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Behavior of Jointed Rock Mass on Strength under Uniaxial Loading Condition

The focus of this study is to present data on the contribution for assessing uniaxial compressive strength of a jointed rock mass which will enable one to estimate the relevant strength of the jointed rock mass of similar category of materials. Artificial rock samples were prepared by plaster of Paris (POP) with fine sand. Data were obtained from eight batches of an experiment conducted in the laboratory. The data...

Author(s):Bishnu Pada Bose, Nagendra Roy

Article in Press

Enhancing the strength of sandcrete blocks using coarse aggregates

This current article explores the possibility of adding aggregate (10mm size) to sandcrete mixes in order to enhance the strength of the sandcrete blocks. Four different kinds of mixes were made; the first one was used as a reference without the addition of course aggregate, and in the remaining three, course aggregates were added in percentages of 5%, 10% and 15% by volume of the reference mix. Laboratory experimental...

Author(s):Coffie H, Adzivor E. K, Afetorgbor E. K

Article in Press

Causes of Construction Delays by the Perception of Professionals and Minimizing Its Effect: the case of North Shoa Zone, Ethiopia

The construction industry plays an important role in the development of nations through which society achieves its goals of urban and rural development. But construction delays played a significant role to retard the achievement of these goals. Therefore, this study was conducted to identify the major causes of delays and its’ effects; and proposing methods of minimizing delays in construction projects. Top causes of delay...

Author(s):Yeserah Gebeyehu Asegie

Article in Press

Categorisation of road construction projects’ cost overruns causes using factor analysis

Cost overruns is a major problem in the construction industry and threats to the financial freedom of any country. Considering that Nigerian roads are constructed at very high cost, cost overruns could lead to significant reduction in the quality and number of projects that can be implemented. A vast number of cost overruns causes have been identified by various studies. This study aims at categorising the causes in order...

Author(s):Zaynab Belel Ahmad

Article in Press

Causes, effect and solution to abandonment of building projects in Osun state, Nigeria

This paper is to determine the causes and effects of abandoned building projects and also to propose possible solutions. Abandoned building projects are projects that are once initiated and later stopped due to one reason or the other and such projects are waste to individuals and the nation in general. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to determine the causes and effects of abandoned building projects and to propose...

Author(s):Adedamola Olabisi

Article in Press


In this program durability of alkali activated slag mortars exposed to sulphuric acid was investigated. The alkali and silicate content of the activator solution was kept constant. In this program physico-mechanical properties of alkali activated slag mortars with varying alkali content was investigated. The alkali content of the activator solution was varied keeping the silicate content constant to determine various...


Article in Press

Toughness and ductility characteristics of recycled polyethylene micro-fibre reinforced concrete beams

The paper presents results of investigation on the influence of different volume fractions of polyethylene fibre on the toughness and ductility characteristics of normal strength concrete beams. Nine conventionally reinforced concrete beams measuring 150mm×200mm×2500mm containing 0.25%, 0.50% and 1.0% of polyethylene fibres were cast and tested under a two-point symmetrical loading system using an Avery Denison universal...

Author(s):Kankam Charlse Kwame

Article in Press

Durability of Alkali Activated Mortars Exposed to Sulphuric acid

In this program durability of alkali activated slag mortars exposed to sulphuric acid was investigated. The alkali and silicate content of the activator solution was kept constant. Durability of the alkali activated ground granulated blast furnace slag (AAGGBFS) mortars was assessed by investigating the change in weight, change in specific gravity, change in water absorption, , change in compressive strength before and...


Article in Press

Investigation into the properties of self-compacting concrete with palm kernel shell ash as mineral additive

This study investigates workability and the compressive strength properties of self- compacting concrete incorporating palm kernel shell ash (PKSA) as mineral additive for partial cement replacement.. The mix design was based on the iterative method where solid constituents were adjusted while water and super plasticizer contents were fixed to produce optimum viscosity and flowability. All mixes were designed to achieve...


Article in Press

A literature review on natural fibers, its properties and influence of water absorption on mechanical properties of composites

Natural fibers composites are low-cost fibers with high specific properties, low density and eco-friendly. The development of advanced bio composite materials made is increasing in the world. It will be an alternative way to develop the bio-composites which can be particularly used for daily needs of common people whether it is house hold furniture, house and light weight car components and other equipment. This effort to...

Author(s):Noutegomo Boris, Betene Ebanda, Atangana Ateba

Article in Press

A simple engineering soil surface vibration prediction method

In urban areas where the infrastructure is dense and construction of new structures is near existing and sensitive buildings, frequent vibrations caused by human activities occur. Generated waves in the soil may adversely affect surrounding buildings. These vibrations have to be predicted a priori by using currently available knowledge of the soil dynamics. In order to make a good prediction of the soil surface vibration,...

Author(s):Darius Macijauskas, Stefan Van Baars

Article in Press


in today’s highly competitive construction industry, companies must be capable to deal with various bidding situations successfully. When a company receives tender invitation the first step that needs to consider is to decide either to bid or not bid for a project, because it is a crucial decision for the contractor sustainability in the construction industry. There are various factors that affect the contractor decision,...

Author(s):Muhammad khisrow khan

Article in Press

Effect of aggregates minerology on the strength of concrete: Case study of three selected quarry products in Ghana

Concrete is the most popular construction material worldwide. More than 50% of construction worldwide use concrete materials, mainly because of its versatility and economy compared to steel in relation to total height of building. The final output of the concrete material is, however, affected by factors including the rock type and its attendant physio-mechanical properties. This paper seeks to investigate the effect of...

Author(s):Joseph Ignatius Teye Buertey, Samuel Wilberforce Offei, Theophilus Adjei Kumi, Felix Atsrim

Article in Press

Influence of coarse aggregate size and superplasticizer on the compressive strength and drying shrinkage of laterized concrete

This study presents the results of the influence of coarse aggregate size and superplasticizer on drying shrinkage and compressive strength of laterized concrete. The compressive strength was determined on cubes of 150 × 150 × 150 mm. A total of 3 cubes were cast for each test specimen, different sets for 7, 14, 21 and 28 days bringing the total number of cubes cast to 48. The specimens were cured and subjected to uniaxial...

Author(s):Ugbaja Ofuobi Julius

Article in Press

Laboratory investigation of plantain peel ash as stabilizer of lateritic soil for road construction

Usually, the costs of conventional additives (portland cement, lime, etc) for stabilizing roads are all on the high side. However, plantain peels ash (PPA) is an agricultural waste obtained from plantain. The lateritic soil sample used in this research was obtained from a borrow pit, laboratory tested and classified as A-7-5(3) [AASHTO classification]. It was then stabilized with varying percentages of PPA (2, 4, 6, 8 and...

Author(s):Olutaiwo A. O. and Adelowo T. C.

Article in Press

Geotechnical investigation of spoils from Amasiri sandstone quarries, Southeastern Nigeria for use as pavement materials for highway construction

An attempt was made to investigate the suitability of sandstones quarry spoils from Amasiri, Southeastern Nigeria for use as subbase in highway construction. Fifteen samples were subjected to some geotechnical analysis using British standards. From the results, the plasticity indexes are lower than the maximum value of 25% recommended for sub-grade and lower than 12% maximum for use as sub-base materials for roads and...

Author(s):Mathias Obisi Nweke

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