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IJVTE Articles

Appearance of good craftsmanship education in the development of Nigerian children

April 2010

  The people of developing countries, taking Nigeria as a case in hand are more of consumers of foreign technology than producers. This is affecting their gross domestic product (GDP). Many remain in poverty as they continue to borrow from the developed countries. Technological development is a function of creativity. The developed countries are quite aware of this and they have vigorously taken creative...

Author(s): Femi Kayode, T. L. Akinbogun and Bankole Ojo

Factors that determine students’ and teachers’ attitudes towards art and design curriculum

April 2010

  Art and Design is one of the vocational subjects in the secondary school curriculum. Its implementation has not been impressive owing to a steady decline in enrolment of students, students dropping the subject at different levels in secondary schools and general low priority given to the subject in schools. Many schools are not willing to offer the subject because most learners seem to be less interested in...

Author(s): F. C. Indoshi, M. O. Wagah and J. O. Agak

Memory vocabulary learning strategies and long-term retention

October 2009

  The present study was an attempt to compare the impacts of teaching through memory strategies on experimental group comparison to control group, where students were taught the meaning of new vocabulary items through giving synonyms and mini-contexts. The results are reflected in the students' short-term and long-term retention. The participants of the study comprised 310 Indian pre-university females. The...

Author(s): Azadeh Nemati

Planning and implementation of entrepreneurship education - Taking the National Taipei University of Technology for an example

October 2009

This paper discusses the planning and implementation of entrepreneurship education at the National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) in Taiwan. First, related entrepreneurship education literature was reviewed. The implementation of entrepreneurship education in America and Taiwan was discussed and used for reference in planning the overall framework of entrepreneurship education. Panel discussion was held and...

Author(s): Jen-Chia Chang and Hsin-Ya Sung

Ocular component characteristics of Chinese emmetropic children

July 2009

  Purpose to describe the ocular components of Chinese emmetropic children and determine if accommodation has long term effects on eye elongation. Autorefraction after cycloplegia was performed on 428 children (ages 3 - 14). 273 eyes met emmetropia the refractive error requirement for emmetropia (between +1.0 D and -0.5 D). Participants were divided into three groups: pre-school children (≤6 years old, group...

Author(s): Zhen-Yong Zhang, Ren-Yuan Chu, Xing-Ru Zhang, Xing-Tao Zhou, Matthew R. Hoffman and  Jin-Hui Dai

Use of compromise ranking method for supervisor selection: A multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) approach

July 2009

  In the present reporting a strategic methodology adapted from multi-criteria-decision making (MCDM) has been proposed to select a suitable research guide. There are several criteria that influence the efficacy of a quality researcher while guiding his/her scholar towards a positive and effective research outcome. Often scholars are asked to give their preference or to opt for a supervisor under whom he/she...

Author(s): S. Datta, G. S. Beriha, B. Patnaik and S. S. Mahapatra

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