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Full Length Research Paper

Evaluation of rhizobium and nitrogen fertilizer for the control of bacterial blight in green beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) varieties

Manju B. Evelyn
  • Manju B. Evelyn
  • Department of Crop Production Technology, College of Technology, University of Bamenda, Bamenda, Cameroon. 3Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC) Bamenda, School of Tropical Agriculture and Natural Resources (STANR), Bamenda, Cameroon.
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Ache T. Neh
  • Ache T. Neh
  • Department of Biology, Higher Teacher Training College, University of Bamenda, Bamenda, Cameroon.
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Azah N. Bihwih
  • Azah N. Bihwih
  • Department of Crop Production Technology, College of Technology, University of Bamenda, Bamenda, Cameroon.
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  •  Received: 06 April 2024
  •  Accepted: 26 May 2024
  •  Published: 30 June 2024


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