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  • ISSN: 1996-0840
  • DOI: 10.5897/AJPAC
  • Start Year: 2007

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Phytochemical Profiling of the Hexane fraction of Crassocephalum crepidioides Benth S. Moore leaves by GC-MS

Crassocephalum crepidioides is an edible plant which is also used in the ethnomedical treatment of stomach ulcer, indigestion, wounds, boils and burns in Africa and some other parts of the world. This study aims at identifying and characterizing the bioactive compounds present in C. crepidioides hexane fraction which may be responsible for the ethnomedicinal uses and reported activities of the plant. The crude extract...

Author(s):Opeyemi O. Ayodele , Funmilayo D. Onajobi, Omolaja R. Osoniyi

Article in Press

Health Risk Assessment On Humans By Contamination Of Heavy Metals In Some Edible Crops And Fish At Galena Mining Area Of Nahuta, Alkaleri Local Government Area, Bauchi State, Nigeria

This work investigated the Human health risk effects of Heavy metal contamination at Galena mining area. 10 elements were identified in both irrigated and wet season edible crops and Fish were collected from five sampling locations at Galena mining area. Wet season crops held higher concentrations of heavy metals than irrigated crops. Study showed Carcinogenic heavy metals Pb(1.42 E +08), Cd(1.36 E +14), Cr(1.31E – 07),...

Author(s):Usman Y. M., Nasiru Yahaya. P, Modibbo U.U.

Article in Press

Kinetics and Mechanism of The Redox Reaction of Hexamethyl pararosanaline Chloride (Crystal Violet) by Permangnate Ions in Aqueous Acidic Medium

Kinetics studies into the redox reaction and mechanism for the reactions of crystal violet (CV+) and MnO4– were carried out in aqueous acidic medium, at [CV+] = 1.6 X 10-5 mol dm-3, [MnO4-] = 8.0 x 10-4 mol dm-3 , [H+] = 2.0 x 10-3 mol dm-3, µ = 1.88 x 10-1 mol dm-3 (NaCl), T = 25.0 ± 1ºC and λmax = 580 nm. The stoichiometric studies showed that one mole of the crystal violet was found to be consumed by two mole...


Article in Press

Physicochemical Analysis and Theoretical Bioethanol Yields of Parthenium hysterophorus and Lantana camara Feedstock

Global interest in lignocellulosic biomass as potential feedstock for conversion into biofuel is growing steadily because of the energy crisis the world faces. Lignocellulosic biomass can be sourced from agricultural residues, woody biomass, or some wasteland weeds. In this study, the physicochemical characteristics and theoretical bioethanol yields of Lantana camara and Parthenium hysterophorus has been determined to...

Author(s):Zewdu Bezu Gemechu, Endale Teju and Birhanu Bayissa

Article in Press

Evaluation of moisture content, total aflatoxin content and mould count in raw and processed groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) products in some locations from Benue State – Nigeria

Aflatoxin contamination of groundnut is a major hazard to human and animal health and is one of the major constraints to the groundnut trade. Risks related to human health and declining productivity in livestock after consuming aflatoxin-contaminated feed have led to groundnut importing countries setting standards that allow only extremely low levels of contamination and that are often not achievable by most resource-poor...

Author(s):S. T. Ubwa, K. Asemave, T. R. Atoo, U. J. Ahile, R. L. Tyohemba, S. T. Ahundu

Article in Press

Investigation of the Levels of Nitrite and Nitrate in Soil and Water Samples in Adami Tulu Judo Kombolicha District, Ethiopia

Excessive accumulation of nitrate and nitrite is a major cause of water pollution, air pollution and various health hazards. Hence, it is important to know the amount of these anions in environmental samples. In this study, the levels of nitrate and nitrite were investigated in soil and water in Adami Tulu Judo Kombolicha District, Oromia, Ethiopia. Levels of the anions were determined by UV-Visible spectrophotometer....

Author(s): Eyasu Gebrie Ajebe, Zinabwa Hailu, Temesgen Nurlign

Article in Press

Determination Of Interaction Sites Of Purine And Its Derivatives In Xanthine Oxidase Enzyme

The role of Moco in xanthine oxidase enzyme is to position Mo correctly within the active site, control the redox behavior of the enzymes, allow the enzyme to gain its biological activity, and participate with its pterin ring system in the electron transfer to or from the molybdenum atom. The purpose of the study is to determine the interaction sites of different substrates in the binding pocket amino acid residues at...

Author(s):Temesgen Nurlign Chekol

Article in Press

Selected Heavy Metal Levels in Water and Fish from Winam Gulf in Lake Victoria near Kisumu City, Kenya.

Lake Victoria is the largest freshwater and fishery lake in Africa. Kisumu City, located at the shore of Winam Gulf has industrial activities discharging effluents into the lake with potential of contaminating the lake water with heavy metals. The contribution of these activities to heavy metal loads of lake water and fish from the gulf is not fully quantified. The assessment of the influence of the surrounding...

Author(s):Francis M. Kiema, Philip O. Owuor, Raphael J.A. Kapiyo

Article in Press

A Review on Nanotechnology: Analytical Techniques Use and Applications

The combination of nanotechnology with molecular biology, information technology and instrumentation, is opening the door to a new industrial age. The aim of this review article is to summarize the current knowledge of nanotechnology in synthesizing, identifying and characterization of nanomaterials using analytical techniques. Physical and chemical approach synthesis of nanomaterials befalls challenges in the development...

Author(s):Tassew Belete Bahru, Eyasu Gebrie Ajebe

Article in Press

Extraction and Characterization of Essential Oil from MyrtusCommunis

Myrtuscommunis L. is commonly known as “Ades” in Ethiopia and is a popular evergreen shrub plant grown in many regions of world. Myrtuscommunis essential oils have a potential to be used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic/perfumery industries as well as in aromatherapy and alternative medicines. With such applications, there is a huge demand for Myrtuscommunis essential oils worldwide. Hence, there is a need to improve the...

Author(s):Yohannes Besufekad Setotaw, Mekdes Mulugeta, Abebech Mijena, Delesa Dessisa, Tekalign Demelash, Demitu Kumssa, Birtukan Bassa

Article in Press

Determination of the levels of heavy metals and some physico­chemical parameters in cabbage and irrigation water in selected Woredas of Gurage Zone, Ethiopia

This study involves determination of the levels of heavy metals and some physio-chemical parameters in cabbage and irrigation water in selected Woredas of Gurage Zone, Ethiopia. The heavy metals assessed in this study are Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), Chromium (Cr), Nickel (Ni) Cadmium (Cd) and Lead (Pb). The Cabbage (Ethiopian Kale) samples were weighed to determine the fresh weight and dried in an oven at 80 oC...

Author(s):Ashenafi Emiru Teka, Eyasu Gebrie Ajebe , Teshale Assefa Biru

Article in Press

Carbon Nanotube: A Review on Synthesis, Growth Mechanism and Application as a Membrane Filter for fluoride remediation

Carbon Nanotube: A Review on Synthesis, Growth Mechanism and Application as a Membrane Filter for fluoride remediation

Author(s):Bayisa Meka Chufa, H C Ananda Murthy

Article in Press

The Investigation of Spectroscopic Properties of 3-Ethyl-4-(4-cinnamoyloxybenzylidenamino)-4,5-dihydro-1H-1,2,4-triazol-5-one Compound Using B3LYP and HF Basis Sets

In this study, we reported a combined experimental and theoretical study on 3-ethyl-4-(4-cinnamoyloxybenzylidenamino)-4,5-dihydro-1H-1,2,4-triazol-5-one compound. The title compound was prepared and characterized by 1H and 13C NMR and FT-IR spectra. The molecular geometry, gauge including atomic orbital (GIAO), 1H and 13C NMR chemical shift values, vibrational frequencies and HOMO–LUMO analyses properties of the title...

Author(s):Murat Beytur, Haydar Yüksek

Article in Press

Filler characterization, mechanical properties, x-ray diffraction and crosslink density analysis of starch/natural rubber biopolymer composites. By

Starch fillers were extracted from three plant sources namely amora tuber, Tacca lentopeteloides; sweet potato,Ipomoea batatas; yam starch, Dioscorea rotundata and their particle size, pH, amylose, and amylopectin percentage decomposition determined accordingly. The starch was introduced into natural rubber in liquid phase (through gelatinization) by the latex compounding method and compounded according to standard...

Author(s):Uzoh, Raymond D, Buba Ardo A And Osemeahon Sunday

Article in Press

Computational adsorption and density functional theory (DFT) studies on the corrosion inhibition potentials of some phenyl-urea derivatives

The inhibition performance of [(4-Hydroxy-6-methyl-2-oxo-2H-pyran-3-yl)-phenyl-methyl]-urea and [(4-Hydroxy-6-methyl-2-oxo-2H-pyran-3-yl)-(4-methoxy-phenyl)-methyl]-urea were investigated as corrosion inhibitors using density functional theory (DFT) at the B3LYP/6-31+ G(d,p) level of theory. The calculated quantum chemical parameters correlated to the inhibition of efficiency. The molecular descriptors have been analysed...

Author(s):Department of Chemistry, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Article in Press

Fuel oil as an anthropogenic source of iron, manganese, chromium copper and arsenic at Kingtom Power Plant and environs

People all over the world suffer from certain illnesses such as skin disease, cancer as well as liver, kidney and skin damage. Some of these diseases are believed to be associated with certain trace metal. Trace metals are present in plant and animal cells and tissues as they are necessary part of nutrition and physiology. Ingestion of, or exposure to, excess quantities of these metals is often toxic. However, insufficient...

Author(s):Chemistry Department, Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone.

Article in Press

Comparative study of oxidation, acetylation and boric acid treatment with various concentrations of NaOH/alcohol on cold water solubility (CWS), amylopectin and amylose content of starches from cassava, potato and corn

The effect of oxidation, acetylation and boric acid treatment and varying concentrations (30, 40 and 50%) of alcohol-alkaline (NaOH/alcohol) modifications on the cold water solubility (CWS), amylopectin and amylose content of starches extracted from cassava, potato and corn were evaluated and compared. The studies were carried out using the determination of cold water solubility (CWS), amylose-amylopectin content and light...

Author(s):Department of Biochemistry, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria.

Article in Press

Effect of mineral systems injected with pyrite on copper and zinc removal from aqueous solution part 1

Mineral systems of kaolinite, montmorillonite, kaolinite and their mixtures injected with pyrite were investigated for copper and zinc removal. This study was related to simulated contaminated waters. Reactivity and removal kinetics were studied at room temperature (23 ± 2°C). The results of the empirical model revealed that, proton coefficient of mineral systems exhibited complex behavior. Kinetic model revealed that...

Author(s):Faculty of Science, Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Nigeria.

Article in Press

Study of physico-chemical and thermodynamic parameters of potassium iodide in Oil-DMF solvent

The physico-chemical properties namely viscosity (η), surface tension (γ), conductance (Κ), molar conductance (μ), and thermodynamic parameters like enthalpy change of activation (ΔH*), entropy change of activation (ΔS*), free energy change of activation (ΔG*), molar heat capacity change at constant volume (ΔCv) and molar heat capacity change at constant pressure (ΔCp) of potassium iodide solutions in varying compositions...

Author(s):Department of Chemistry, University of Karachi, Karachi-, Pakistan

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