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On The Action Of Mobile Loads On An Uninterrupted Cylindrical Tunnel

The stationary transport load acts on the surface of the cavity or on the inner surface of the shell reinforcing cavity. The speed of the load movement is assumed to be subsonic, which corresponds to the modern transport speeds in the underground facilities under study. To describe the motion of a half-space and thick-walled shells, dynamic equations of the theory of elasticity in Lamé potentials are used, and for...

Author(s):Aslonov Bakhtiyor

Article in Press

Maximizing profit in the Poultry Farming Sector: An application of the Robust Linear Programming Technique

Managing the limited resources of money, time and space poses a real problem in the livestock business in general and the poultry sector in particular. The stochastic linear programming with recourse will permit the formulation of a mathematical model that could easily be solved in order to attainment the objective of maximizing profit but this will be hindered by the presence of some parameters like demand and supply...

Author(s):Olusola Samuel Jolayemi

Article in Press

Continuous frame in Hilbert Space and it's Applications

This paper is studied on frames in particular continuous frames in Hilbert spaces, using family of linearly independent vectors called coherent state (CS) and apply it any physical space. To accomplish this goal, the standard theory of frames in Hilbert spaces, using discrete bases, is generalized to one where the basis vectors may be labeled using discrete, continuous or a mixture of the two types of indices. A...

Author(s):H. K. Das, Rayhan Prodhan and Sumita Ghosh

Article in Press

Hydromagnetic natural convection flow with heat absorption in annulus under radial magnetic field

This paper examines the heat absorption fluid on natural convection flow in a vertical concentric annulus under a radial applied magnetic field. Exact solution momentum and energy equation are solved. The aim is to see the influence of each governing parameter on dimensionless velocity, temperature, volume flow rate, rate of heat transfer, skin friction and bulk temperature are discussed. During the course of the numerical...

Author(s):Abiodun O. Ajibade and Jeremiah J. Gambo

Article in Press

On a character associated to a representation of Cartan subgroup of an acceptable Lie group

Let G be a connected semi-simple Lie group, g its Lie algebra, j a Cartan subalgebra of g, jc be a complexification of j and Jc the analytic Cartan subgroup associated with jc. Let Φ denote the set of roots of the pair (gc,jc). If α is an element of Φ, then there exists a holomorphic homomorphism ξα of Jc into C* such that : ξα(expH) = eα(H) ∀ H ∈ jc. Let π be a representation of jc in a finite dimensional vector space...

Author(s):Gaël Ngambali Ndzakima, Kinvi Kangni

Article in Press

Multi Parameter Fuzzy Soft Set Approach to Decision Making Problem

In this paper, a new approach for decision making problem is introduced by extending the definition of fuzzy soft set for multiple parameter sets and is called as extended fuzzy soft set. Also, few operations such as “AND” and “ ” are defined on extended fuzzy soft sets and illustrated with examples. Further an algorithm for decision making using the concept of extended fuzzy soft set is presented. The decision making...

Author(s):Anil P N and P.G. Patil

Article in Press

Degree of Vertices and Number of edges in a Mixed Graph

In the study of a graph theory, degrees of vertices, number of edges are among the important theoretical terms which are helpful in the study of discrete structures and their properties. This manuscript attempts to present the relationship between number of edges and degrees of vertices in a mixed graph

Author(s):Abdelkadir Muzey Mohammed

Article in Press


In this paper, a rigorous proof of the strong Goldbach Conjecture is provided. This proof is mainly based on application of Chebotarev -Artin theorem ,Mertens formula ‘s . By using the principle of inclusion -exclusion of Moivre in the set which elements are in arithmetic progression We show that it is always possible to find at least one pair of prime numbers according to the validity of the condition [1]. Moreover,...

Author(s):Idriss Olivier Bado

Article in Press

An elegant and short proof of Goldbach conjecture

In this paper several methods are examined for proving the Goldbach conjecture. At the preliminary analysis stage a Diophantine equation solution method is proposed for Goldbach partition of a Goldbach number. The proof method proposed however is found to be incomplete since it does not have mechanisms for dealing with the prime gap problem. On the further analysis section some graphical and linear analytical methods are...

Author(s):Samuel Bonaya Buya

Article in Press

The Half way Series Expansion

A new formula for mathematics is derived which gives the upper half of the series expansion of the expression , where is a natural number. A proof of the new formula is given followed by a simple example to test its accuracy. This formula is helpful whenever is large.

Author(s):Alpha Ibrahim Turay

Article in Press

Implementing Chiu’s fixed lifetime inventory model

The fixed lifetime inventory system with zero or positive leadtime has being considered by various authors, with the aim of reducing the quantity outdating in the inventory system. Chiu (1995), considered the positive leadtime case by approximating the expected shortage quantity, the expected outdate quantity and the expected on hand inventory. His result was a ordering policy where are the ordered quantity and the reorder...

Author(s):Izevbizua O. and Omosigho S. E

Article in Press


In this paper the concept of a generalized fuzzy soft point is introduced and some of its basic properties are studied. Also, the concepts of a generalized fuzzy soft base (subbase) and a generalized fuzzy soft subspace are introduced and some important theorems are established

Author(s):F. H. KHEDR FATHI HESHAM KHEDR, S.A. ABD EL-BAKI Shaker Ahmad Abd El-Baky

Article in Press

Some combinatorial problems in the symmetric inverse semigroups

The subsemigroup of order-preserving and order-decreasing and order-reversing partial one-one transformation were studied. The element of partial one-one transformation was constructed and the combinatorial results of their cardinality, fix point, height, waist and idempotent were enumerated. Finally, the results were presented and highlighted open problems.


Article in Press


Given a differential equation with the condition ), where is any point in the domain of y, we can define an initial value problem as a problem whose solution is being sought for at a particular point. Therefore an initial value problem is of the form; , ), for where is the domain of .In this work we shall concern ourselves with the analysis of first order ordinary equations of initial value type which are of the form =...

Author(s):Okereke .C. Emmanuel, Nnochiri . U. Ifeoma, Abangwu .E. Chika

Article in Press

Analytical Solution of the Ebola Epidemic model by Homotopy Perturbation method

In this paper, we present a mathematical model of Ebola disease comprising differential equations. We employ the Homotopy perturbation method to the proposed model to determine both the analytic and approximate solutions. Following our results we then observed that Homotopy perturbation method is one the most crucial and effective as just few perturbation terms are enough to obtain a reasonable accurate solution. The...

Author(s):Bonyah Ebenezer, O.T. Kolebaje, Asiedu-Addo Samuel Kwesi

Article in Press


Government revenue and expenditure relationship had been a source of concern in statistics, given its relevance in National Economic Planning and Policy making in Nigeria especially with respect to growth and stability of the economy. The purpose of this research work is to investigate and compare the estimates of 2SLS and 3SLS in predicting revenue and expenditure of Nigeria using revenue and expenditure data sourced from...


Article in Press

Heteroscedasticity in One Way Multivariate Analysis Of Variance

This work aimed at developing an alternative procedure to MANOVA test when there is problem of heteroscedasticity of dispersion matrices and compared the procedure with an existing multivariate test for vector of means (by Johanson). The alternative procedure was developed by adopting Satterthwaite’s approach of univariate test for unequal variances. The approach made use of approximate degree of freedom method in one way...

Author(s):ONI ADEBAYO, Gafar Oyeyemi, Babatunde Adeleke

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