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Table of Content: 12 June, 2012; 7(22)

June 2012

Remote sensing based indicators of vegetation species for assessing rangeland degradation: Opportunities and challenges

Rangeland degradation is a serious hindrance to sustainable development in degraded areas. Mapping and monitoring vegetation species is an increasingly important issue across various fields of rangeland management. Remote sensing technology is a tool for mapping and monitoring vegetation species and it provides timely and relatively accurate information concerning degradation in biological rangeland resources. The...

Author(s): Khalid Mansour, Onisimo Mutanga and Terry Everson

June 2012

Settling and non-settling velocities in irrigation canals, Hamidieh and Ghods irrigation network, South of Iran

Sedimentation in irrigation canals is one of the important problems in the exploitation of any irrigation project. This problem has many direct and indirect effects on the hydraulic characteristics and economical considerations of canals. The main objectives of the present study were: (1) to study the influence of the transmitted sediments on the hydraulic capacity of the canals, (2) to examine the various existing...

Author(s): Gh. H. Karimi and H. Moazed

June 2012

Determination of the critical level of phosphorus in rapeseed dry land agriculture in the southeastern of Khuzestan

In order to determine the critical level of phosphorus using the kate – Nelson method, economic outlook and the Mitcherlich equation in the rape dry farming of canola in Behbahan region, 16 experiments in four regions and each region in 4 experiments in four groups of soil, using phosphorus (less than 3 mg/kg, 3 to 6 mg/kg, 6 to 10 mg/kg and more, 10 mg/kg) in the form of randomized complete blocks design with...

Author(s): Ebrahim Fatahi Nejad, Ataallah Siadat, Mehrdad Esfandiari, Reza Moghadasi and Abdolamir Moezi  

June 2012

Changes in soil properties during reversal of desertification in agro-pastoral transition zone of Northern China

Based on the field surveys and laboratory analysis, soil physical, chemical and biological properties were studied at different degrees of the reversal of desertification in the agro-pastoral transition zone of northern China. The results obtained show that with the consequence of mobile sand land →semi-mobile sand land →semi-fixed sand land →fixed sand land, the dominant soil particle size changed from...

Author(s): Jing Zhang and Pei Hou

June 2012

Potential of Vicia faba and Brassica arvensis for phytoextraction of soil contaminated with cadmium, lead and nickel

The use of plant species to remove pollutants from soils is generally defined as phytoextraction. In order to evaluate phytoextraction of contaminated soils, a pot experiment was conducted using two plants Broad bean (Vicia faba), Wild mustard (Brassica arvensis) and three kinds of heavy metals (Cd, Pb, and Ni) with 3 levels in a completely randomized factorial design with three replications. A reverse relationship was...

Author(s): Roya Karimi, Mostafa Chorom, Sina Solhi, Mahmood Solhi and Abdollah safe  

June 2012

Prevalence of Anaplasma marginale, Babesia bigemina and Theileria annulata infections among cattle in Sargodha District, Pakistan

The objective of this study was to investigate the prevalence and distribution of tick-borne diseases in cattle in Sargodha district, Pakistan. Samples were randomly collected each month from selected small holders (n = 30) having 1 to 10 cattle and private livestock farms (n = 4) having ≥ 50 cattle. Indigenous and crossbred cattle of both sexes were sampled. Microscopic examination of the Giemsa stained blood smears...

Author(s): Farhan Ahmad Atif, Muhammad Sarwar Khan, Hafiz Javed Iqbal, Ghulam Murtaza Arshad, Ejaz Ashraf and Sami Ullah

June 2012

The effects of Persian shallot extract on the levels of some blood biochemical parameters in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

Diabetes mellitus is a multifarious group of symptoms characterized by hyperglycemia, abnormal lipid and protein metabolism. The purpose of the present study was to investigate the effects of daily oral administration (for 30 days) of Persian shallot extract on some biochemical parameters in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Rats (weighting 210 to 230 g) were divided into 4 groups of 8; normal control, diabetic...

Author(s): Hosseini-Zijoud Seyed-Mostafa, Hosseini Javad, Mahmoodi Mehdi, Gholamhossein Hassanshahi, Behrooz Hashemi and Hosseini-Zijoud Seyed-Mohammad

June 2012

Influence of salinity stress on photosynthesis and chlorophyll content in date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) cultivars

Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) is cultivated in the Kingdom of Saudi since pre-historic times and is the most important fruit crop of the Kingdom. High soil salinity is a major abiotic stress that is impacting on the productivity of date palm in the Arabian Peninsula. Trials conducted at the National Date Palm Research Centre, Al Hassa, Saudi Arabia to determine the effect of NaCl induced salinity on...

Author(s): I. A. Al-Abdoulhadi, H. A. Dinar, G. Ebert and C. Büttner  

June 2012

Acetochlor application at field-rate compromises the locomotion of the jumping spider Plexippus paykulli (Araneae: Salticidae)

Author(s): Hafiz Muhammad Tahir, Tahira Noor, Muhammad Farooq Bhatti, Malook Bano, Abida Butt, Imtiaz Alam, Muhammad Arshad, Muhammad Khalid Mukhtar, Shafaat Yar khan, Khawaja Raees Ahmed and Muhammad Mohsin Ahsan

June 2012

Sequence analysis and expression of the calcium-dependent protein kinase gene, MCDPK in mulberry (Morus L.)

A full-length cDNA sequence coding for calcium-dependent protein kinase of mulberry tree, which we designated was MCDPK and this was cloned based on mulberry expressed sequence tags (ESTs). Sequence analysis showed that the MCDPK is 2249 base pairs in length, encoding 532 amino acids with a predicted molecular weight of 59.96 kDa and an isoelectric point of 6.84. The mRNA expression level...

Author(s): Zhang Ying Hua, Lin Qiang, Tong Wei, Liu Zhao Yue, Fang Rong Jun, Zhao Wei Guo, and Li Long,

June 2012

Comparative proteomic analyses of Anticarsia gemmatalis and Spodoptera frugiperda guts

Anticarsia gemmatalis and Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) are serious defoliators of a number of crops. In order to better understand the digestion process of these pests and considering that the midgut is one of the most important and attractive targets for biological pesticides, this report shows the evaluation of midgut proteins from A. gemmatalis and S. frugiperda by...

Author(s): Fariba Mehrkhou, Ali Asghar Talebi, Mahmoud Ghasemi Kochameshgi, Vahid Hosseininaveh, Elizabete de Souza Cândido, Bernardo Petriz, Simoni Campos Dias, Maria Elita Batista Castro, Angela Mehta and Octavio Luiz Franco

June 2012

Chilling tolerance evaluation, and physiological and ultrastructural changes under chilling stress in tobacco

The physiological and ultrastructural changes of tobacco varieties with different chilling tolerances under chilling stress were investigated in this study. Twenty tobacco varieties were separated into three groups; chilling tolerant, intermediate chilling tolerant, and chilling sensitive varieties, with eight cluster analysis methods based on seven morphological parameters measured at low temperature. After a chilling...

Author(s): CUI Hua-wei, MA Wen-guang, HU Jin, LI Yong-ping and ZHENG Yun-ye

June 2012

Study personal characteristics of agriculture extension workers in North of Iran

It is quite evident that efficient extension workers play a crucial role in the success of extension programs. This study was conducted in Guilan province, Iran, and the statistical population of which the entire agriculturalist worked at least one year as an agriculturalist in Jihad-Agricultural organization in Guilan. Data collection was done through a questionnaire assessing extensions and Edward personality priority...

Author(s): Mohammad Karim Motamed, Mohsen Moshkbeed Haghighi, Abbas Sadeghi, Hamid Devisti and Ebrahim Azarpour

June 2012

The effect of snow weight on trees bending in hyrcanian forest roads of Iran

This study was conducted to investigate the relation among the bending of trees caused by snow weight in coniferous and broadleaved species using the Height of tree: Diameter of breast height (H: D) ratio and crown projection area (CPA). For this purpose, the diameter, height and the bending angle of trees as well as theCPA in plots were respectively measured using caliper, clinometer and laser...

Author(s): Mehran Nasiri and Asghar Fallah