fitting of seasonal autoregressive integrated moving average to the Nigerian stock exchange trading activities

This research work was set to examine the activities of the Nigerian Stock Exchange using the All-Share Index monthly data published between the year 2000 and 2015. Based on the plotted ACF graph of the original series, it was observed that the series was non-stationary and also exhibited some elements of seasonality which necessitated the series to be differenced to attain stationarity as well as reducing the seasonal...

Author(s): Nureni Olawale Adeboye and Idowu Fagoyinbo

  • Article Number: 0227914