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Agricultural Research

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  • DOI: 10.5897/AJAR
  • Start Year: 2006
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Table of Content: 16 August, 2018; 13(33)

August 2018

Farmers’ synergistic selection criteria and practices for livelihood security through the sustainable uses of on-farm Sorghum landrace diversity, Ethiopia

The relationships among the multiple criteria that farmers in this study area, the north Shewa and south Wollo regions of Ethiopia, use to select which sorghum landraces to grow were examined in order to assess the extent of synergistic relatedness among them as they fulfilled their roles in meeting the farmers’ goals. Surveys were conducted on 300 randomly selected farmers’ fields during the 2011/2012...

Author(s): Awegechew Teshome, Kenneth Torrance and Laura Breuer  

August 2018

Physiological quality of seeds of shepherd's purse (Zeyheria montana M. Bignoniaceae) as a function of substrate temperature and storage

The present study aimed to investigate the influence of different substrates, temperatures and storage conditions on shepherd's purse seed quality. It was evaluated in germination paper substrates Germitest®, vermiculite, sand and Plantmax®, and roller temperatures of 25, 30, 15-25 and 20-30°C. Longevity was measured by the temporal response to different packaging (paper, plastic and aluminum) and...

Author(s): Sara Dousseau Arantes, Izabel de Souza Chaves, Lúcio de Oliveira Arantes, Amauri Alves de Alvarenga, Rafael Costa de Sant’Ana, Dayane Littig Barker, Daniele Freisleben Lavanhole and Sheila Cristina Prucoli Posse  

August 2018

Agricultural mechanization in small rural properties in the State of Piauí, Brazil

The use of machines in the rural sector increases crop productivity in the field, making it essential to use these technologies for a successful rural enterprise in the market. In this way, this study aimed to analyze the current situation of agricultural mechanization in farms of small producers. The study was conducted in State of Piauí, in Brazil with 30 farmers in the region. This was a quantitative and...

Author(s): Antônio Veimar da Silva, Carla Michelle da Silva, Wagner Rogério Leocádio Soares Pessoa, Milena Almeida Vaz, Karine Matos de Oliveira and Francisco Sérgio  Ribeiro dos Santos  

August 2018

Evaluation of chemical and non-chemical weed control practices on weed communities and maize yield in two agroecological zones of Swaziland

Manual weeding, maize-cowpea intercropping, pre-emergence (PRE) and early post-emergence (EPOST) herbicide applications comprised ten weed control practices evaluated in the 2015-16 cropping season on weed species structure and maize (Zea mays L.) yield in the Middleveld and Highveld of Swaziland. The herbicides used were Harness (acetochlor) and Dual Gold (S-metolachlor) as pre-emergence applications and Micro-Tech...

Author(s): T. L. Mncube and H. R. Mloza Banda  

August 2018

Public policy on the family farming sector in Brazil: Towards a model of sustainable agriculture

This study is based on a review of the literature that analyses the repercussions of the principal public policies established for the promotion of the family farming sector in Brazil. In this review, the processes that have contributed to the establishment of these policies are assessed critically, together with their mechanisms and the connections for the evaluation of their contributions to the promotion of...

Author(s): Flaviana Cavalcanti da Silva, Antonio Lázaro Sant’Ana and Ana Heloisa Maia  

August 2018

Moisture content, moisture-related properties and agricultural management strategies of the Benue floodplain vertisols in North Cameroon

Vertisols are widespread in North Cameroon, but are undercultivated due to difficulties linked to their shrink-swell behaviour under different moisture conditions. Eighteen vertisol samples from five profiles representative of the studied area (Benue floodplain in North Cameroon) were studied to establish a relationship between moisture and physico-chemical characteristics and supplement data for planning sustainable...

Author(s): Primus Azinwi Tamfuh, Emmanuel Djoufac Woumfo, Emile Temgoua, Alexis Boukong and Dieudonné Bitom  

August 2018

Nitrogen fertilization in Oncidium baueri seedling growth

This study was conducted with the objective of evaluating the nitrogen fertilization in orchid seedling formation. The experiment was conducted in a greenhouse environment with a coated polypropylene mesh with retention capacity of 60% of the solar radiation flux at the greenhouse of the Department of Agronomy of State University of Londrina – PR, Brazil. One year old seedlings of the orchid species Oncidium...

Author(s): Jenniffer Aparecida Schnitzer, Osmar Rodrigues Brito and Ricardo Tadeu de Faria