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JETR Articles in press

Prediction Behavior Of High Frequency Modulated By 16 Length Golay Code Undergoing Honey Attenuation

Article in Press

In this paper, attenuation coefficient of honey containing pollen was evaluated and the simulation of the disturbance of such parameter, on the propagation of 125MHz modulated by 16-bits Golay code was performed. The goal of this study is to predict the behavior of code signal in honey analysis, and results will contributed in honey labeling. Analysis of honey is usually made with optical microscopy, but the time to carry...

Author(s):Vincent De Paul Tekoua Kouemene and Laurent Bitjoka

Design and Fabrication of Teff Threshing Machine

Article in Press

Teff has the largest value in terms of both production and consumption in Ethiopia and the value of the commercial surplus of teff is second next to coffee. The traditional way of threshing and winnowing, leads to contamination of grains with foreign matter (pebbles, dirt, and cow dung) and loss of grains due to the foreign matter dropping in to grains and the wind blowing grains away with chaff. This design helps to find...

Author(s):Dula Merga, Dula Merga Solomon, Lamessa Melese, Teresa CT

A Features Fusion Approach for Automatic Pollen Recognition

Article in Press

In microscopy image analysis, images of pollen are particularly difficult to analyze automatically. The major reason of this difficulty emerges from the complex nature of the pollen, which presents great variability and similarities between classes and even on the same classThis paperpropose a feature selection methodology with dimensionality reduction for pollen image classification. First, we extracted five descriptors...

Author(s):Mitherand Ngatcheu Tientcheu A., Laurent Bitjoka, Joseph Yves Effa, Ousman Boukar and Guy Armel Fotso Kamga

Incorporating Farm Data in Policy Making and Animal Traceability for Enhancing Evidence Based Decisions and Farm to Fork Traceability

Article in Press

Due to changes in livestock sector and raise of consumer demand for comprehensive and integrated food security and safety, there has been a concern to use of farm data in enhancing animal traceability and decision making by farmers and other decision makers in livestock sector. To ensure high production through effective decision making and high standards that can be proven by audits, producers are required to have a...

Author(s):Gladness Mwanga

Agricultural machinery performance and tractors servicability in Delta State, Nigeria

Article in Press

Agricultural machinery performance and tractor serviceability optimizes agricultural productivities in farm operations. A study was conducted in Delta State, Nigeria assessing level of machinery utilization in farm operations and serviceable conditions. Eight (8) government owned tractors locations with 60 tractors, and eight private owned farms with 29 tractors were studied. A structured questionnaire, primary and...



Article in Press

Proper design, construction, and maintenance of road drainage structures are very essential especially for the urban drainage system because of it’s the adverse effect both on the road and the community in case flooding happen. The drainage system of the towns in Ethiopian commonly uses rational method for the estimation of design discharge which directly depends on rainfall intensity, runoff coefficients and catchment...


Effects of In-situ Moisture Conservation Techniques on Maize (Zea mays) yield and yield components in Moisture Deficit area of Dugda Woreda, Ethiopia.

Article in Press

The study was conducted during 2018 cropping season at Dugda Woreda to investigate the effect of in situ moisture conservation techniques on grain yield and yield components of maize. Treatments comprised of tied ridge, furrow closed at both end and farmer’s practices( as the control). The experiment was laid out in a Randomized Complete Block Design(RCBD) with three replication. The grain yield and thousand seed...

Author(s):Oromia Agricultural Research Institute,Adami Tulu Agricultural Research Center,P.O.Box , Batu,Ethiopia

Hybrid Technique For The Waste Water Treatment Using Bio Waste of Tea Plant

Article in Press

The effect of physical, mechanical and multi – step chemical treatments on the adsorptivity of waste of tea (WOT) adsorbent for the removal of 3 multi – heavy metal component from simulated wastewater was evaluated in this study. There are new techniques of (WOT) adsorbents prepared for the adsorption studies, namely physical treatment of (WOT), mechanical treatment of Blended (WOT) and chemical treatment of (WOT) using...

Author(s):Ahmmed Saadi Ibrahim, Khaloued Al-baloushi and Rafiya Musabah Al-alawi


Article in Press

The demand for pure ethanol has become paramount for its various applications in biofuels and preparation of industrial chemicals, food and pharmaceutical products. Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) has proven to be an effective process and a more economical method for separating the azeotropic concentration of ethanol-water (95% ethanol, 5% water) than distillation. The modeling of PSA of ethanol-water azeotropic...

Author(s):Evwierhoma Erakpoweri Thomas and Jaiyeola Adeleke

Online electronic laboratory notebook: A secured cloud storage system scripted in Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP) programming language

Article in Press

Notebooks in research are an important part in tracking information of both wet and dry analytical data. Paper books or excel sheets remain the most popular and conventional ways of record keeping. To meet these demands, an open source electronic laboratory notebook is developed that can track users research need. Based on the user specifications, this suite is written in Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP) and based on a MySQL...

Author(s):Shrikant Pawar and Harshul Batra

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