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  • DOI: 10.5897/IJPDS
  • Start Year: 2010

IJPDS Articles in press

Women at work place: A Case Study of the Working Conditions of Female Security Guards at Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia

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Globally, the number of women involved in security guard work has been increasing from time to times. Recently, it is common to see female security guards working in different organizations of Ethiopia. However, little is yet known about the working conditions of female security guards in the nation as a whole and in Bahir Dar University in particular. Therefore, the aim of this research was to investigate the working...

Author(s):Alemeneh Getaneh Mihrete

The inherent resort to violence in opposition politics: A synthesis of the post-2005 Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) formations in Zimbabwe

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This paper argues that the post-2005 Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) formed in 1999 as an opposition party in Zimbabwe, has inherently adopted violence as a tool to unseat the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) led government. Furthermore, the use of violence has continued amongst its various formations in tussles for leadership positions, and to settle a plethora of other issues. The paper...

Author(s):Felix Makonye

Boko Haram: New threat to peace and security in the Lake Chad Basin

Article in Press

The presence of Boko Haram in the Lake Chad Basin is a threat of peace, stability and security. The modus operandi of this terrorist movement is in the register of terror and violent islamism. That is what constitutes à threat in this region. This paper aims to analyze the relevance and impact of this new threat on peace and security in the Lake Chad Basin. The work wants to analyze the circumstances of the emergence of...

Author(s):Soubiane Bah Fadel

Religious intolerance on Nigerian university campuses*

Article in Press

One of the greatest challenges to the peace, internal security and development in Nigeria, is religious intolerance, including of course, religious terrorism. This seems to be threatening Nigeria’s unity, inter-faith harmony and national cohesion across the board. No one knows how widespread these feelings of religious intolerance exist in the country. It is not clear whether these are more prevalent among the...

Author(s):Dan Mou and Seseer P. Mou

"Panas pela: Unchanged ritual and renewal the meaning"

Article in Press

"Panas Pela" (renewing "Pela" promise) is an indigenous rite about siblinghood relationship in many of adat village in Ambon-Lease and some village in Ceram Island, central Maluku. The ritual is always interpreted as symbol of siblinghood, social integration, trust etc. However, in many Pela relationships in most communities, Pela has been constructed based on the socio-economic importance. Or even in the warfare, Pela is...

Author(s):Hanry Tapotubun

Indigenous knowledge of conflict resolution for transformative peace building: Amare of Jama Woreda, Amhara - Ethiopia

Article in Press

The paper focuses on the role of indigenous knowledge system in the quest for conflict resolution and sustainable peace building. The data were collected from key informants, in-depth interview, focus group discussion, and document analysis. To this end, purposive sampling is used to select the participants. The finding has revealed the existence of many local and community based customary practices and indigenous conflict...

Author(s):Kefelegn Tesfaye

Colonial World of Historians; Reification, Theoreticism and Process of Reinventing the Politics of Tribal Identity in Post Colonial India

Article in Press

This paper deals with the colonial world of historians who are trying to reinvent the monolithic and colonial construction of tribal identity in post colonial India with an objective of reinforcing and preserving tribal identity but with the same colonial method of identity formation based on territorialisation. This territorial based identity formation is now being used and sustained by the neoliberal political and...

Author(s):Bhabani Shankar Nayak

Interrogating the impact of boko haram insurgence on the cultural and natural heritage protection in Northern Nigeria

Article in Press

This paper focuses on the Boko-Haram insurgency and the challenges on cultural and natural heritage protection in Northern Nigeria. It assesses the levels of damages carried out by the Boko-Haram Insurgent group on the Sambisa forest in Bornu State, Nigeria. The Boko-Haram insurgence broke out in July 24, 2009 in Marduguri but soon spread to six Northern States of Bornu, Bauchi, Yobe, Gombe, Kano and Katsina. Sambisa...

Author(s):Buhari, Lateef Oluwafemi and Soetan Olayiwola Stephen

Poverty alleviation in Nigeria: The role of the church in Nigerian context

Article in Press

The paper reflects on the role of the churches in the Nigerian government’s programmes to eradicate poverty. It considers the issue of justice, especially as it relates to the responsibility of church and government toward the poor. Some guidelines are also provided by which churches may evaluate programmes designed to help the poor. It observes that the churches, by virtue of their moral, spiritual and constitutional...

Author(s):Otobrise Endurance Avwerosuo

Family in Transition: Understanding the Issues and Concerns of Half-Widow-Headed Families of Kashmir

Article in Press

The family is regarded as the fundamental social and economic unit of society. Transformation at the family form, therefore, has impact at the aggregate level of a society or a nation. For instance, changes in family composition and structure have an impact on the distribution of goods and services, and on the planning of the public institutions, requirements for schools, housing and health infrastructure. In recent...

Author(s):Jahangir Mohmad Saleem


Article in Press

This study was carried out in the North East Arid Zone of Nigeria to explore strategies of enhancing pastoralists’ access to natural resources to attained sustainable livelihoods. The primary sources of data used includes key informant interview, FGD, Oral histories, Geo coded transect walk and Administration of interview scheduled. A total number of 275 farming, agro-pastoral and pastoral household heads (94 farmers, 90...

Author(s):Jajere Ibrahim Ahmed

Conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Dynamics, trends and challenges for peace

Article in Press

The study examined conflict causes, trends and regional security dynamics as critical challenges that impede efforts to resolve successive Congolese conflicts. This study is based on the analytical review of existing literatures. In post-independence, neither the name of the state nor the peace lasted for long in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The conflict has continued in the Eastern Congo which has been the...

Author(s):Thomas Temesgen

Social Justice as Sin qua non for Peace among the Ethno-Religious identities in Nigeria : Reflection on the Ethical Principles of Dialogue

Article in Press

A society is known by the principles of social justice that it maintains which enhances or undermines survival and human dignity. Social justice essentially focuses on the following: rules of fair treatment of the members of the society, the equality of opportunity for progress available to the citizens , the level of social and physical infrastructure corresponding to the quality of life of the people and upholding of...

Author(s):Salifu David Onu

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