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Full Length Research Paper

Investigation of correlation yield and yield components of 12 spring canola Hybrids in Iranshahr climatic region

Mehdi Shahraki1*, Rasolov Salimbeck2, Mohammad Galavi3, and Hamidreza Fanee4    
1Physiology of Agricultural Plants, Agriculture University of Tajikestan, Iran. 2Agriculture University of Tajikistan, Iran. 3Agriculture School, University of Zabol, Iran. 4Research Center of Agriculture and Natural Resources of Sistan, Iran.    
Email: [email protected]

  •  Published: 26 May 2012


In order to survey investigation of correlation yield and yield components of 12 spring canola hybrids in Iranshahr climatic region, an experiment was conducted in Agricultural and Natural Resources of Balouchestan Research Center, during 2009-2010 based on, randomized complete block design (RCBD) with 4 replications. The experiment of 12 spring canola hybrids provided by Karaj Research Institute of improvement and Provision of Saplings and Seeds includes; Hyola 43, Hyola 60, Hyola308, Hyola 308.3, Hyola 308.8, Hyola 330, Hyola401, Hyola 401.15E, Hyola 420,19-H,Syn-2, Syn-3.The characteristics considered in the present study are as follow; grain yield, oil yield, oil percent, 1000 seeds weight, number of: pods per plant, seeds per pod, days to flowering, days to harvest and the length of ripening period were seen among genotypes. The results of variant analyses showed that their characteristics in all of them had meaningful differences. Comparing average grain yield revealed that Hyola 401 had the most grain yield (4755 kg /h) and Hyola 308.3 had the least grain yield (1547 kg /h) in Iranshahr climatic region. Considering number of pods per plant Hyola 308.3, Hyola 420 with 104.3 and 87 pods respectively have the highest amount, but Hyola 330 , H_19 with 43 and 43.25 average number of pods per plant have the lowest amount. Considering number of seed per pod Hyola 308 , syn-3 with 34.25 and 33.75 have the highest  number ,but Hyola 308.3 , Hyola 401.15E with 25 and 19.75 average number of seed per pod have the lowest one. Considering the number of seed per pod Analyses of simple correlation between characteristics confirmed that the average of 1000 seeds weight and the length of ripening have a  positive and meaningful correlation with the grain and oil yield, However growth period has a negative and meaningful correlation with oil and grain yield.


Key words: Canola (Brassica napus L.), cultivar, correlation, yield, yield components.